bedtime story tradition

We have a bedtime story tradition in our house that the children have decided and determined themselves. They love it when Matt tells 'real experience' stories to them and when I tell 'made up' stories to them. I personally kind of love it and I kind of hate it as well.

I love making up stories and having a blast letting my imagination and that of my cherubs run wild, but when I want to tell them a real experience or story they do not want to hear about it. They insist that only Dad (Matt) is allowed to tell those type of stories. Sigh!

Even though I feel this way one of my favourite night time rituals I love to do, is to tell my cherubs bedtime stories. I tuck them into bed and then begin the story. I love to make it up as I go. I start with whatever pops into my mind and then go crazy leading my cherubs along on an unbelievable (on so many levels!) story experience before they fall asleep.

My favourite experience is when I start telling one child a story and then by the end of it I have all of my cherubs in the room listening and wanting to participate in what crazy story line we are creating.

I love to include characters in my story that represent my children and my cherubs love to discover which character they are in the story. Often there is loud yelling at me accompanied by eye rolling when they discover this moment as I sometimes create a character that loves the same things as a certain child but the character may have a really big butt or lips that were so lovely that every girl wanted to kiss them!

Often when I am telling a bedtime story I have to stop in the middle of it as I am laughing so hard at the next line I am about to share and this normally causes hysterics from my cherubs as well. I also love to involve my children in the story making process. I will often stop in the middle of a sentence and point to a child for them to finish the next line. This leads to some hilarious stories being told and helps to trigger my mind along a whole new line of thinking.

Strangely enough, I tell my best stories when I am really tired. My cherubs tell me I am funnier when I am tired and I think they love that there really is no limit to the insaneness that can come out of my mouth when I am having trouble staying awake.

Now that my children are getting a little older, I am finding I can have more fun with my story telling. I can take an experience I know happened that day and turn it into a hilarious adventure that we all enjoy and my cherubs can drift off to sleep knowing that having a sense of humour and having a good laugh is an important part of life.

Bedtime stories have become a tradition that we all enjoy and a way to bring us closer as a family. One day I will have to write out one of our crazy stories just to show you how nuts we really are!

Do you tell bedtime stories in your house?