5 ways to have happy days

Everyone has days where they feel terrible. Where you wake up and know that today is going to be a hard day to get through no matter what you try to do. On days like this it hardly seems worth getting out of bed and dragging yourself through the day. But, we do and we have to, so here are my 5 tips for happy days when things are just not going right.

1. Control what you can control * Often I find I feel terrible and overwhelmed when there seems to be an abundance of things going on in my life that I cannot control. Such as appointments, the children's choices, the amount of washing I have in my home, the actions of other's and bills! If I spend my day focusing on only those situations I quickly become depressed. Instead I chose to focus on what I can control and I feel happier. I can control my attitude, what I chose to wear, when I chose to do the washing, what I am going to eat, what fun I am going to have for that day and if I want to take some time out for me. I find I end up having a happy day.

2. Change your scenery * When I am having a busy day and feel low I always fit in a way to change my scenery. I get out of the house, I go for a walk, I pop into the library, I pop into a shoe shop, I drop in to see a friend or I even just go sit out in the backyard. A change in scenery helps to expand your view of life and getting fresh air refreshes our mind and spirit. A change of view = a happy day.

3. Wear your happiness * Call me shallow or whatever you want but when I am struggling with feeling good I turn to my wardrobe and jewellery to help me have a happy day. For me it is the quickest way to uplift me and help me feel a little better about myself. If I have a busy day of appointments that I really do not feel like going to, such as the doctors, dentist etc. I often wear something that makes me feel special. I sit in the doctor's office humming away to myself looking at the super cute shoes I am wearing or loving the bracelet I have on and even sit there and say, "You know what Naomi, you am looking awesome in this dress today". Hey! If no-one else is going to tell you, then why not tell yourself!

4. Rock your day with music * One quick way to lift my spirits is through the use of music. I can be feeling absolutely depressed and having a woe is me kind of day and all I need to do to start to feel a little happier is to listen to a favourite song. I play it loud and I play a song I like, not a song the kids like, a song I like. I let myself feel the music, I dance in my kitchen, I move my body and I sing loudly. I have fun with it and before I know it I am feeling so much happier and ready to tackle whatever needs to be done. Try it, I think you will find it works!

5. Accomplish a task * I have days where I feel like I am getting nowhere, where I feel like I am making no difference and it seems as if all my efforts have been in vain. On days like this, I know I need to accomplish a task to feel like I am useful, I am of worth and I am making a difference. This may sound crazy but I find myself a simple task to accomplish and I personally making a big deal of it. It could be as simple as, I cleaned out the car, I emptied all of the bins, I straightened the bathroom towels, I replied to 5 emails, I cooked dinner before 10am, I planned my week, I wrote a blog post etc. When I have completed my task, I then congratulate myself. I stop and admire my handiwork, I remind myself I have used my time wisely and made a difference. I appreciate my own efforts and and praise myself. As I mentioned before, Hey! If no-one else is going to tell you, then why not tell yourself!

So if you are reading this and you are having one of those bad, terrible, crappy days, I hope you will try a few of my tips to add a little happiness and sunshine to your day. Rock on ladies, rock on!