Saturday, July 9, 2011

the gift of a child's love

I have been preparing my backyard vegetable garden for replanting.
I have removed all the weeds and rocks and prepared it for some lovely new plants to go in.

It actually was a big mess and took a lot of work.

On the morning that I was going to head out to buy some new vegetables to grow several of my cherubs asked me to come outside because they wanted to show me a surprise.

You just never know what it is going to be with my kids and I always feel a slight panic in my heart.

On this morning, as I walked outside to see what the surprise was, it took me a moment to react.
This is what I saw:

A large lovely rock heart in my VEGETABLE GARDEN!!!!!

I was silent for a moment.
Breathed deeply and said:

'What a wonderful surprise, it is beautiful, it must have taken you ages, thank you for your gift to me.'

In my mind of course I was thinking:

'What in the world! This is going to take me ages to get all of these rocks out and if I get rid of them right away they will be upset and think that I don't appreciate it! Sigh!'

There goes the vegetable garden plan.

Sometimes a child shows love in such a different way than we do.
They really do not own things that they can give away as presents so they improvise.

They use the resources around them and get creating. The only down side to this is that the resources are often the very items we don't want them to touch or use.

I try to keep that in my mind when events like the one above happen so I do not get upset as much.
It does not always work but I love it when it does.

My cherubs sure teach me patience but I love it when they show they have been thinking of me.


  1. What an adorable post, thank you for sharing such an important message xo

  2. Beautiful Naomi, just beautiful <3

  3. Lovely heart and thought from the cherubs.

    I hope you managed to get your gardening done.

  4. That was very sweet and thoughtful of them!

  5. That is just beautiful.

    I totally understand. My little boy who has Aspergers doesnt really do the emotional side of things But the odd time he says I love you means the world to me.
    Love child's love

  6. Oh Naomi. I think you and I are the same person. That's exactly what I'd think!

    But love 'em anyway. That is soooo adorable. xx

  7. Oh bless them! They meant well, that's the main thing LOL x

  8. What a beautiful surprise! This made me smile. Why not plant veges into & around the heart shapr, leaveing the rocks intact? It doesn't matter to the veges..


  9. how sweet are your cherubs! and what a lovely thing to share. I spent a couple of hours reclaiming the overgrown vegie patch today - and I'm not even halfway through yet. I wonder if my kids will leave me a beautiful message like that?!

  10. The veggie garden is still not done but I am so touched by the love my cherubs showed me. Love your ideas on how to leave it there. Thanks x

  11. That is so gorgeous...I can see your frustration too...but I agree with one of the comments said ,,,you should try and work around it and plant some seedlings inside the shape...I am sure that will bring a smile to your face every time you go and water your garden :)

  12. This is so sweet but I know where ur coming from


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