Christmas wrap up - Part 1

We are an adventurous bunch in our family and to keep the kids entertained over the Christmas break we have been having a few outings to bring smiles to the kids faces. 

To start with we headed off to Dreamworld - 4 adults with 13 kids. 
Seriously outnumbered but lucky we have awesome kids to supervise.

* chatting with a few favourite characters *
* worn out from too much fun *
* loving the merry~go~round *
* trying to get a decent family picture - check out Harmony on the end! *
* cousins loving treasured time together *
* riding the rapids ~ what is up with the hand signals this year? *
* enjoying the large fans on a hot day ~ looking cool! *
 * I went on my favourite ride ~ THE CLAW *
* Some of us were brave enough to go on 'The Giant Drop' ~ it is scarrrrry! *
* Some of us just tried to look cool in the sun *
We took 13 kids off to the movies to see 'Megamind' in 3D.
The kids and the adults really enjoyed the movie and we were so blessed that we were
able to get all of us in free!
 We spent some great family time busting a move to the Michael Jackson Experience on the Wii 
and I have to say the kids are quite shocked that I am so good at it!
Michael and I go way back and I don't think they will ever beat my score on the 
Thriller dance sequence. Ha!
The rest of the time we have spent chilling, swimming and being cool!

Hope you are enjoying your holiday break.

The night before Christmas: Santa drops in

We have had some serious fun in our house over the holidays.
With a house full of children we have tried to make it as fun as possible.

On the night before Christmas we put all the kids to bed in our rumpus room, tucked them in, talked to them sternly about going to sleep and gave them instructions about what time they could come out on Christmas morning and closed the door.

Then as adults we went giggling into the lounge room to get the surprise 'Santa' ready to pay the kids a visit. We were so thankful that Uncle Alex stepped up to take on the Santa role and I have to say he was a natural ~ minus the grey hair of course!

 check out those naughty or nice Santa eyes!
 the preparation walk ~ taking the role seriously
 the kids reaction was priceless! you look like Uncle Alex!
The Santa talk.

All the kids went off to sleep dreaming of presents and the wisdom of Santa.
With the reminder to be good and rewards will follow.

Why do you love your blog?

I have been pondering over my blog and why I love blogging so much.
Some of the answers I have come up with have been a surprise!

I love having a creative space, I love the sense of community,
I love receiving comments and meeting new people.

One of the discoveries I have made this year is that I love to write my blog posts. 

It is my favourite part of having a blog. I love to search and ponder over what words I want to use. I enjoy constructing the sentences and the messages I want to use to encourage mothers. 

It is like a delicate dance with the keyboard as I play around with paragraphs, sentences and my dictionary. I delight in the process and it is the main reason I love my blog so much. 
It is the perfect platform for me to express myself by writing.

What is it about your blog that you love?

Is it coming up with blog post titles? Is it the actual writing of the posts?
Is it finding the pictures?

kids and christmas

I love listening to kids talk about Christmas time.
They have a simple, delightful way of looking at life and Christmas.

I love the facial expressions,
the innocence and the twinkle in the eye
that talking about presents brings.
Here is one of my current favourite clips:

From the our cherubs to your cherubs:
We hope that you have a joyous Christmas day.
*hugs to you all*

Disney Tangled tickets giveaway! Blog to win $500!

Sponsored by Nuffnang.

We love a Disney movie in our house. We love the story lines, the colour and the animation. 
We also love falling in love with the characters. 

With the release of 'Tangled' this Summer our family has been looking forward to adding Rapunzel and her friends to our list of favourites.

'Tangled' has a running theme throughout the movie of boys vs girls. To celebrate the release of this movie we decided to get the whole family involved to have an afternoon of healthy family rivalry.


We set up some family games to compete against each other and to see who would come out on top!

Of course we knew right from the start the girls would win, even though the boys had Batman, Spiderman, AFLman and a serious Jedi Master, we had a secret weapon......Rapunzel!

Complete with Lizard friend....
and seriously magic, long hair!

We had so much fun playing the egg and spoon race:
Boys Won!

We played the M&M eating competition:
Girls Won! we love our chocolate!!

We played back yard cricket:
Girls Won! Eyes on you boys!!

Over all it was a close score:
Boys 4, Girls 5!

Walt Disney Pictures presents TANGLED, an action-packed, swashbuckling, animated musical comedy about the girl behind 70 feet of magical, golden hair.  A princess stolen from her parents’ castle as a baby, Rapunzel (voice of MANDY MOORE) is locked in a hidden tower longing for adventure.  Now an imaginative and determined teenager, she takes off on a hilarious, hair-raising escapade with the help of a dashing bandit (voice of ZACHARY LEVI).

With the secret of her royal heritage hanging in the balance and her captor in pursuit, Rapunzel and her cohort find adventure, heart, humor, and hair… lots of hair.  This comedic re-imagining of the classic Brothers Grimm fairytale comes to theaters in Disney Digital 3D™.

Check out the Tangled trailer!

Now time for a giveaway!

We love a giveaway here at Seven Cherubs and are delighted to give 2 wonderful Seven Cherubs readers a family pass {that is x4 tickets} to go see 'Tangled' this Summer. 

Open to Aussie residents only - sorry!

All you need to do is answer the question below:

If you had 40 feet of hair what would you do with it?

Here is my answer:

I would tangle up the kids!
So I knew where they were at all times! 
Don't you just love the sheets and towels used to create the 40 feet of hair?
Some of them were excited about it and others...well, not so excited!
So leave a comment below.
Terms and conditions: HERE

Be creative, have fun and
winners will be announced January 9th.

Now to introduce an awesome opportunity:
To participate in the Nuffnang Community Contest that will be running on their blog.

YOU are invited to take part by:

* writing a blog post about a personal funny boy vs girl experience

* you will need to include the Tangled trailer link

* you will also need to include a reference to Tangled outlined in the Nuffnang blog post.

The best judged blog will win 
themselves  $500!!!

Blogs will be judged on creativity so go crazy and have some fun!
This contest runs for the same dates: December 21st~January 9th.

To finish off ~ as 'Tangled' has a little love theme in the story line I could not leave you without sharing a little love from Matt and I. One of my favourite posters from the movie Tangled is this one:

Of course I like a heathly competition and Matt and I think we so have the 'love look' down better than these two. Check it out:

I know, I know....we win right?

titanic romantic dream

Do you ever get a crazy idea late at night and decide to just have some fun?

Well, we did and with family staying over had some great help in creating a dream moment.

Next year Matt turns 40! His dream is to go on a romantic cruise ~ just with me!!!

I am of course hoping that his dream comes true and we get to have a little getaway together.

In thinking about this dream we decided to get a little crazy and have some fun with the Nuffnang Kodak PlaySport Competition. There are some awesome prizes to be won and we headed out to the pool in the backyard to take some snaps.

For our dream we want to go on an extremely large, ocean liner, decked out with everything you could possibly need to chill, to dine, to dance and for Matt to feel like he is the King of the World!

Of course we want to have our own private moment on the front of the ship. Wind blowing in our faces, my hair flowing, enjoying the view and treasuring each others company.

In our minds what our precious moment would look like!
Can you feel the love tonight....?

All dressed up and no where to go!
See the blue water, see the fence, see the gown, see the handsome man...can't you see us on a ship?

However, in our dream there are no icebergs, {the only ice is in our drinks!} and there are enough lifeboats and our cherubs are patiently waiting for us to return refreshed, renewed and revitalized.

Do you have a dream moment you would love to act out?

blog goals 2010

As the year is coming to an end I have been reflecting over my blog goals I set for this year.
They were simple and realistic:

1. Was to keep my family updated.
2. Was to keep a record of what our family does
3. Was to overcome my fear of writing
4. To do something that involved connecting mothers
5. To learn about the techniques of blogging
6. To get 100 followers
7. To have fun

I have managed to tick off every one.

I have been amazed at how much support I have received for my blog writing.

I have loved meeting so many other women who are passionate about motherhood.

I have had so much fun coming up with new ideas to write about and taking pictures of my kids.

I have amazed myself in my ability to learn how to design and run a blog.

I have worked hard at keeping a balance in our family so that blogging does not take over.

I have had so much fun!!

Now that I have ticked off my seven goals here at Seven Cherubs I need to come up with a new list.

I need seven new goals to work on and to have fun with.

Do you set goals for your blog? 
Have you achieved them over the past year?

Also I would so love it if you could vote for me in the Babble Top 50 list
of the Best Mom Blogs.

Click HERE
I am under Seven Cherubs on the first page.
Just click the thumbs up button and you are done!

the reason for the season

In our house the real reason for the season is Christ.

It is so easy this time of year to become caught up in a shopping and spending spree.
That often leads to debt and depression.
For our family we try to remember what Christmas is really about. 
For us it is remembering, appreciating and pondering.

We love giving and try to teach our children that the greatest gift they can give is...
their Christ.

Here is a sweet message that we love to watch that reminds us that joy is found in the simple gifts.


ipods and icecream


With the recent storms we have had, one of my little men has been having trouble coping. He loves the rain but hates the thunder. It just scares him to hear all that rumbling and tumbling in the sky.

I was delighted to see him solve his own problem.

He came to me with an ipod asking if he could wear it so he would not be able to hear the thunder.

Normally I would not allow a little one to wear an ipod for several hours at a time but this was a special circumstance and he happily sat on our couch listening to music and loving the storm!

No tears, no screams just a happy cherub bopping away to music.


With the first week of the school holidays down and our family spending time shopping, cleaning and preparing for family to arrive it has been a little 'stressful' to say the least.

It has been a blessing to have a little icecream in the freezer.

A small bowl of icecream seems to calm the nerves, unite the family, help us talk and connect with each other again and sweeten the taste buds.

A small gift for hard work and a simple quick fix that feels like it solves all family problems.

Mothers are like....Garlic.

I have a gift.
It is a curse or a blessing, which ever way you choose to look at it.
It is that I constantly see household items and can't help but relate them to motherhood.

I have fun letting my thoughts run wild as I spend time each day pondering different items and coming up with ideas on how I can use them to help me become a better mother and wife. 

Recently my thoughts turned to Garlic.

Garlic is a strong-smelling pungent-tasting bulb, used as a flavoring in cooking and in herbal medicine.
The cloves are used for consumption (raw or cooked), and have a characteristic pungent, spicy flavour that mellows and sweetens considerably with cooking.

The papery, protective layers of "skin" over various parts of the plant are generally discarded during preparation for most culinary uses. Unless you are Jamie Oliver and can't be stuffed!

Now, how does this relate to motherhood:

Being a mother is a great work. It takes spunk, intuition and great judgement. We work on trusting our instincts, we try new ideas and test experiences that will best suit our family as we go.

Just like cooking.

A clove of garlic is small and may seem insignificant in a recipe but once you have tasted it's flavour you can tell when it is missing from a meal. As mothers we may feel small and insignificant but we are powerful and have great influence over our families and children. When we are gone {or feel missing in action} the whole house can fall apart and we are sorely missed in our efforts and guidance.

Sometimes as mothers we get fired up, we become 'raw' and lose our temper or our vision and at these times we are spicy! We are pungent and the fumes exposed are intense, deep and fierce.

Our attitude can affect the whole family, sometimes bringing it down. We influence the spirit of our home and when we are strong in the wrong way we become overpowering instead of empowering.

When we use just enough 'flavour' to run our homes and influence our family we can mellow and sweeten the tone of our home. This happens when we understand our role, know who we are, rise to the challenge of what we need to do and out of small things help to make great things happen.

We become the icing on the cake, the cherry on top and just the right ingredient our family needs to function on a healthy level.

We can be the medicine our home needs. By giving of ourselves and our unique gifts we can be the balm to heal wounded souls, the soft voice that calms nerves, the remedy for all injuries and the kind hearted support a loved one needs.

Just like garlic needs time to release its flavour - so do we. As we grow and progress into the role of mother we become more comfortable, confident and consistent with our mothering. We learn to let go of those protective layers and reach a stage where we can share, expose and open our hearts to be the best mother for our children.

Like one clove of garlic has a powerful affect in a dish of food so can we as individual mothers make an impact, change, modify and transform our families.

Like a cluster of garlic when a group of mothers is united in their commitment to be wonderful, inspiring and dedicated in nurturing their children and take the time to support each other in that role, we can be even more powerful and influencial with our sweetness and flavour.

Knowing that we are not on this journey alone brings peace and courage. I so love our little group of 'Mother Hearts' who link up each week. I love the friendship we share and the support we give each other. I look forward to seeing how you are going in your homes, how your hearts are feeling and the words of wisdom you have to share.

In my garlic research I also discovered that there are different types or subspecies of garlic, most notably: hardneck garlic and softneck garlic

I will leave it to you decide which one you feel you currently are! 

Personally, I have been feeling a little stiff~necked myself and in desperate need of a massage to soften those muscles :) This will be the last Mother Heart link up for the year and I will start them again in the new year. I think we all deserve a break to play, enjoy and cherish ourselves and our cherubs over the Christmas holidays. By the way I am trying it as a 'thumbnail' version so you can add a picture to your blog link to see how it goes.


So here are the guidelines for Mother Heart:
1. Link up your post about motherhood
2. Grab the Mother Heart button and post it on your blog
3. Grab the code if you want to join in the blog hop
4. Leave some comments on other awesome mummy bloggers posts
5. Have a laugh and a cry and enjoy being a mother!

Surviving Breast Cancer - Hatiheri


Recently I was asked to speak at a graduation for business women. I know I was shocked too!
I met some wonderful, positive, motivated women there. One of the gorgeous ladies I met was Tish.

She is a Breast Cancer Survivor and small business owner. I was so impressed with her zest for life and business idea that I asked if I could share it here on Seven Cherubs. I love to support women who are trying to help others and who are an inspiration in how they spend their time and focus.

Here is a little about her and her business:
Tish was Diagnosed with Breast Cancer in January 2009. Her first surgery was in February 2009 and quickly followed by a second surgery also in February 2009. Chemotherapy started in March 2009 with her final chemotherapy in July 2009. 

Her first radiation session was in August 2009 with final radiation in September 2009. Tamoxifen started October 2009. All treatments were at the Royal Brisbane and Women's Hospital, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

It constantly amazes me how fast Cancer can change your life. The speed with how treatment takes place and the emotional, physical, spiritual and mental preparation that immediately needs to be addressed blows me away. I so admire women who fight it, live it and with courage do all they can to rid it from their bodies.

For Tish her tumor was close to her chest and heavy, thus pulling on her breast from the inside and creating a "dimple". She couldn't feel a lump, and neither could her doctor but thank goodness her doctor did his job and sent her to a clinic (although she had to wait 2 weeks for the appointment) for a mammogram, which led to an ultrasound and then a core needle biopsy - all on the same day!

"When I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2009 at age 34, many friends sent me beautiful 
scarves as a thoughtful gift. Unfortunately, many of the scarves, although gorgeous, 
were impractical for several reasons." 

These are not things you usually think about until confronted with the reality:

  • the material was too thin, even when doubled over - you could see my bald head!

  • the material was too slippery - I couldn't tie it and it wouldn't stay put with no hair to attach it to

  • the shape was too rectangular or long - so I couldn't easily make it into a headpiece

  • the shape was too small - so I couldn't tie it on securely

  • the patterns were bright and cheerful - but didn't match anything in my wardrobe

  • the patterns were attention-grabbing - and I didn't want to draw attention to my head-wear

  • the scarf was small or narrow - and left the back of my neck too exposed

  • the scarf had tassels, which although pretty, were impractical

During chemotherapy and radiation she suffered from many side-effects including ongoing fatigue. Other side effects included: inability to think straight, word loss, nausea, constipation, achy legs, achy joints, dry eyes, body hair loss, body hair thinning, mucositis, neutropenia, blotchy rash, hot flushes, oral candidiasis, loss of (some) tastes, odd metallic taste in mouth, burnt feeling in mouth, depression, anxiety, radiation burn, tinnitus ... basically, it was not pleasant!

 Tish looking awesome with her new look!

In rare moments of lucidity she thought of how her situations could be improved. Apart from the side-effects of chemotherapy and radiation, her main concern was the new experience of being bald. It was not just the feeling of looking different but also the little things like being cold on the back of her neck, and not having protection from the sun, wind, stray branches and cupboard corners.

Last day of Chemo! 

Thus Hatiheri was born. 'Hatty-Hairy' {Tish} has first hand knowledge of being bald due to chemotherapy and knows exactly the unique challenges this brings. When Tish did feel ready to go out in public and later returned to work part-time she had difficulty finding a scarf that matched her wardrobe. She did not have the energy or interest in matching her wardrobe to a scarf. That was the last straw and she decided to create beautiful, easy to wear head scarves that were suitable for both indoors and outdoors.

These scarves are reversible and come in a variety of colours.


Her website has a list of resources for family and life after cancer support,

a shop to purchase scarves, and her personal treatment photo's from her Breast Cancer experience.


Tish feels that these scarves filled her own need and hopes that others will benefit from her experiences. She does not feel joy knowing that others are suffering but feels joy knowing that she can hopefully help someone out.

Her website is: HERE

Her facebook page is: HERE


* I was not paid in anyway to do this post. I think Tish is awesome and wanted to help others. I also love to give meaningful gifts at Christmas and thought this might be helpful to some women. Lastly, I just wanted you to know that Tish has a wonderful head full of curly hair and is looking stunning!

Santa school pick up ~ update!

Well, I did it! I picked the kids up from school dressed as Santa.
I have to admit I did have a few moments where I was thinking:
'Are YOU insane?'

but....over all I had fun!

Here I am rockin' it in my Santa suit.
Alright..well, I have seen better Santa's and I have looked better myself.

Of course it worked out to be the hottest day of the year here and I was HOT!
Not hot as in good looking but HOT as in sweating!

Here were my helpers!

Now the kids reactions:
  • One daughter just could not believe I went through with it and kept shaking her head.
  • My older son quietly came up behind me, gently placed his hand in my shoulder the day before and said 'I don't mind Mum' and walked off.
  • The three little helpers thought it was great fun and loved it.
  • Another daughter could not wipe the smile off her face the whole way home in the car.
  • The other cars on the way to school did a double take as I drove past them.
  • The kids at school - stopped to stare, waved and smiled, and some just swore!
  • My older son when I arrived at the school wanted me to get out of the car to hand out candy canes and to act like a 'real Santa'.
  • The neighbours across the road had a good laugh as they saw me leave.
  • The teachers on duty thought it was a hoot!
So my fun Christmas activity of trying to have some fun with the kids went really well. 
Don't think I ever need to do that again - but it is something they will always remember.

What is Seven Cherubs all about?

I have been thinking about my blog a lot lately!
Probably too much.

I guess, I am trying to work out clearly in my mind:
  What is Seven Cherubs all about?

To me is is about:

It is about connecting mothers through their hearts and it is for women who are passionate about motherhood and want to encourage each other in a positive way.

I think my blog is great and think all mothers should be checking it out {hee, hee} but, I wanted to find out from you lovely readers who delight my day by dropping by my blog:

What is Seven cherubs all about to you?