5 ways to be a brave blogger

I first started a blog in December 2008 and have been writing on a blog for several years now. I have now had my Seven Cherubs blog for one and a half years. During this time I have learned a lot about blogging and have become braver in how I write and run my blog. 

Part of having a blog, for me, is being able to express feelings of my heart. As this is a very personal space, many decisions that I make in relation to my blog are an extension of me and affect how other people perceive me. Slowly I have become braver and I have been loving the results. I have become happier and more committed to what I feel strongly about. I am no longer afraid to share what is in my heart.

So here are my 5 tips for being a brave blogger:

1. Make decisions that scare you.
I know I am stepping out of my comfort zone when I make a decision to do or share something where I am worried what people will say or think. Even deciding to blog about happiness ideas scared me. I worried what people would think of me and if I could cope if no-one else was interested. I thought about the benefits that would come to others and myself if I made this decision and decided to be brave and to just go for it! After making the decision and starting I did not feel scared any more. Often we just need to make the decision and charge into it leaving no room for doubt to stop us.

2. Approach people to work with or help you.
There are wonderful social media tools available to help connect with other bloggers and businesses when you have a blog. I often use facebook or twitter to invite companies to run a giveaway or product promotion on my blog. All it takes is a few sentences to invite and the worst that they can say is No. Often if I am stuck with how to do something on my blog, I approach other bloggers who I see as experts and in every circumstance they have found the time to help me. Often all that is required is to be brave enough to ask. We are all in this blogging community together and are happy to offer support to those who need it.

3. Write from your heart.
Having a blog is a wonderful platform to express yourself. Writing from your heart takes courage and inner strength. Readers love it when you share a little of yourself, when you express what is really on your mind and what you are passionate about. Having good content on your blog is what will bring readers and helping your readers connect with you is what makes a good blogger.

4. Believe in yourself.
When I first started a blog I was very scared about what people would think of my thoughts and feelings. It took time and practise to believe that I had something worthwhile to say. So often I hear people say that they could not start a blog because no-one would be interested in what they have to say. We are interested in what you have to say, everyone has something important they want to share and if you believe in yourself and your message, others will too.

5. Be Passionate.
I believe it takes great spirit to be passionate. It takes commitment, courage and determination to speak openly and boldly on a topic you care deeply about. When I see bloggers or anyone in general speaking up about a certain issue they are passionate about, I immediately think they are brave. We need more brave bloggers to take a stand and to be passionate about topics because people will listen, they will make changes and will follow what we say.

I love that here in Australia we have many brave bloggers. Women and Men who blog from the heart, who share what they have learned to help and uplift others, who are passionate and who believe in being better and that what they have to say is worthwhile. I love connecting with these inspiring people and am thankful to call many of them friends.