taking a happiness climb

I love a little adventure in my life and a couple of weeks ago on a very early Saturday morning I had the wonderful opportunity to go with my friend Paula on a bridge climb of the Brisbane Story Bridge. Paula really wanted to climb it to celebrate her birthday and when I heard she was looking for someone to go with her I signed up right away and was so excited for the chance to do it.

We went on the 5am bridge climb (it was totally freezing and windy by the way) and turned out to be a great time to go as you could see the city at night with all the lights (well early, early morning really) and then see the city in daylight. We were blessed that the sky was lovely and clear and to see the sun rise over the city from such a great height was just delightful.

That time of morning was the best of both times to be on top of the bridge.

Here we are at night:

Here we are early morning day light:

As far as taking a happiness climb goes: for me it was wonderful to make this climb and to ponder over my life as I reached the top. I have lived a full and blessed life. I am so thankful for that. I feel as if I am in a good place right now. I am happy. As I stood on top of the bridge and looked around at the beauty of the bridge and the city, there seemed to be only one thing missing.

My family.

I so wanted to share this beauty with them. I wanted all of them to be making this climb with me. I know they would have loved the experience as well. Of course then, if that happened, I know it would have been a climb filled with tears and whinging and complaining but, I still really wanted to share it with them. I was thankful to be able to share the climb with Paula, to have someone else who saw the beauty that I did and to have a friend to be able to chat and remember such a moment with.

Have you tried any new activities lately that have helped you feel happier?