blogger butt challenge

I have had a great week. Here are some thoughts from my week:
* I have felt a change happen this week. A shift in attitude and body shape.
* I started watching the biggest loser and felt like I am doing a really great job compared to the contestants on the show. I am not trying to compare myself to them, as we are totally different, but I looked at how they eat and how they live their life and I realised that I am living a healthy active life. I just need to make a few changes to take it to an even better level of healthiness.
* With all the running that I have been doing, I have noticed I have more energy, more muscle and determination to finish my running program. I have settled into a comfortable running speed and rhythm.
* I have replaced some of my bad habits with good habits. I spent more time reading books with the kids, I have cleaned out lots of cupboards and after eating a meal I told myself the kitchen was closed.

Some things I did this week:
* I did continue with my running program
* I did constantly tell myself I am a runner
* I did stay away from the scales
* I did notice more space in my jeans
* I did focus on my goals
* I did eat chocolate
* I did feel I was having a positive influence on the kids (see below) ~ by Nathan
* I did get too scared to sign myself up because when Nathan is involved this is what he puts together:
* I did eat breakfast every day
* I did make myself accountable

Now for the change that is taking place:
* I am being patient
* I am getting up at 5am to exercise
* I am being consistent
* I am seeing change
* I am being aware of what I eat
* I am eating healthier
* I am running
* I am eating smaller portion sizes

This week I tried to stay off the scales. I tried not to focus on the numbers. I did weigh myself to see what my result was to share on here. This week I am down to 71.3 ~ so that is a loss of 300grams from last week and I am happy with that. So that means I have exactly 3kg's to go. Gosh! it is moving slow but this is what happened to me last time - slow to start and then it just fell off.

This week I am so hoping I can get to those 70's numbers. I think I need to celebrate when I get there as I am finding it a real challenge. I will just keep doing what I am doing and be patient and hope that it only goes down from here!

For a little motivation this week I highly recommend you drop by Super Cate's Blog. She is like my personal trainer. She is a mum and a P.E teacher and knows what she is talking about. I would encourage you to check out here and here and here and here