how to make a rainbow cake and paint palette cake

It is official. We have our first teenager in the house. Chelsea turned 13 recently and as promised she still woke up the same girl on her birthday morning. Phew! Sigh of relief! To celebrate her birthday we had a massive cake and sleepover party. I created a combined rainbow cake and paint palette cake, muli-tasking here ladies, and today I thought I would share with you how I create it. Plus, a few lessons I learned along the way.

The Cake Wish:

First of all, Chelsea wanted a paint palette cake. Give me strength! Creating cakes is not one of my specialities but trying my best I went to the best source I know, Pinterest, to give me some ideas. I found some really awesome paint palette cakes and came up with an idea of what I could make the top of the cake look like - keeping it simple of course. Next, Chelsea wanted a rainbow theme for her birthday. Taking this into consideration I then created a rainbow cake.

How to make the cake:

To create the cake I simply took 2 butter cake mixes and combined them. When I had followed the instructions, I then divided the cake mixture up into four bowls. I added different food colouring colours to each of the batter mixes. I used green, pink, yellow and blue. I then took a really large cake tin and poured each of the batter mixes on top of each other. So pour in green, then pour pink on top of that, etc. I did not mix them up at all, I put the cake tin in the oven and let it cook. When we took the cake out of the oven we ended up with a rainbow mix of colours, it happened all by itself.

So all together I used 4 cake mixes to create this massive cake. Then Liberty helped me mix up a large amount of cream. Alright, a really large amount of cream and yes I was very heavy handed on the cream.  A word of advice, never make a cake when you are hungry! I then spread the cream on top of one of the cakes and then sat the other cake on top of the cream. The result: a massive cake.

How to make the icing: 

Now the challenging part, for me anyway, to ice the cake. To save me I went off to Woolies and purchased a pack of white icing. All prepared and ready for me to use. I spread out some icing sugar and then Liberty and I rolled out the icing. Way too easy! When we had a large circle of white icing we lifted it carefully of the bench and placed it over the top of the cake. Way too easy again!

How to decorate the top:

I then fixed the bottom of the cake and I am sure there is a good way to do this but I just used my fingers to press it down onto the plate. Then with the left over icing I had cut off the bottom of the cake, I made paint colours to decorate on top. Once again I am sure there is an good way to do this, but I simply added a few drops of food colouring to the icing and rubbed it in. I did this for each of the paint colours and then sat them on top of the cake. I recommend wearing gloves when you do this as your hands become very stained and it really is not nice greeting parents at the front door for a party with rainbow hands!

Then I added a small plastic paint brush to the top of the cake as there was no way I was going to try to make a paint brush out of icing! I have my limits here ladies!! For the bottom of the cake I found some rainbow sour straps and added them as decorations to cover up the really bad job I did of straightening the bottom of the cake. Haha! To stick them on I used some left over icing as if it was blue tac and I tell  you some one must have been watching over me because they actually stuck! I then found some left over icing roses in my cupboard and used them to cover the spots where the sour straps did not quite meet. 

How to be awesome:

Ta da! super, awesome, massive, rainbow cake.
Chelsea gave me a big hug when she saw it so all the drama was worthwhile.

When the girls came over for Chelsea's birthday there were extremely impressed and so were the parents. I of course said it was nothing and when they were not looking collapsed in the corner with relief that it came together so well. I have now added brilliant cake creating mother to my list of credentials. Woo hoo!

Here is what it looks like inside:

Kind of rainbow, kind of hippy, kind of psychedelic looking but the girls loved it and that is all that matters. I am sure there is a better way to create this cake but this is my way and it seemed to work. By the way it tasted great and everyone was happy! Phew!