ECCO shoe winner

Just dropping in quickly to excitedly announce the winner of the ECCO shoe $250 voucher giveaway.
Remember these???

Oh yeah! awesome shoes - comfortable and great design. Love, love, love!
So the winner of the chance to go shopping at ECCO is:

drum roll........
insert numbers into random number generator....
and the winner is......

Melissa from Suger Coat it who said:

Since the chances of my calves fitting into those fabulous boots of yours are slim to none {but holy crap I wish they WOULD!}... I decided to go something practical for work. 

The shiver wedge in black. Mostly because my BigW flats are wearing out too fast and sometimes my feet hurt. These would sort that out. And the best bit..? I wear a 41/42 so these sell my size! BONUS.

Woo hoo! Congratulations Melissa - have fun deciding what to get.

Remember to drop by again this week as I have a great Mothers Day giveaway coming up this week.

count your blessings

I hung up a new print this week in our house. To serve as a reminder to count my blessings.

With the craziness and busyness that often happens in our house, I sometimes need a visual reminder to stop me and to help me be thankful and grateful. I have so much to be grateful for and love it when I am able to see little blessings scattered throughout each day.

Often they are simple, like:
Everyone ate dinner
I did not burn dinner
I did not run out of petrol
I managed to remember a school performance
I had just enough bread to make the school lunches
The shopping trolley was not a wobbly one
We went for a walk and no-one fell over
I managed to stay on top of the washing
There was just enough toilet paper to last until the next shop
I got a cheque in the mail that I had forgotten about

These blessings help me to feel happier and I love including them in my happiness project one sentence journal. Recording them makes them more real for me and gives me time to ponder over how I feel in relation to them.

I hope that everyone who is doing the happiness project is enjoying the process and counting blessings. I am so looking forward to the end when everyone links up to share. Keep up the sentences and have a great weekend.

p.s * today is the last day to enter the ECCO shoes giveaway. You can enter here.
p.p.s * linking up with Maxabella - who just turned one - happy blog birthday!

childrens craft: quilling

One easy craft activity that I have the girls involved in is quilling. It is reasonably cheap and easy to do on a basic level. It does not make much mess and is a lovely quiet activity for a Sunday afternoon.

After searching for supplies (a quilling tool and paper) in local craft stores and coming up empty handed, I ended up buying the supplies off ebay for a bargain price of $0.99cents. I managed to get the quilling tool and paper together and since then the girls have enjoyed creating and designing some great colourful cards and pictures.

This is what the tools look like. A quilling tool with thin paper to roll and create with.
The paper comes in packs of different colours and is a bunch of thin strips stuck together.
You then roll it up around the tool to create circles in different sizes that you can shape and create with.

Here are some designs Chelsea put together:
If you have the right quilling tool, one with a slit in it, you can create some really simple, easy designs.
Here is an introduction to quilling I found on Youtube if you are interested in checking it out.


Anyone else do any quilling???

Mother heart: The Strands of Me

It is time for one of my favourite days of the week here at Seven Cherubs ~ when I share a mother heart guest post. I so love connecting with other mothers and especially through blogs. This week for Mother heart we have Daneyl who loves cooking up a storm, playing the piano and reading any book she can get her hands on (my kind of lady!). She is also working on her 101 things in 1001 days and if any of you are able to help her out she would really appreciate it. Lets meet Daneyl:

ABOUT YOU: I'm Daneyl, I am 26 and was a Classical Singer, in a previous life. While I still love music, I find myself in the kitchen more than in front of the piano lately. I love reading and writing (and blogging!), Zumba and chasing my 18 month old son around the house!

YOUR FAMILY: My Hubby and I are proud parents to Noah, our full of beans 18 month old son. I am a stay at home Mum and loving it. We currently live in rural Queensland and are adjusting to life out here, away from family, friends and Woolworths.

MOTHER HEART: I think my Mother Heart moment would be the very first time I met my son. After a long and hard labour, I didn't get to hold Noah until the next morning. Watching him being wheeled into me is a memory I'll cherish forever. It's the moment I changed from me to Mum. My parenting is all about love and keeping Noah as happy as I can, although the 'Terrible Two's are starting early and about to test my parenting ability...!

GOALS: My parenting goals are to raise happy, healthy children. I want them to pursue their passion with the understanding that 'Anything is Possible'. I want them to achieve their dreams....and then pay for my retirement :)

Noah (how cute is he???)
Daneyl with Noah out having fun
Daneyl, Noah and Hubby

BLOG: My blog is a personal blog about parenting, cooking and living in rural Queensland. I spend my time writing about what's going on in our lives. I am also a total book worm and hope to write a book one day. You can find my blog here at The strands of me. I would love you to drop by and visit.

Thanks for sharing a little of your heart with us Daneyl. You can read about how she keeps herself busy living in the middle of nowhere and how she survived Noah going to daycare. I hope you can drop by and show her some blog and comment love and help a mother out living in the outback.

Give charity for Mothers Day

This post is sponsored by Unicef 

As a mother I look forward to Mothers Day. I treasure this day set aside just for me and love to take time out to count my blessings that I have healthy, happy children. I enjoy spending this day with my family and am normally spoilt, greatly loved and appreciated. As far as gift giving goes, all I ask for as a gift from my children is a homemade card. A simple gift that brings me joy and lets me know how my kids feel about me. In a way it is a gift of charity from them to me and it comes right from the heart.

Last year I was delighted to receive some coupon books. Filled with charitable acts of service that the children were willing to perform for me and to help me feel special.

This year for Mothers Day I am mindful of many Mothers who are struggling with challenges and who are raising children with great needs. My heart goes out to those women who are doing it tough, who are carrying great burdens and who are doing their best to raise wonderful cherubs with what they have available to them. These women need charity and kindness and often what we take for granted is what they are desperately seeking for help and assistance.

UNICEF Australia is a wonderful charity that is currently launching a range of Inspired Gifts this Mother’s Day. These gifts include a variety of needed items such as Polio Vaccine, Story books or even a baby scale and come in a variety of price ranges that UNICEF uses to help children survive and thrive. No matter what amount of money you normally spend for Mothers Day there is a charity gift available to meet it.

A lovely gift that stands out to me is the UNICEF-developed Mother Baby Pack. Every day more than 1000 children are infected with HIV during pregnancy, labour and childbirth. Unicef Ambassador and new Mother Tara Moss (how cute is that little cherub!) shares how this pack could bless the life of a young mother.

This is a wonderful opportunity to do something different this year and to buy charity gifts for Mothers Day. It is a chance to give something special, not just to your Mother, but to many other Mothers around the world and to express how you feel about motherhood. The way that it works is you go the UNICEF website here, chose a gift, select and send a personalised card or e-card to your friend or loved one and then UNICEF sends your gift to where it is needed most in

So this Mothers Day spread some love, save a life, touch a heart and give the gift of charity.

What gift of charity would you love to receive this Mothers Day???
Have you ever donated to charity for a special occasion???

My birth stories Part 2: the twins

I have been slowly making my way through my birth stories, in a shortened simplified form. I could write so much about what happened and how I felt and how emotional I was but, I am trying to keep it brief. Such a challenge.

I am often asked about my birth experiences. People assume that because I have seven children that birth was an easy process for me and that was the reason that I kept going back for more. All of my experiences have been different and special in their own way and I find that I can relate to many other women because they have been so varied.

In my conversations with other mothers, I have met very few people who have actually had what I would call a somewhat easy birth. To me there is no such thing. Giving birth is downright painful, exhausting, overwhelming, exilarating and incredible all rolled into one.

Part 1 of my birth stories is here. Let's start on Part 2.

Sam and Eli

I found out I was having twins when I was about 8 weeks pregnant. I woke up one Sunday morning and discovered I was bleeding. This had never happened to me before and I was scared. I immediately went to the hospital for an ultrasound fully expecting to be told that I had lost a baby.

Instead, I was shocked, amazed and alarmed to discover that I was having twins. On the ultrasound screen were 2 small separate eggs and 1 small blur or smudge where they think the bleeding came from. Meaning there was a high chance that I really was carrying 3 babies and had lost one. I don't know and the doctors don't know for sure. At the time I was speechless and sad. Now that I look back on it I count it as a blessing. I do not know how I would have coped with 4 small children and then three new babies. I know we would have got through it and I really would have kept them all for sure, but I am so thankful we did not have to.

The next 2 weeks after discovering that I was going to have twins I cried every day. I mean really, really cried. I was upset and scared. I had seen my sister-in-law have twins twice and knew how much work was involved, how tiring it was and how much effort it took to keep a routine going. At the end of the two weeks I pulled myself together and started reading as much as I could about triplets to make me feel that having twins would be easy.

As I went through my pregnancy I had many doctors appointments and ultrasounds. As this was baby numbers 5 and 6 they really kept a close eye on me. Every time I went for an ultrasound I waited for them to tell me that something was not right, that something was wrong, that one of them was not growing properly, that I would have to make a choice between the two, that there were complications and that I needed to prepare myself for problems. I was ready. I had mentally and emotionally prepared myself for this to happen and was prepared to face whatever came my way.

After every ultrasound I would in disbelief walk out of the doctors office teary and so, so thankful that all the way through my ultrasound I would hear over and over the word normal. I still hear it in my mind when I think back to those times. Normal, normal, normal. I just could not believe it. The boys just kept growing and thriving. They grew evenly, in separate sacks and they grew together.

At about half way through the pregnancy! Looking like I am about to have a baby!

Early on in my pregnancy I knew when it came to giving birth I needed to be as careful as I could. Having just had an emergency caesarian with Harmony I knew my chances of having a vaginal birth with twin boys was very slim. I set out to do some research and carefully chose a doctor that I knew had a reputation for letting women try for a vaginal delivery with twins. Lucky for me he lived close by and lucky for me he was taking new patients.

My biggest decision for the boys with giving birth was to decide if I wanted a caesarian. Having a previous track record of successful vaginal births was on my side and my main concern was that I did not want to have a vaginal delivery for one and a caesarian for the other. I did not want to be sore in 2 places! My doctor was prepared to let me try for a vaginal birth if both heads were down and ready to go on the day. I knew that this was going to be hard work, that I would need to be focused and I started mentally preparing myself for it as early as I could. I imagined the births in my mind. I visualised myself giving birth to one baby, holding that baby, handing that baby over and then digging deep to go through the same experience again.

My pregnancy was pretty normal as far as a twin pregnancies go: lots of swelling, super large stomach, no sleep, pain in the back, put on too much weight, cramped baby space, swollen feet and lots of tears.

Oh yeah! do I look happy or what???

As I reached the end of my pregnancy we (the doctor, Matt and I) made the decision to be induced at 37 weeks. The boys had grown to a good size and I was hoping in this way we could be in a controlled environment and monitor their birth in a slower, hopefully safer pace. I wanted to be as prepared as I could be and have help available if I needed it. I was still worried that something would go wrong and my goal was to get these boys out safe, healthy and alive.

I went into hospital early in the morning. I was strapped up to all sorts of devices, had an epidural to help with the pain and braced myself for what I was hoping was going to be easy, quick, uncomplicated birth experience. I knew that it was the second baby that there was the most concern for. They are at the greater risk. For this I was prepared to do whatever was necessary to get him out safe.

The day went on very slowly and I was checked over many times. Every thing kept going along smoothly and I was comfortable and pain free for most of the day. Late in the afternoon things really started to happen. My doctor came in to tell me he was leaving to go away for the weekend and was clocking off work soon. I really wanted him to deliver my boys and did not want another doctor that I did not know to be the one who ended up helping me. 

Shortly after hearing this information (I think it scared me a little) the time came for my first boy to be born. I was tired by this stage but pulled myself together and delivered Eli without complications and problems to me. When he came out they quickly checked him over and informed me that he had some trouble with his lungs. He was making a noise like he was purring like a cat and they needed to take him away to the special care nursery for some more attention. Before they took him away I asked to hold him. I held him in my arms and he was gorgeous, perfect and adorable. As I touched his cheek and held him close to me and talked to him, his purring stopped. He started breathing normally and the doctor and midwife were surprised to see him recover so quickly. Eli never went to the special care nursery. He stayed in the room with me constantly until I took him home. I know he just needed his mum to make him feel better :)

As I handed Eli over to Matt to hold I caught a glance at my doctor. He had a worried look on his face and was whispering to the midwife. I did not need to be told that something was wrong, I could tell by his look, the change in the feel in the room and I decided at that moment I was taking this situation in my own hands. As they were still whispering, I sat up, I told myself I needed to get this baby out and that I needed to do it FAST. I was scared but I knew I could do it as I had done it several times before. I could see from the look on my doctors face that he was scared too and he was trying his best to help Sam as best he could. The difficulty was that I could not feel anything. I could not tell if I was making any progress because of the epidural and I prayed that everything would work out alright.

After Eli was born, Sam discovered that he had lots of space and room to move. He decided to turn himself completely around. My Doctor some how (and I am so thankful I had an epidural!) quickly turned Sam around inside me. Don't ask how he did it - you don't want to know and I can't bring myself to tell you! I then pushed and pushed and got Sam out in record time. He came out quickly and easily. He arrived 20 minutes after Eli. He was healthy, super cute and gorgeous. When I held him after he was born I was so thankful and grateful that he had made it alive. I was teary to see that both of my boys had made it out safe and that I could hold them both in my arms. My Doctor even now years later remembers his birth so clearly, he says he was so scared that Sam was not going to make it.

Sam on the left, Eli on the right

I was able to take the two boys into my hospital room, healthy and complication free to spend the next couple of days and nights with me. I sat on my hospital bed many nights just staring at them, still almost in disbelief that I had two healthy boys who were mine to raise and love. I am so, so thankful that we could stay for our short visit there and that they could come home with me after several days. 

Both boys weighed over 6 pounds and were about the same in weight and length. Sam had very little hair and Eli had slightly more hair with a cute natural spike on top. Matt and I and the other kids totally adored them and we just loved having them in our home. It was crazy, it was exhausting but so lovely at the same time.

Sam on the left, Eli on the right

They grew into this:

I mean seriously...are they just too cute or what?
Eli on the left, Sam on the right.

I really enjoyed this age and we totally smothered them with hugs and kisses. Of course I had no idea just how much trouble those gorgeous smiles were going to cause when they turned 2. We managed to survive it...just!

Sam on the left, Eli on the right.

Sam and Eli today. Still full of smiles, still gorgeous, happy and healthy and so much fun to be with.
Love these boys. I hope you enjoyed reading a little more about them and thanks for being patient. So much for keeping it short!

School holiday bliss

Here at the Seven Cherubs house we are in school holiday mode. I am loving the sleepy mornings, the relaxed mode of our daily travels and the simple, joyful moments we are sharing with each other. We have kept our schedule for these holidays free, uncluttered and a very relaxed. Hoping to allow for moments of spontaneous, adventurous family fun that kind of appears and flows over into our daily activities.

So far we have managed to fit in some Easter craft, some lovely cherub smiles and giggles, some playground fun, some serious Easter egg eating (dark chocolate is my favourite), some afternoon naps and some awesome cherubs helping out by cooking dinner. I so joy, love and cherish these moments.

We even managed to escape for a morning and headed out for a bush walk. Love these kids and love how they are all unique and go about doing their own thing even when they are together.

This is how the walk normally progresses, with  Matt and the kids all up ahead of me. I am normally left behind, taking pictures, leisurely stopping to check out my surroundings and smiling at my awesome family ahead of me. I still have moments where it amazes me that I have seven cherubs.

I don't know about you but I love to be out, soaking in some fresh air (well, as fresh as it gets in a bush park in the city) and to have just me and my family and nature. The kids love to go exploring, to run ahead, to run back to me, to run off the path, to stare over into the water to look for fish or frogs and to be everywhere they can be, touching and enjoying all that the bush offers.

The Aussie Bush. Love it! Our park we went to visit was peaceful and no-one else was there. Just us and the trees. Of course there was probably several snakes and spiders and a million other bugs but hey! I was so happy they did not put in a special appearance for us.

One of the reasons I love to get out into the bush is to take pictures of trees. I love to stand at the trunk and to stare right up into the sky at all the branches. It makes me want to hug it and climb it. I love that they stand tall, stand strong and spread out in whatever direction they desire. They inspire me.

We also ate way too much chocolate (yes, I am looking scary in this picture and a dark chocolate Easter bunny brings out a different side to me!), Matt treated us to some of his awesome baking, I took all the girls out for haircuts, the boys had some serious soccer games in the backyard which resulted in very dirty feet that for some reason can only be cleaned off all together in the bathroom the same time...everytime and Sam and Eli just seemed to grow up a little bit more, causing my heart to burst with joy and to ache with sadness that their childhood is rushing by.

Now that we are all hanging out on the school holidays I am enjoying catching up on lots of little jobs around the house. Like cleaning out school bags, fixing uniforms and getting ready for the next school term. To help you out with school uniforms during these holidays Stubbies has given me a $30 voucher to giveaway to a Seven Cherubs reader to use at their online store. This giveaway is going to be a quick one and I am running it on my facebook page here.

I hope that everyone has had a lovely Easter break and that you have an enjoyable Anzac Day today with family or friends. We are going to continue to enjoy our time together and I look forward to catching up with everyone around the blogs this week.

P.S ** The winners of the DUO giveaway are:

look out for an email from me or email me at:

Happy Easter.

I am taking the weekend off from my blog.
I need a break. I am tired.

My cherubs need more hugs and love.
Matt does too!

I hope your Easter weekend is full of blue skies,
great laughs and glorious food.

Happy Easter my lovely friends.
I am so thankful to know you.
See you next week.

Mother heart: Picklebums

One of the reasons I love having a blog is that I get to connect with other wonderful women who feel as passionate about motherhood as I do. I created Mother heart to highlight some of these women and to get a glimpse into how they feel about motherhood.

Today for Mother heart we have the lovely Kate who I was able to meet recently at the Aussie Bloggers Conference. She started blogging back in 2005 and thought that her blog was going to be mostly about digital scrapbooking but then she started writing and couldn't stop! Kate writes about gentle parenting, gardening, trying to be a little self sufficient, activities for kids and even has the odd whinge...really it is about her life and about motherhood. I love her blog design and hope you enjoy meeting her today!

About YOU: I’m Kate. I’m married and live on ten acres of weeds in ‘almost rural Victoria’. We moved to ‘The Pickle Farm’ on a whim almost 6 years ago and it was the best crazy idea we’ve ever had.

Before I had kids I was a preschool teacher. I worked for ten years in both long day care and sessional kindergarten. When I was teaching I discovered a passion for art and creating with small people, and I continue that love these days by creating with my own kids as well as dabbling in digital graphic design, digital scrapbooking and painting and other crafty pursuits.

I don’t like chocolate unless it is wrapped around cheap Turkish delight. I hate snakes. I’d really like to join a choir. I love having a good long chat with a friend. And I do my best thinking in the bath.

Your FAMILY: We have four picklebums…. Ahem… I mean children….

The Twinadoes.

Zoe and Izzy are identical twins. They were born 11 weeks prematurely due to Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome (link). Being our first born, they have tested me to my limits and taught me more than I thought possible. These days, as feisty seven year olds they roll their eyes and pronounce the world ‘totally unfair’ as often as they throw their arms out for a hug and tell me they love me, and you would never know they began life as such tiny unwell little babies.


Morgan was given the nick name ‘Muski’  by his sisters before he was born, and unfortunately the name has stuck, along with a few others! At almost four, he has declared himself ‘middle sized’ not the biggest and not the smallest. He makes me smile constantly, even as he’s whipping my kisses from his cheek.


Noah is number four, or ‘Quatro’, the smallest of the Pickles. He’s currently 11 months old and busy eating everything he shouldn’t be and spewing down my cleavage.

Mother Heart: Before I had children I had a clear plan for the kind of parent I would be. After all, I’d studied early childhood development, I’d worked with kids for years, I knew exactly what I would and wouldn’t do. Then I found myself pregnant with twins, in hospital, on bed rest knowing they would be born prematurely and anything I ever thought I knew about parenting flew out the window.

I learn something new about children, parenting  and myself every day. I am tested and inspired constantly and I’ve meet so many amazing people along the way.

Some would say that I am a ‘hippy-la-la’ kind of parent, but those who fall on the crunchier side of things would probably say I am way too main stream! I identify with a lot of the Attachment Parenting theories but these days I am learning to own my parenting choices and parent in the way that is right for me and my family, rather than in a way that fits into a prescribed box or theory.

Goals: Recently I’ve been working on setting the tone for my household.  If I can manage even difficult moments with grace and love, then the others in my house, especially my children, will have a much better chance at doing the same.

Learning to respond thoughtfully and positively, even if firmly, is not always easy, and I often fail dismally, but this is my goal. As Mother Teresa said ‘be the change you want to see in the world’…. I am being the change I want to see in my family


The Pickle Farm - don't you just want to sit and relax there...

BLOG: My blog is called Picklebums.

It’s an eclectic collection of posts that represents my eclectic life!

You’ll find posts about activities for kids, a few recipes, a bit of rambling about gardening and living sustainably, some pondering on parenting, as well as lots of stories about myself and my family, some photos, crafty things and even some printable resources.

I blog because I enjoy it. I like to write, and share ideas and I like to meet new people and discover new blogs to read. So pop on over and say hello or you might like to check out a few of my favourite posts, or subscribe to my rss feed, follow me on twitter or ‘like’ me on facebook.

I hope you get the chance to check out Kate at Picklebums and enjoy looking over her great blog posts. Thanks so much for sharing your heart with us Kate.

school holiday reading

I look forward to the school holidays to spend time with my kids and also to get some great reading in.
Every holidays I put together a collection of books to devour and enjoy.
Here is my current reading collection:

I love a variety to read and often read two or three books at the same time.

Do you ever put together a reading list???
What type of books do you normally read???

boys verses girls

I am lucky that I have both girls and boys to raise in my home.
Often there are some real stand out differences between them.
Bedrooms being one of them.

As it is the school holidays and I have all the kids home.
Just for fun today.

Tell me:
If you have girls and boys in your home:
Who is has the messiest bedroom???

Can you guess who does in our house??

P.S ~ The winner of the TRON DVD is CPhegan.
Congratulations and look out for your email from me.

warm fuzzies

Recently, I was looking for a way to teach kindness to our children. An easy way to help them remember the importance of serving each other and doing kind acts. I remembered a talk I had heard at church about having a warm fuzzy jar to get children excited and motivated about being kind to each other. It was just what our family needed and I immediately made one up for us to start using. I took a spare jar, decorated it and then filled it with soft fuzzy balls from a craft shop.
For family night I talked about how we feel when we help or serve others. That often we get a good feeling inside and we feel happy that we were able to make someone else happy. I talked about how as a family it is important that we help and serve each other and not just our friends outside of our home. We discussed how it can be much harder to be kind to our family sometimes but we can still have that good 'warm fuzzy' feeling when we are kind to each other at home too. Being kind is part of our family principles and a value that it is important to our family. 
Kindness does not have to be a large act of service, it can be small and still make a difference, even a smile is a way to be kind. I explained to the children how our warm fuzzy jar was going to work.
1. Every time you do a kind act for a family member you can take a warm fuzzy out of the jar.
2. Place the warm fuzzy in the bowl next to the jar
3. Write down in the notebook what you did to help a family member so we can share it later on.
4. The warm fuzzy jar is special and not to be played with.
Of course immediately after explaining this to my family one cheeky child says to me:
"Mum, if you did ALL the jobs for ALL of this week, YOU could fill up the warm fuzzy jar yourself."
Good try kiddo! but, this is a family activity :)
This activity worked really well in our family. It was simple and easy to oversee as a parent, it was able to be applied to all the ages of my children and it was fun to do. The older children and especially the younger children all really enjoyed being able to take a warm fuzzy out of the jar to place in the bowl. For the younger children they were able to write down their name if they had done something kind and felt like they were like the big kids because they could participate too. I found them looking and inventing ways to serve each other and to show a little more kindness than they normally would.

I printed out the template to stick on the jar from here. You could also introduce this topic by telling 'A Warm Fuzzy Tale' in your own version, found here. The original talk I heard is here.

You could also start off with an empty jar and the goal is to fill it up. You could also use lollies or other treats to motivate children, whatever works best in your family.

inspiration boards work

One of the ways I love to take time out just for ME is to make and create an inspiration board. I love to sit down with a bunch of old magazines to let my mind go crazy exploring, admiring and then cutting and constructing pictures or images that I am drawn towards.

Lately I have been drawn towards words. I have always loved words and have noticed that I have been including them in my inspiration boards more and more. They keep me focused.

For my inspiration board I use, I just picked up a cheap pin board from IKEA. I think it was $12 and I sit it by my computer where I blog and write. For this board I sat down and cut out any images that I liked. I had no theme in mind, just pretty things and wanted a collection that would make me smile.

I have been using this one for a while. It has uplifted me many times and during the week I noticed something wonderful. See below:

{Gosh! I miss Notebook magazine}
Does the above image look familiar???

I think they really do work!!
If you don't believe me go and ask Stacey, from Sunny Mummy.
Here are her instructions for making your own: HERE.

I am now creating a new inspiration board.
One that is full of goals and dreams.
More specific, more focused and more fun!

Have YOU ever made an inspiration board???
 Have YOU ever noticed it worked for you???