Wednesday, November 26, 2014

adjusting my life to being selfish

Right now I am participating in my own personal selfish radical self love project.

I have never, ever, ever been this committed to taking care of myself.

I have also never, ever, ever been so fierce or protective about it.

In a way I feel like this is the most selfish I have ever been in my life.

I have spent more time, more money, more thought, more prayer and more dedication on myself lately than I have ever done before.

Hello! New running clothes....

{I haven't extended myself to running shoes...yet! Watch out when that happens!}

Even my thoughts and words have become more selfish...

I hear myself saying things like....

"Sorry, I can't help you."
"No. I am not available."
"I already have plans."
"We will have to fit it in another time because I am busy."
"No. I won't change my plans."

Because...I have already planned in my baby steps action plans I am working on and those baby step plans are unbreakable.

I am committed to making them happen and only under an emergency will I change those plans.

A whole new way of thinking and talking for me. know what? It feels good to be finally taking charge! know what else? People eventually get over it when you say no.

They find someone else and life goes on.

For me, taking 4-5 months out of my life to work on my baby step plans to help me live a healthier life is priceless in my eyes.

In the long term vision of my is really such a short time!

It is worth doing and making happen.

Although I have to say that when you are a mother...being selfish is hard to do.

Most women generally...naturally...put everyone else first.

The place themselves on the bottom of the list.

It is where we generally feel we belong.

It is where we keep ourselves for so long that eventually we become lost.

We don't know who we are anymore!

Well, guess what? There is nothing wrong with placing yourself on the top of the list in your life.

It doesn't mean you are a bad person or mother or wife or sister or friend.

It means you value yourself, you care about yourself and you love yourself.

Gosh! It is hard to make that change. I know it!

To slowly pull yourself out from under the pile (washing pile in my case!) and to move yourself inch by inch slowly up the list.

It is rough.

You will be met with opposition. You will have to fight for it.

But, here is the thing: You are worth it.

Totally...worth it!

It is a small change that brings big results.

In my case, it is bringing big results with my mental and physical health.

I really can't put a price on all! I start to look ahead to 2015 {of which I have absolutely no plans!} I am thinking of how I can continue my baby step plans and how I can balance my home and family and taking care of myself.

It is not an easy juggling act. All of those area's of my life are important.

They are all necessary and a value in my life.

In 2015 I want to value all of them more.

I don't know how yet but I am hoping the answer will come as I continue to value myself.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

celebrating a running goal with a colour run

I have been dreaming of attempting a colour run for years. When I discovered that they actually exist and how fun they looked to participate in, I immediately told myself that if the opportunity came up to give one a go, then I would jump at it!

So you can imagine my delight when I found a colour run (Colour Vibe) on a Saturday (I don't run on a Sunday for religious reasons) here in Brisbane and even was on my birthday!

So I signed up with a few of my daughters and we set off early on the morning to have some hot, sweaty, messy, colour fun.

Even better for me was that it was also the last day that I would finish my running goal for White Ribbon. After this colour run it would mean that I had completed my 200km goal!

So I was pretty excited for the event to take place! Here are a few pictures below:

It was a very, very hot day and the colour was dripping down our faces with sweat. Nasty!

We had fun running to each colour station and our favourite was at the pink colour station...they had an open box full of pink powder so we went crazy and helped ourselves like everyone else was.

One of my girls ended up with most of it in her hair! Hot pink hair...she loved it!

Sadly, the colour washed out with the first wash.
I was so looking forward to having purple hair for a few days!

At the end of the race, they had a big dance session and everyone threw their colour powder in the air. It was hot and messy!

I also celebrated that I had achieved a huge goal I set for myself and that once again I made it to another birthday.

I am grateful I was able to celebrate this event with a few of my daughters.
It made it even more special.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Little Fairy Door Review

As a family we love products that encourage children to use their imagination and encourage creative play. One adorable product we have recently been enjoying is a Rainbow Fairy Door from 'Lil Fairy Door.

Each 'Lil Fairy Door (that is available in a variety of colours) comes with a bottle of fairy dust, mounting supplies to easily attach to your wall and a note to the fairies to get you started.

The doors are quite sturdy and sit nicely against any flat surface you wish to attach them to.

You can attach your 'Lil Fairy Door to a wall, inside a book shelf or to any other secret place in your home that you expect fairies to visit. You could even place one outside under a veranda or inside a cubby house.

We have added a few extra characters to our 'Lil Fairy Door and kept the whole rainbow colourful theme happening to decorate our space. We wanted our fairies to feel loved and welcomed when they came to visit.

'Lil Fairy Door also have available a Christmas themed door - the 'Lil Frozen Snowflake Fairy Door. It is gorgeous and so sparkly! Your cherubs would adore it!

To celebrate Christmas and the opportunity to have some special fairies attend your home this year I am giving away 3 'Lil Frozen Snowflake Fairy Doors on my Seven Cherubs facebook page.

Disclaimer  **I received 1 x 'Lil Fairy Door to review.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

When are you going to stop trying and actually start doing?

This is an experience I had that kicked me into gear.

I was asked the question: when are you going to stop trying and actually start doing?

My back had been causing me some pain. So I went to see a chiropractor.

It turns out he was the type of person that wanted to do more than fix my back.

He became the first chiropractor that I wanted to punch in the face!

Here is how the visit went...

I walk into the room and explain to the chiropractor that I have been having back pain and show him where it hurts.

He starts to feel my back and work on the area giving me pain.

He then stops, stands in front of me and begins to talk to me about my size and body weight.

I immediately start to dislike the guy and wish I had never made the appointment.

He talks to me about exercise and how important it is to take care of myself.

I stare at the floor and start to feel my body slump.

I know I need to drop some weight and I am no longer hearing his words.

All I am hearing is the criticism in my own mind about how I look.

I then start to feel angry and begin imagining myself punching this guy in the face.

As I finalise my 'smack down plan' I look up at the chiropractor and he asks me,

"What exercise do you do?"

At this stage of my life...I do none.

So I reply,

"Look. I have been trying to loose weight. I am trying my best."

He then asks me,

"How long have you been trying for?"

I tell you. In this moment. He is 'this close' to that smack down!

I hang my head and reply,

"A year."

He then pulls out the statement that seals the deal for me. He says to me,

"When are you going to stop trying and actually start doing?"

I mean WHAT THE? Who does this guy think he is!!!

I was speechless.

I burst into tears and left.

After the appointment I was mad. Really mad.

I was mad at this guy who doesn't even know me and what I am dealing with and how I felt he was judging me about my size.

I spent days thinking going over the conversation in my mind.

Eventually, I calmed down.

I asked myself his question...

When am I actually going to stop making excuses and actually start seeing some results?

When am I actually going to start taking care of myself the way I need to?

These were hard questions for me to answer as they required a lot of effort to make changes.

And making changes is always painful and I like to avoid pain in my life!

So I went to work and started writing out plans.

Very simple baby step plans.

I think that most of us believe that we need some major type of intervention in our lives to get started on taking care of our health.

Often all we need to do is make small changes and to give ourselves the gift of time to see results.

I no longer feel mad at that chiropractor and actually feel thankful.

Thankful that he gave me the motivation I needed to make myself more of a priority.

It has been worth all the time and effort.

*cough cough* A little shell shocked that I fit into a pair of skinny jeans.

Skinny and I don't normally go together!

Saturday, November 15, 2014

200km Ultramarathon for White Ribbon

It is done. I have achieved my goal of running 200km for White Ribbon. I can't believe it!

This would have to be one of the hardest {mentally and physically} goals I have worked and pushed myself to achieve ever in my life.

While it is not a real Ultramarathon, doing an Ultramarathon Step-A-Thon was a great start for me.

To reach my goal it required:

Getting up at 4am in the morning
Spending many boring hours on the treadmill
Taking time to rest my legs everyday
Letting the housework go...a lot!
Mentally pushing myself to get out of bed
Mentally pushing myself to keep going when I wanted to stop
Thinking about the women I was running for to raise awareness
Shedding tears when my body hurt
Constantly telling myself that I could do this
Overcoming my fear of running outside
Listening to lots and lots of music
Learning how to use a foam roller

Below is a record of the km's I ran each day to achieve my goal of 200km.

It took me 18 days of running and 4 days off. I don't run on Sunday's and I only took one extra day off so I am happy with how I pushed myself to make my goal happen.

I really appreciate all the kind messages and support that was given to me on this crazy journey. It really touched me. It inspired me to keep going and to keep clocking up the km's.

Of course this is nothing compared to what Kirrily is doing for White Ribbon. She is running 860km over 12 days to raise money for White Ribbon. Mind blowing!

If you want to make a donation to White Ribbon you can do so HERE.

Of course the real question now is: what to do next?