BLOG LINK mystery tour

Today I thought I would have a little fun with blog links.
I have decided to try a blog link mystery tour.
No pictures and very little information.

You do not have to click them all,
just choose some words that stand out to you.

So here we go:
Cherishing this
Motivated by this
Coveting this
Adoring this
Hearting this
Treasuring this
Make this
Buying this
Do this
Discovered this
Loving this
Inspired by this
Want this
Pondering this
Bake this
Remembered this
Print this
Watch this

So what do you think???
Are you interested in another mystery tour???

p.s - Kellie you are the winner of the Fantasia DVD pack and I have not heard from you yet. You do not have email linked to your profile and I will give you a couple of days to contact me. If I have not heard from you I will have to give it away to someone else.

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