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I have never been good a keeping a regular routine in relation to taking care of my face. I am always too tired, too busy or too forgetful at night time to remember to stop and look after my skin. However, now that I am getting a little older, I am feeling more and more the importance of putting a good routine in place. A simple routine that cares for my face.

I have used many different products over my years and normally what I use depends upon what is on special at the time I go grocery shopping. I scan the grocery store shelves looking for a product to try and often look out for what is new to the store. So when I heard there was a new product out, I was very excited to have the opportunity to try the new Dove Foaming Make-up remover.

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Upon receiving the Dove Foaming Makeup Remover, I was really impressed with the look of the product and the bottle. I love that it is a pump bottle and even comes with a stopper to put under the pump for travel.  I recommend this product and it has become a great addition to my night time routine.

Here are some things I love about this product:
  • I love that it is in liquid form and turns into foam when pumping out of the bottle. There is no need to shake and mix up the bottle to get the consistency right.
  • It can be applied to a dry or wet face to remove makeup. This suits me if I am feeling really tired and lazy at night and want a quick way to remove my makeup.
  • For the amount of makeup that I wear each day I found I did not need very many pumps of the bottle to remove all of my makeup - 2 pumps at the most. Therefore lasting longer.
  • It easily removed all of my makeup and even stubborn waterproof mascara that I tested.
  • The foam feels soft and smooth on my face when applying it.
  • I liked the smell and it was not overpowering when applying to my face.
  • It left my face feeling really clean and could almost be used as a cleanser.
  • It comes in a great pump bottle that is a great addition to your shower routine.
I did find that if you do get the Dove Foaming Makeup Remover in your eye, it does cause some mild irritation and caution is required in this area. Even though it does live up to being able to remove heavy makeup, I recommend you use a gentle makeup remover if you really need to scrub heavy makeup off of your eyes.

Since receiving this product, I have been reviewing my night time routine. I know I am one of many women who go to bed still wearing makeup and have found it really beneficial to my skin to use a makeup remover on my face before sleeping.

Thanks to Dove I have a $25 Coles gift card to give away so that you can go and purchase your own Dove Foaming Makeup Remover to test out for yourself.

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