Tuesday, November 18, 2014

When are you going to stop trying and actually start doing?

This is an experience I had that kicked me into gear.

I was asked the question: when are you going to stop trying and actually start doing?

My back had been causing me some pain. So I went to see a chiropractor.

It turns out he was the type of person that wanted to do more than fix my back.

He became the first chiropractor that I wanted to punch in the face!

Here is how the visit went...

I walk into the room and explain to the chiropractor that I have been having back pain and show him where it hurts.

He starts to feel my back and work on the area giving me pain.

He then stops, stands in front of me and begins to talk to me about my size and body weight.

I immediately start to dislike the guy and wish I had never made the appointment.

He talks to me about exercise and how important it is to take care of myself.

I stare at the floor and start to feel my body slump.

I know I need to drop some weight and I am no longer hearing his words.

All I am hearing is the criticism in my own mind about how I look.

I then start to feel angry and begin imagining myself punching this guy in the face.

As I finalise my 'smack down plan' I look up at the chiropractor and he asks me,

"What exercise do you do?"

At this stage of my life...I do none.

So I reply,

"Look. I have been trying to loose weight. I am trying my best."

He then asks me,

"How long have you been trying for?"

I tell you. In this moment. He is 'this close' to that smack down!

I hang my head and reply,

"A year."

He then pulls out the statement that seals the deal for me. He says to me,

"When are you going to stop trying and actually start doing?"

I mean WHAT THE? Who does this guy think he is!!!

I was speechless.

I burst into tears and left.

After the appointment I was mad. Really mad.

I was mad at this guy who doesn't even know me and what I am dealing with and how I felt he was judging me about my size.

I spent days thinking going over the conversation in my mind.

Eventually, I calmed down.

I asked myself his question...

When am I actually going to stop making excuses and actually start seeing some results?

When am I actually going to start taking care of myself the way I need to?

These were hard questions for me to answer as they required a lot of effort to make changes.

And making changes is always painful and I like to avoid pain in my life!

So I went to work and started writing out plans.

Very simple baby step plans.

I think that most of us believe that we need some major type of intervention in our lives to get started on taking care of our health.

Often all we need to do is make small changes and to give ourselves the gift of time to see results.

I no longer feel mad at that chiropractor and actually feel thankful.

Thankful that he gave me the motivation I needed to make myself more of a priority.

It has been worth all the time and effort.

*cough cough* A little shell shocked that I fit into a pair of skinny jeans.

Skinny and I don't normally go together!

Saturday, November 15, 2014

200km Ultramarathon for White Ribbon

It is done. I have achieved my goal of running 200km for White Ribbon. I can't believe it!

This would have to be one of the hardest {mentally and physically} goals I have worked and pushed myself to achieve ever in my life.

While it is not a real Ultramarathon, doing an Ultramarathon Step-A-Thon was a great start for me.

To reach my goal it required:

Getting up at 4am in the morning
Spending many boring hours on the treadmill
Taking time to rest my legs everyday
Letting the housework go...a lot!
Mentally pushing myself to get out of bed
Mentally pushing myself to keep going when I wanted to stop
Thinking about the women I was running for to raise awareness
Shedding tears when my body hurt
Constantly telling myself that I could do this
Overcoming my fear of running outside
Listening to lots and lots of music
Learning how to use a foam roller

Below is a record of the km's I ran each day to achieve my goal of 200km.

It took me 18 days of running and 4 days off. I don't run on Sunday's and I only took one extra day off so I am happy with how I pushed myself to make my goal happen.

I really appreciate all the kind messages and support that was given to me on this crazy journey. It really touched me. It inspired me to keep going and to keep clocking up the km's.

Of course this is nothing compared to what Kirrily is doing for White Ribbon. She is running 860km over 12 days to raise money for White Ribbon. Mind blowing!

If you want to make a donation to White Ribbon you can do so HERE.

Of course the real question now is: what to do next?

Thursday, November 13, 2014


This year for me has been crap. Absolute total crap. I really didn't think this year could get any worse than 2013 was but here we are in 2014 and all I can say is YOU SUCK.

This whole year has been a personal struggle for me. I have had to take many blog breaks to work on my mental and physical health and it has been one long hard slog.

And yet...the year that sucked is slowly getting a little better...I am doing things I never thought possible!

I haven't shared too much here on my blog but I have shared a few moments...

In January I was excited to start a new year and decided to go hard and wrote about how I burned a whole bunch of bridges to start fresh HERE.

In February I wrote about dealing with haters as a blogger HERE and started to try to work on my fitness by walking for Care Australia HERE.

I then fell in a hole, pulled myself out and in March started a plan for living a life of vitality HERE.

In April I got really annoyed with my parenting HERE and confused about where we were going in life because we couldn't find a house to buy after months and months of looking and so we took a spontaneous holiday HERE to Adelaide to escape it all.

That holiday left me even more confused about life and we still couldn't find a house to buy and the pressure from it all tipped me over the edge. In May I spent several weeks really sick unable to care for my family. To help myself I became vegetarian HERE and shared how it changed my life HERE.

In July I fell into a very deep dark hole. Mentally and Physically. I wrote about mental maintenance HERE and started my vitality project again HERE.

In August just when I didn't think it could get any worse. It did. I was swallowed by the hole. It closed over me. I didn't want to come out of it at all. So I went into emergency mode. I started my baby step plan 1 HERE and clung to it with every ounce of strength I could muster. I then moved onto my baby step plan 2 HERE, got some help and then started to run.

In September I took the whole month off my blog. I worked hard, I wrote out baby step plans, I got mad, I wanted to give up, I cried, I fought with myself, I pushed myself, I was determined, I was fierce, I was epic, I ran a lot and I started to see small changes. I also started following the Whole30 eating plan to be healthy.

In October I gathered all of my wobbly courage HERE and pushed myself so hard I ran 10km HERE. I then saw great results physically by going from a size 16 to a size 12 HERE.

At the end of October I signed up to run for White Ribbon. I set a goal to run 150km over 30 days which stretches into November. I smashed that goal and reached 150km with 13 days of running.

For November my plan is to continue running. I set a new goal to run 200km for White Ribbon. So far I have clocked up 170km for the cause. I am not finished yet and know I will reach my goal as I still have about 12 days left to go.

I am feeling much better since spending more time and energy taking care of myself and I haven't fallen in any new holes lately! I am so glad that this year is coming to an end and am hoping that I can make it through December feeling fit and healthy.

I am not even going to comment on what 2015 may bring. I have no idea what I am in for but if the past 2 years are any indication...it is going to be a battle!

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

the two cupcakes

This is a little story of two small cupcakes that really had an affect on my parenting and my heart.

Cupcakes are a rare treat in our house. I probably make them twice a year and when I do make them, they are gone in a flash! So it is no surprise that my cherubs love them and will take advantage of any opportunity to eat one. 

Ever since I started running a couple of months ago, I have cut back on the amount of time I spend on technology. Something had to give right?!? It has been a great decision.

Usually in the afternoon when I am sitting in the school pick up line all by myself, in my car, I use that time to check my social media sites. As well, you know...it is boring waiting!

So normally on a week day, when my kids get in the car I am just putting away my phone and ready to greet them with a smile and a hello. 

As I have been spending less time on technology, I made the decision to keep my phone packed away in my bag and to just sit. To be still and to enjoy the peace and quiet.

At first I found it difficult. It was like there was this expectation that I had to be busy all the time because being busy is good and productive and being good and productive equals happiness and success. 

Well, that is not always true. 

So here I am sitting in my car, trying to enjoy the stillness, waiting for my cherubs when I spy out the window a small cherub of mine sprinting down the school path towards our car. 

Her hair blowing behind her in the wind, her little arms and legs pumping along and I could tell right away she was on a mission to get to the car as fast as possible! 

I saw her looking out for me and she smiled and waved when she noticed me watching her. When she arrived at the car, she quickly opened the door and asked, 

"Mum, do you have $1? They are selling cupcakes for $1 at the tuckshop. Can I get one?"

I laughed when I realised that was the reason why she was running so fast to get to the car and quickly gave her $1. 

She took off as fast as she could to try to get to the tuckshop in time to get a cupcake. It was delightful watching her sprint up the hill towards the shop and to see her pass her brothers and sisters who were on the way to the car.

After a couple of minutes I saw her running back to the car, huge smile on her face, hair blowing in the wind with two small cupcakes in her hand. 

I watched her up the back of the car, loving every moment of eating those two cupcakes, especially in front of all her brothers and sisters!

I thought about how this would have played out differently if I was on my phone. The two cupcakes would never have happened. 

I would never have seen the physical effort she put in, I would have missed her sprinting to the car, how cute she looked running as fast as she could, we would not have connected with a smile, I would have not noticed the urgency in her face and voice and simply told her to get in the car when she asked me for money.

I know we can't we present and live our lives in every moment that happens, but for me, spending less time on technology allows me to connect with myself and my children more. I get to treasure the little moments of life more and who knew that $1 and two cupcakes would make us both so happy that day!

Saturday, November 8, 2014

home tour: entrance way of my home

Several months ago we moved into a new home. Not a 'new home' but an older home that we have made ours. Which was very exciting after our experience of selling our house and ending up homeless! It is a smaller house than we are used to and I have been enjoying the process of decluttering and simplifying our lives.

For something different, I thought I would share a little of the decorating I have been doing in our home. I do love to decorate! I also love looking at how other people decorate their homes so I thought maybe some people might be interested in looking at ours.

So let's start with what I will call the entrance way of our home.

First of all, when you come in the front door of our home you immediately hit the stairs and there is a small entrance way {which is not worth showing you because there is nothing there!} and then it opens up into the living/lounge room of our home. So when people first come into our home this is what they see...this is our entrance way...

When people come to our home they describe it as very 'homely' so I guess that is my decorating style. It is also very family focused and I am very particular about what I put on the walls of my home. I want it to send a message to my family that they are important to me.

As you can see above I have a great love of Instagram! 
Hence the excessive amount of family pictures I have going on!

You can follow me as sevencherubs if you like and read about how I made my heart wall HERE and where I ordered my Instagram poster HERE.

I have been trying really hard to keep everything simple around our home. To only have our favourite things on display and to leave empty spaces on surfaces. Not an easy task in a house of nine!

Every so often I switch out the items I use to decorate on my small cupboard and I love this screen printed wall banner from Honey and Fizz.  It reminds me every day to appreciate each day I have with my family.

I love to spend time in our living room as it has no television and is a quiet/family focused room for us. It is where I do most of my reading and I often stop and smile about the little reminders that my children leave behind that I am a Mum of seven cherubs. Those little shoes left in the corner make my heart burst. 

My living room and entrance way is also where I love to take pictures of my children. The heart wall is a great background for performances and fun family moments. 

Love that sweet cherub of mine. She is so fun!

Now that we are starting to head into Christmas season I am looking forward to adding a few Christmas themed decorations to the top of my cupboard to make it fun for our family and people coming over. Like this gorgeous advent calendar I was gifted from Myer. I plan on filling it with fun activities for our family to do over the Christmas season.

So, that was part 1 of my little home tour. Next I will share more of our living room.