My Postnatal Depression story

I believe in facing your fears and following your heart.

If I knew I could not fail, one of the things that I would talk about is Postnatal Depression. I would be brave enough to share part of my story with others in the hope that it would be at least one other person.

If I helped at least one other person, it would be worth being brave for, it would be worth opening up my heart for and would be worth being criticised for. It would be worth sharing what the symptoms of Postnatal Depression are, that there are many women who struggle with this challenge and there is support and help available.

I have dealt with many challenges on my motherhood journey and Postnatal Depression was a scary, lonely journey that was a shock and total surprise to me when I discovered that was what I had.

So today, I wanted to be brave and to share my personal experience of Postnatal Depression as it is not talked about enough. I wanted to do this as I worry about all the women that have Postnatal Depression and do not even know it.

They struggle alone and in silence.
It can be a traumatic, exhausting and anxiety filled path.

Motherhood can be a lonely journey and I wanted to share my story to encourage more women to speak up for themselves and to ask for help if they need it.

There is nothing wrong with admitting we need help.
It does not mean we are a failure as a mother.

I have needed help many times on my motherhood journey.
It was the last thing I wanted to ask for but I knew I needed it.

I decided to share my Postnatal Depression story with you in a vlog. Once again, it is not very good quality vlog wise but it is as good as it is going to get from me right now.

I hope you can feel from my heart how passionate I am about Postnatal Depression.

It is real, it changes you and it can be overcome.