Wednesday, July 13, 2011

for the love of massages

I tell you it was a stroke of brilliance the day I decided to add 'massage mum' to the cherubs chore list.

Each of my cherubs has chores/jobs that they do each day to help out around our home and we rotate them every week. I will have to share them in another blog post.

So, as a mother to seven cherubs, I often feel the need to have a small massage on my shoulders or feet at the end of the day. Enter seven super awesome cherubs who of course need massage training.

I know the cherubs future husbands and wives are going to thank me for this training one day!

Now, I am not the type of mother that forces my children to partake in this activity, I more encourage them. It is one of the jobs on our chore list that if they do not feel like doing it, then that is alright. I don't like to force them to do such an activity but, I do like to provide them with an opportunity to serve me in a small way if they want to.

After all, I work really hard keeping every thing in order for them surely they need opportunities to give a little love and kindness back!

Now there are certain cherubs who are what I would say are 'gifted' at this chore and I get very excited when I change the chore chart and I get to write down their name under massage mum. Others...well I have not had a massage from them for months!

Recently, I have been encountering a problem with the massage mum chore activity.

You see, someone else has been getting in first and I have been missing out on getting my massages!
I simply cannot get upset though as check out how the massage system works below:

Cracks me up every time. Pleasure and pain!!

I think I need to give Matt a job to do when my massage time is on... many choices to give him!


  1. hahaha! Thats a classic :-) Love that pic dare i say more...... <3

  2. Good one. Love the photos they are hilarious.

  3. Poor Matt. He looks like he is being tortured. I can just imagine them all ending up in fits of giggles.

    Lyn :o)

  4. hehe that's awesome! I love have massages, my hubby gives the best xo

  5. Awesome!!!
    p.s. Love the frames on your wall... Might have to pinch that... ;)

  6. Hahaha love this :)
    Gorgeous photos!


  7. hahaha! Love this Naomi! I think I'll have to add this to my kids job charts AND to Chad's 'to do list' which sits by our computer :) haha!


  8. I just had to share this one it was too funny and I tell you our kids are just hilarious most days :)


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