motherhood: the careful approach

When I look at what gets us off track as a family, it is usually when we are focused on having too much, doing too much and wanting material things. Sure, material things help us out in many ways and being busy helps others but they also distract us from spending time together as a family.

When this happens I need to stop and take a careful look at our lives.

I ask myself:
Are we too busy?
Are we trying to do too much?
Is our house becoming cluttered with things we don't really need?

I then stop and look at what is going to make a real difference in the lives of our children.

I ponder:
Am I spending enough time with them?
Am I listening to what they really need?
Is my home a climate where love can grow?

With motherhood there is a casual approach and a careful approach. 
Sometimes all that is needed to make a difference is to change ONE little thing.

I find that the careful approach takes planning and lots of it.
It takes real thought and careful consideration.

So I start with myself.
I make time to plan, pray and prepare.

I answer:
What is ONE thing I can do to help my children this month?
What will help bring us closer together?
What type of mother do my children need me to be?

I answer these questions personally and individually for each of my seven cherubs.
The needs of my children are different and so are the answers.

It is amazing how spending a little time to plan can have such a difference.
Having a careful approach verses a casual approach can improve relationships significantly.

Do you spend time planning how to be a better mother?
What is ONE thing you think you could change?