Saturday, July 10, 2010

an open heart.

I have been reading 'A Heart Like His' by Virginia H. Pearce.
It is a religious book and encourages readers to open their hearts to others.

I have been thinking about my heart and what sort of friend I am. I don't think I am a very good friend to others. I am always so rushed that I don't stop to listen and I am always so tired I never know what to say. I am a bit of a time freak and have a bad habit of not attending to others because I am so busy and I always think that others are too busy to stop and chat too.

I have been trying to be more aware of my heart, to be more open towards others and to remember that taking the time to listen or help others really isn't going to put me behind in my schedule by that much at the end of the day.

Sometimes around people I keep my heart protected with at 10 foot fence, a padlock and a dead bolt on the door. Around others I have a lovely garden path with an open door for them to enter. I have found that sometimes it is necessary to protect yourself and it is using wisdom to do so. The down side to this is that having a hardened heart also prevents me from feeling love. If you block out one you also block out the other.

The challenge I find is keeping my heart open and being aware of opportunities to share it. I don't think you need to make an extra effort, opportunities are everywhere, and generally people are very kind and open.

Some of the quotes I really enjoyed from the book were:

Open heart creates energy
Closed heart depletes energy

An open heart looks outward
A closed heart looks inward.

It is wonderful to really care about others and to open your heart to them.
I have found that when I do so something magical happens and other people open their closed hearts and both of us feel so much better for doing so.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

clean me cycle

I have a cool washing machine.
It talks to me and I like it.

Considering the amount of time I spend in my laundry, which can get lonely some days, it is nice to have someone talk back once in a while.

As I went to use the washing machine the other day this flashed on the screen:

I stared at it for a little while and thought - you know what - I am going to take your advice.
It was time for me to use the 'Clean Me' cycle in my own life.

I am good at cleaning things out and throwing things away.
I have been working on keeping only our favourite things around the house, the things that really make us happy and keeping rooms simply decorated. I have found this a blessing as I don't have as much to clean up and not as much clutter. Yeah! for no clutter...

I started thinking about this in relation to me.
What are the things that I do that I really don't need in my life and are a distraction to me?

Wow! I didn't know I was wasting so much time...

I find some days that my life is so full of 'good' things to do that it distracts me from the essential things I need to do. I sat down and wrote out a list of the 'essential' things I need to do in my life to keep my house running and that help me to be happy.

As I worked on this list I could see the things that get in my way, that I let stop me from really focusing on my dreams and goals. I then tried to look a little deeper and look at the things I personally do that I need to change and clean out.

Some of the things that I felt were a distraction that I changed or removed were:
  • twitter - most of the comments that I read from other people did not uplift me or motivate me to be better. I am not into swearing and many comments contained swear words.
  • my seven cherubs face book page - if people want to read my blog they can check it out here.
  • farmville - it was taking me away from my family and I achieved all my goals and deleted the whole farm.
  • facebook - I have stopped posting every day
  • television - I have stopped watching television at night time and have been getting so much more done.
  • blogging - I have organised my blog posting to give me more free time with my family
These things are all good things but for me they were not the right things to focus my time on.

Just making changes with these few things has given me so much more time and freedom.
It has allowed me more time to read, to ponder and consider who I want to be and what I want to do.

Who knew my washing machine held so much wisdom?
I wonder what the vacuum cleaner can teach me?????

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

100 ways to be happy - Number 89. Love yourself

Loving myself is something that I have always struggled with.
When I looked in the mirror I did not like who I would see.
I was hard on myself, I expected a lot and sometimes expected too much.

As I have grown older I have become more comfortable with who I am.
I still spend time reading and learning about self improvement but I have accepted this is the way I like to do things, the way I look and the way that I think on certain topics.

Over the years I have discovered the importance of having at least one thing you love about yourself.
For those moments when you feel that you are a failure at everything you try to do.

For many years I really couldn't think of anything at all.
Now I am a little older I am also a little kinder to myself.

I can now say that I have several things I love about myself.
(feeling brave today so I am going to share some)

I love:
that when I feel something is right - I act on it immediately

that I can share my feelings openly and honestly
that I am good at making up stories for my children
that I am good at throwing things out
that I am good at finding bargains
that I can multitask
that I don't fear public speaking
that I love being a wife and mother
that I have small feet and
that I have nice toes.

I think every woman should have at least one part of her body that she loves.
For me I love my toes.
They are not super beautiful or anything but I like them.
When I look down and see them they make me happy.

Especially when I look down and see them sticking out of a hot, relaxing bubble bath :)
I hope you have something you love about yourself and if you don't ask someone else
what they love about you. Their answer might surprise you!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

100 ways to be happy - Number 1. Smile

Recently I went away with one of my daughters to visit family.
Just the two of us for the weekend.
We had a great time together and had lots of fun.

On the flight home my daughter said something to me I will never forget.

She said,

"Mum, you were really happy when we were away. You smiled all the time. 
You never smile at home."

I was shocked by her comment.

But, the more I thought about it, the more I realised she was right.

At home I am busy. I am washing, cooking, cleaning, homeworking, organising everyone and on duty at all times. Every so often I get to relax and chill out with the kids.

Even then I am still stopping arguements, changing nappies and correcting children.

We do have lots of fun as a family but I most of the time I am in the background organising the fun, making sure everyone is participating and keeping the 'fun' flow happening. This normally means I miss out. It is a sacrifice I often have to make to keep the family happy.

I am hoping as the children get older that I can start to participate more.

I have pondered a lot over my daughters comments and made a decision to focus on smiling more at home. Sounds terrible doesn't it?

Home is a place I love to be, it is with people that I adore and cherish yet I find it hard to let go and have fun some days. Even with a bunch of kids who love to play games, enjoy themselves and know how to have a party!

I guess I feel that if I stop and enjoy myself then I get behind.
I end up having to do twice as much work.

So I have been working on smiling more and it has been great.
Even if I have to 'fake smile' to get me started.

It is such a simple thing to do but makes such a difference.

Here are some princess' to help put a smile on your face today:

Saturday, July 3, 2010

100 things that make me happy

I was recently checking out a blog I love over at: Get in the hotspot.
Annabel has sure put in a lot of work and effort to put together some great ideas for all areas of life.
On Annabel's 'Start Page' I was immediately drawn to her ideas for happiness.

Here she lists 101 ways that she has found you can be happy.
I love them so much I am going to copy them for you!

1. Smile.
2. Connect with nature.
3. Surround yourself with positive people in person or online.
4. Do something you’ve always enjoyed.
5. Do something you’ve never done before but have always wanted to try.
6. Learn something new.
7. Smell something that makes you happy: a mandarin, your lover’s perfume, chocolate, you decide.
8. Reward yourself for your good habits.
9. Eat something that makes you happy, but not too much if it’s fattening.
10. Spend time with a good friend.
11. Touch something that makes you happy: a cat, velvet, the bark of a tree? Take time to notice.
12. Don’t worry now, worry later.
13. Say, or sing, something that makes you happy.
14. Challenge yourself, I dare you.
15. Look at something that makes you happy.
16. Stop procrastinating, do something.
17. Take a small step towards your goal.
18. Congratulate yourself.
19. Tell someone you love them.
20. Do a good deed.
21. Face your fears.
22. Read a book you love.
23. Get outside.
24. Spend time with inspiring people or read about someone who inspires you.
25. Clear out your junk, literally.
26. Let go of negative memories.
27. Dwell on positive things from your past.
28. Be creative.
29. Dare yourself to do something.
30. Give someone an unexpected gift.
31. Change your habits just this once, do something unexpected.
32. Watch the sunset.
33. Get up for sunrise.
34. Open a savings account.
35. Be active.
36. Plan for success.
37. Eat something healthy.
38. Trust your instincts.
39. Follow your passion.
40. Throw a party, or plan to soon.
41. Avoid drama queens and energy suckers, you know who they are.
42. Write stuff down, keep a diary.
43. Set a goal.
44. Clean your house, bit by bit.
45. Say no.
46. Spend a day alone.
47. Devote a day to family.
48. Pick up the phone and call someone you haven’t spoken to for a while.
49. Wear your favourite outfit.
50. Be present.
51. Go for a bike ride.
52. Do something you loved as a kid that you haven’t done for years.
53. Forgive someone, especially yourself.
54. Go slow.
55. Have a meal somewhere different: try a picnic.
56. Avoid advertisements.
57. Pick a bunch of flowers and put them in your house.
58. Ban all media for the day.
59. Let something slide.
60. Display a colorful fruit bowl and eat one or two pieces a day.
61. Be romantic.
62. Play a game: uno, monopoly, chess, poker.
63. Make a smoothie.
64. Have a siesta.
65. Do something you’ve been putting off.
66. Dream big.
67. Start small.
68. Seek out supportive and like-minded people.
69. Understand that all things come to an end.
70. Feed the ducks.
71. Persevere: pick up something you gave up on.
72. Start a new habit, a good one.
73. Look at yourself in the mirror, pick what you like best and flaunt it.
74. Seek sensuous activities and enjoy them.
75. Look for funny things and have a laugh.
76. Rest up.
77. Change your routine.
78. Take a photo, look back at old ones.
79. Stretch your body.
80. Meditate.
81. Write a mantra.
82. Focus.
83. Don’t buy something, see if you miss it. Put the cash in a savings account instead.
84. Notice what makes you happy and use it in sad times.
85. Ignore people who annoy you, stop being with them.
86. Play hide and seek with some kids.
87. Put a picture of something you want on your wall.
88. Tell someone your dreams.
89. Love yourself.
90. Be grateful.
91. Visualise.
92. Unblock.
93. Use your brain: try a crossword or sudoku.
94. Make a good choice.
95. Acknowledge your feelings.
96. Go on a journey, long or short.
97. Talk to someone you wouldn’t normally connect with.
98. Be grateful for life.
99. Write a poem.
100. Teach someone something you know well.
101. Choose to be happy every day.

After printing out this list and pondering these ideas...I made a decision.

I think I could do with a little more happiness in my life and have decided to create my own happiness list. I am going to start off with following Annabel's list and make it more personal, include some pictures, apply it to myself and blog about my findings. Kind of expand on each suggestion. Who knows where it will take me or what adventure might come from it...sounds fun and exciting!

I am feeling up to a new challenge and the first difficulty is where to start???