Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector BB Cream Review and Giveaway

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Garnier has released a new BB Cream. A Miracle Skin Perfector and Daily Blemish Balm providing an all-in-one solution to your complexion and skin care needs. Garnier are the first to introduce a Blemish Balm cream to Australia.

If you are wondering what a Blemish Balm is the best way to describe it is as an all-in-one cream that covers five different actions: Hydrate for 24 hours, Even tone, Correct blemishes, Boost healthy glow and SPF15+ protection.

As a woman with fair skin, I often find it very difficult to find makeup that is light enough to match my skin type. It is either too dark for me or feels too thick on my skin. I do not like to wear makeup that is heavy on my face but, I also do not mind showing off some of my freckles. They add character! Finding a balance between all of my wants in a tube has had me trying many different types of makeup available on the market over the years.

Now that I am getting a little older, I am finding the need to seek out a cream to help me cover up a few unsightly marks that seem to be appearing with age. I was so delighted when Garnier sent me some Miracle Cream Skin Perfector to review. I am so glad that I said YES!

I have been using the BB Cream for over a week now and started off with the Light version right away. When I first looked in the tube I really did not think that it would suit my skin colour but was happily surprised that is not as dark as it looks. I can easily spread several layers of the cream on my skin to help cover up underneath my eyes or other blotches and still have it looking nice and even.

I was very surprised that I could just apply this Blemish Balm to my face and that is all I would need to wear for the day. It cuts down on my makeup time in the morning and I totally love having only one product that I can apply to my face and then be ready to rush off for a busy day.

I love that it is light on my skin and was delighted with how it feels when I apply it. I love the feel of cream going on my skin and this is smooth and soft to apply. As soon as I put it on I could tell that it was really going to hydrate my skin and was so pleased it has SPF15+ sun protection as I get sunburnt so easily!

The medium version of the Miracle Skin Perfector cream I can still use as after playing around with the creams I have found that even with fair skin I can mix the two colours together and still end up with a blend that suits my skin type. I am very happy with this product. New loyal customer here!

If you are interested in checking out more about this product you can look it up on the Garnier Website and Garnier Facebook page.

The BB cream is currently available at Priceline and is being rolled out to supermarkets, pharmacies, independent & variety stores as I type!

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Garnier would love you to try out this BB Cream and I have 10 packs of the Light and Medium shade to giveaway. Each winner will receive:

1 x Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector BB Cream Light
1 x Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector BB Cream Med
Valued at $13.95ea (total $27.90 prize pack)

Giveaway Guidelines:
1. Add yourself as a follower on my blog
2. Open to Aussie residents only
3. Winners chosen by the random number generator
4. Entries close November 1st, 2011
5. Leave a comment below to enter.

{Please leave your email address with your entry. So many giveaway entries do not have email attached to their profiles and I have to keep redrawing winners as I cannot contact you. Thanks}

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Disclosure: I received some beautiful goodies from Garnier including the new BB cream. No payment was offered or accepted, and all opinions are my own.