Saturday, February 5, 2011

blogger butt challenge

I have had a great week. Here are some thoughts from my week:
* I have felt a change happen this week. A shift in attitude and body shape.
* I started watching the biggest loser and felt like I am doing a really great job compared to the contestants on the show. I am not trying to compare myself to them, as we are totally different, but I looked at how they eat and how they live their life and I realised that I am living a healthy active life. I just need to make a few changes to take it to an even better level of healthiness.
* With all the running that I have been doing, I have noticed I have more energy, more muscle and determination to finish my running program. I have settled into a comfortable running speed and rhythm.
* I have replaced some of my bad habits with good habits. I spent more time reading books with the kids, I have cleaned out lots of cupboards and after eating a meal I told myself the kitchen was closed.

Some things I did this week:
* I did continue with my running program
* I did constantly tell myself I am a runner
* I did stay away from the scales
* I did notice more space in my jeans
* I did focus on my goals
* I did eat chocolate
* I did feel I was having a positive influence on the kids (see below) ~ by Nathan
* I did get too scared to sign myself up because when Nathan is involved this is what he puts together:
* I did eat breakfast every day
* I did make myself accountable

Now for the change that is taking place:
* I am being patient
* I am getting up at 5am to exercise
* I am being consistent
* I am seeing change
* I am being aware of what I eat
* I am eating healthier
* I am running
* I am eating smaller portion sizes

This week I tried to stay off the scales. I tried not to focus on the numbers. I did weigh myself to see what my result was to share on here. This week I am down to 71.3 ~ so that is a loss of 300grams from last week and I am happy with that. So that means I have exactly 3kg's to go. Gosh! it is moving slow but this is what happened to me last time - slow to start and then it just fell off.

This week I am so hoping I can get to those 70's numbers. I think I need to celebrate when I get there as I am finding it a real challenge. I will just keep doing what I am doing and be patient and hope that it only goes down from here!

For a little motivation this week I highly recommend you drop by Super Cate's Blog. She is like my personal trainer. She is a mum and a P.E teacher and knows what she is talking about. I would encourage you to check out here and here and here and here


  1. wow 3 more kg to go, well done!
    Sounds like you are on a roll..
    Looking forward to next weeks post. :D

  2. You are doing a great job! Keep it up! I'm here if you ever want to chat running. I could really use some motivation. I read that you should get on the scale everyday to make yourself accountable. I have found it to work! Have a great weekend and keep it up! ♥ BJ

  3. What a brilliant week!!
    So much of this game is about working out what works for you. And being kind to yourself is so important :-)
    Also recognising that you really are doing so many things right (rather than beating yourself up for any slips) is brilliant too!
    And as for staying off the scales - you are just my hero!!!!!!


    PS: thanks for the mention (*blush*) xxx

  4. You HAVE had a great week..I wish we could ditch the scales and just listen to our bodies..but they continue to call me..

    Keep up the amazing work..and the enthusiam xoxo

  5. wow i just found your blog and i think its great. What a good idea and what a great accomplishment. AWESOME. i was thinking of doing something similar to give me some extra motivation as soon as i get enough followers to give me that extra kick.

  6. You go girl- you are kicking some serious blog butt! And am SO impressed you are a runner!

  7. Wow, you are doing awesome! It sounds like you have gotten yourself into the perfect mind space and a great rhythm for weight loss. You really are a great role model and I can't wait to read about how you go next week!

  8. Yippee!!! I am so glad you had a good week. I enjoyed your post. I love Cate she is a gem! Keep up the good work. It has helped me start my mind set for this week :-)

  9. What an awesome week Naomi!! Well done you :) I love that Nathan is all inspired by you. Doesn't that speak loudly about how our kids watch us and learn. So wonderful to hear you had such a good week. Keep it up coach!

  10. I cracked up when I saw on the pictures you took of Nathan's sign up; 'Sam, Eli & Libby can't do it' Haha! Sometimes being the youngest isn't so fun when all you want to do is keep up with your bigger brothers and sisters and they won't let you- I can relate... Hehehehe.

    Also, glad you had a great week! Go you good thing!

  11. Good job! I love reading these updates - so inspriational! Although getting up at 5am is beyond me at the moment - maybe after we've finished renovating our house and moved in I'll be able to settle back into a better routine and start a better exercise routine. I missed the first few episodes of Biggest Loser, but the ads were enough to make me feel much better about the way we live - when my kids ask for 2nd and 3rd helpings of vegies for dinner I know we're doing something right. :)

  12. You're doing really well! Go you!

  13. What an amazing week for you. I had grand plans to join in on the challenge but have been side tracked. I have enjoyed 'stalking' the participants to motivate me to work more and reading about your amazing week is awesome, thank you.


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