Target Toy Sale and $100 Gift Card giveaway

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It is about this time of year that I start planning the Christmas presents for my cherubs. I take stock of what toys or games we already have around our home and begin to plan what would be suitable gifts to purchase at the end of the year. We start talking about it and start preparing for it as a family. We are big on Christmas in the Seven Cherubs house and love a good gift giving session!

One of my must visit stores for purchasing Christmas presents is Target and one of my must attend events is the BIG Australian Target Toy Sale held each year. Before attending this event we eagerly await our catalogue to arrive in the mail and then I sit down and devour the catalogue, deciding what would be the best gifts to purchase. I try to choose wisely what would best suit each child and try to budget carefully so that it is not a large expense for us at the end of the year.

The cherubs treat the Target catalogue as a greatly treasured book and love to circle each toy that they really want. With over 250 exclusive toys it is a tough choice! Some years nearly all of the Target catalogue is circled, of course, but they have slowly learned to only circle a few items that they really want the most.

The reasons I put so much effort into attending this event is because I know that there are huge discounts on many items in the Target store and after comparing prices it is well worth my effort for the savings I will make. There are many half price items available on some of Australia's biggest brands.

I then plan and prepare myself to attend the big rush and crush of the Target Toy Sale. This often involves getting a babysitter, an early morning and a circled catalogue firmly held in my hand ready to be consulted every couple of minutes, to check I have the right item and price going into my trolley. Believe me with seven cherubs I sure need a trolley.

The first day of the sales is normally super busy, super crazy and super frantic!

This year Target is introducing an early bird offer to help out Target Toy Sale groupies like me. The Target Toy Sale kicks off on July 21st and guess what! you do not have to wait until then to take advantage of the great prices. From June 29th you can go online and reserve your favourite toys with the early bird Lay By List.

What an awesome idea! no stressing in store, wrestling with a trolley and missing out. You can sit at home, hot chocolate in hand, shop on line and secure great gifts for your cherubs.

Of course, you still need to hurry as there are limited items available online.

Here are the steps to make it happen:

1. Go to
2. Search the toys available.
3. Register and create your list.
4. Select your lay-by location (your nearest Target store).
5. Submit your list (You will then receive an email confirmation including PDF files)
6. PRINT the email confirmation and take to your nominated store to activate your lay-by (10% deposit required) on or before Wednesday 3rd August 2011.

*After submitting your lay-by list, please wait until the following day before activating in store.

To celebrate the launch of this wonderful early bird offer Target is giving a Seven Cherubs reader the chance to win a $100 Target Gift voucher to spend in store. Check out the terms and conditions HERE.

Here are the guidelines:

1. Add yourself as a follower on my blog
2. Open to Aussie residents only
3. Entries close 12th July, 2011
4. Leave a comment below to enter and tell me:

What toy do you want to most put on lay-by???

Giveaway now closed.
*Waiting for chosen winner from company.