Tuesday, November 29, 2011

my jewellery storage for earrings

I am always on the lookout for great jewellery storage ideas that work and am finally happy with the earring jewellery storage I now have. It has taken me a while to source jewellery stands that I am happy with as I really love having my jewellery on display so I can easily see what I want to wear.

Some of you may know I have a small addiction to jewellery. Just a really, really small one....
If you follow me on Instagram you will know this to be true!

I found the first jewellery stand in Target for around $14 and the second one in Diva for $9. The one from Target is far more sturdy than the one from Diva. I have to put blue tac on the bottom of the Diva jewellery stand as it is so unstable but I love that on the other half of it you can also hang some necklaces...another small addiction that I have!

I have been working on organising my jewellery a little better and thought I would just share how I keep my earrings neat and organised. My girls have most of the other earrings I am currently not wearing and I am really happy with the collection I now have. A mix of colours and favourites.

How do you store your earrings??? 

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Pockets of Happiness Ebook

After many late nights, I am very excited to share with you my first ebook: 
Pockets of Happiness: Creating Meaningful Moments In Your Life. 

This ebook is an insight into how I have come to find more happiness in my life. I wrote this ebook to help those of you who struggle with finding time for you during your day. I get asked all the time how I manage to fit time in for myself with seven children, so I have shared a few of my secrets.

One of the reasons I started this blog was to help women and especially Mum's at home feel a little happier during their day. I know that it can be hard to find time for yourself when you are super busy chasing after the kids, keeping up with housework and running a household. I also know that as women we often put ourselves last on the priority list.

In this ebook I have shared how I find pockets of time just for me to make my day a little happier and also help my family to feel happier. It is text heavy and practical in focus. It has pages for you to fill in and ideas to help get your started on finding your own happiness.

It is not a long ebook - there are 28 pages, as I wanted to keep it short so that it can be printed and kept in a prominent place for you to refer to it often. Below is the contents page for you to have a look at:

The ebook is in a PDF format and you can download it for free below:

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Sunday, November 20, 2011

pinterest + free christmas printables

I love a free Christmas print and have been having a great time finding them on Pinterest.
Check out my collection I have found below:

Reindeer Food Tags

and the one I created yesterday if you missed it.

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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

bloggers as kleptomaniacs

Kleptomaniac - a recurrent urge to steal

{They often steal items of trivial value. People with this disorder generally steal objects of little or no significant value. Some Kleptomaniacs may not even be aware that they have committed the theft} 

The longer I am a blogger the harder I find it is to come across original with my work. The more I read other blogs, the harder I find it is to stick to my own thoughts and to my own writing. I find myself often feeling like a Kleptomaniac with the blog posts that I write. They seem to be a combination of many other blogs post that I have seen around the blogosphere. This worries me.

This is why I have currently stopped reading a long list of blogs. A big change and a difficult choice. I now only read a small handful and mix it up every week. With so many blogs and so many writers I find it is a challenge to come up with original ideas for a blog post. As blogging is growing in leaps and bounds here in Australia it can often feel like just about every topic to do with motherhood, parenting or blogging has already been covered.

Now, I know we are all unique and have own on spin to put on topics and we each have our own voice but how often do you stop and think: 'That post reminds me of what .... just wrote.'

Let's say I decide to write a blog post about blogging. If I spend some time checking out some other blogs I will find that most of my thoughts are already covered. Some recent posts I found are:

Zoey wrote a post about Batch writing
Sarah wrote 9 effective habits for real girl bloggers
Kristin wrote about Is blogging becoming Un-fun?
Kevin wrote about Finding your niche

The temptation to take a small part of their thoughts and to expand on it for my own blog post, can in reality seem very small and insignificant in the scheme of things. However, I know that people are reading, people are watching and people are noticing that we may be very similar in our thoughts.

I don't mind if someone takes my thought or idea and expand's on it and links back to me. What I do mind is a straight copy and paste and a few changes of words to make it their own post. That is wrong!

I guess I am wondering: 

Do you notice if blog posts are similar?
Where do you decide to draw the line? 
How far is too far in copying a blog post?

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

5 ways to have happy days

Everyone has days where they feel terrible. Where you wake up and know that today is going to be a hard day to get through no matter what you try to do. On days like this it hardly seems worth getting out of bed and dragging yourself through the day. But, we do and we have to, so here are my 5 tips for happy days when things are just not going right.

1. Control what you can control * Often I find I feel terrible and overwhelmed when there seems to be an abundance of things going on in my life that I cannot control. Such as appointments, the children's choices, the amount of washing I have in my home, the actions of other's and bills! If I spend my day focusing on only those situations I quickly become depressed. Instead I chose to focus on what I can control and I feel happier. I can control my attitude, what I chose to wear, when I chose to do the washing, what I am going to eat, what fun I am going to have for that day and if I want to take some time out for me. I find I end up having a happy day.

2. Change your scenery * When I am having a busy day and feel low I always fit in a way to change my scenery. I get out of the house, I go for a walk, I pop into the library, I pop into a shoe shop, I drop in to see a friend or I even just go sit out in the backyard. A change in scenery helps to expand your view of life and getting fresh air refreshes our mind and spirit. A change of view = a happy day.

3. Wear your happiness * Call me shallow or whatever you want but when I am struggling with feeling good I turn to my wardrobe and jewellery to help me have a happy day. For me it is the quickest way to uplift me and help me feel a little better about myself. If I have a busy day of appointments that I really do not feel like going to, such as the doctors, dentist etc. I often wear something that makes me feel special. I sit in the doctor's office humming away to myself looking at the super cute shoes I am wearing or loving the bracelet I have on and even sit there and say, "You know what Naomi, you am looking awesome in this dress today". Hey! If no-one else is going to tell you, then why not tell yourself!

4. Rock your day with music * One quick way to lift my spirits is through the use of music. I can be feeling absolutely depressed and having a woe is me kind of day and all I need to do to start to feel a little happier is to listen to a favourite song. I play it loud and I play a song I like, not a song the kids like, a song I like. I let myself feel the music, I dance in my kitchen, I move my body and I sing loudly. I have fun with it and before I know it I am feeling so much happier and ready to tackle whatever needs to be done. Try it, I think you will find it works!

5. Accomplish a task * I have days where I feel like I am getting nowhere, where I feel like I am making no difference and it seems as if all my efforts have been in vain. On days like this, I know I need to accomplish a task to feel like I am useful, I am of worth and I am making a difference. This may sound crazy but I find myself a simple task to accomplish and I personally making a big deal of it. It could be as simple as, I cleaned out the car, I emptied all of the bins, I straightened the bathroom towels, I replied to 5 emails, I cooked dinner before 10am, I planned my week, I wrote a blog post etc. When I have completed my task, I then congratulate myself. I stop and admire my handiwork, I remind myself I have used my time wisely and made a difference. I appreciate my own efforts and and praise myself. As I mentioned before, Hey! If no-one else is going to tell you, then why not tell yourself!

So if you are reading this and you are having one of those bad, terrible, crappy days, I hope you will try a few of my tips to add a little happiness and sunshine to your day. Rock on ladies, rock on!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

easy christmas craft ideas pinterest

We love to do Christmas craft in our home and this year I have been hunting down some new easy craft activities to have fun with. Here are some great, simple ideas I have seen on Pinterest. You can check out Christmas pinterst collection HERE.

Cute simple card idea from Paper Crafts Connection.
Ribbons and pearls. Easy!

Twig Christmas Trees from Craft Gossip

Easy Christmas Card tutorial from Amy A La Mode
A pencil and a sticker!

Free Scripture Christmas Tree printable from Betty Crocker Wannabe

Wooden Nativity from Learning to be me

Glitter Table Decorations from Martha Stewart

I will also be sharing more Christmas idea's on my facebook page HERE.
Have fun creating!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

finding religion

I have not always been a religious person, in fact I think I was raised to NOT be religious. As a young child I remember attending church a couple of times with my grandparents but that was as far as it went. In our family we did not say prayers, we did not read scriptures and we definately did not attend church on a regular basis. Being a religious person was the last thing on my mind as I was growing up.

Then something happened, something changed. I started working as a teenager in a supermarket as a checkout chick. I remember on a regular basis 2 young men, always dressed in suits, coming through my register. They never spoke to me about religion, they never invited me to learn more but they were always happy and friendly. I don't know what it was but I wanted to be like them. Positive and happy. I decided that the way for me to start being a little like them was to read the Bible.

As a teenager I remember clearly hunting down a religious book shop in my home town and purchasing a Bible. It took me a couple of times to work up the courage to enter the shop and I remember afterwards being shocked that I now owned my very own Bible! I spent a lot of my time pouring over it's pages, just reading the words but not understanding what it was really about.

This lasted for about six months, I then put my Bible away and did not see any young men in suits for a very long time. Years even. However, it was a start, my heart had been pricked and softened to allow God to enter and little did I know at the time that it was a great preparation for the choices I would make in the future.

What about you: Did you grow up in a religious home???
Is religion a part of your life???

Pantene Aqua Light Review plus the commercial where I flick my hair and TRY to look hot!

 Smile. Flick. Smile. Swish. Smile. Flick. 

A couple of weeks ago I had the wonderful opportunity to take a fun flight to Sydney to attend a blog event promoting some awesome products such as Pantene, Olay, Fairy and Ambi Pur. It was a special pampering event and I was very spoilt to have some time out by myself for the day. SMILE.

My hair was done by the lovely team at Barney Martin where they gave me 'The Pantene Treatment'. I was in heaven as I am a BIG Pantene fan and have been using it on my hair for years. I have very fine hair and I find Pantene always keeps it soft and healthy looking. It was my first time trying the NEW Pantene Aqua Light Shampoo, Conditioner and Lightweight Nourishing Treatment. FLICK.

Pantene recently developed this new range as they found that 1 in 5 women believe that Pantene is bad for their hair or weighs it down. I was shocked at this discovery as I am such a big fan of the product. The new Aqua Light range contains a formula to give hair flexibility and freedom to move. I do not know what it would be like for someone who has thick hair but it is just perfect for my straight thin hair. SMILE.
At Barney and Martin I had a delightful hair wash and massage. I totally loved the salon, pictures of clients everywhere and chandeliers hanging from the ceiling. My kind of place! Check out the shots of my before and after hair styles. SWISH.
After getting my hair all ready to swish and flick, I headed into the studio to get serious about filming and flicking my blonde locks around. Here is one thing I learned about Swishing...it is harder than it looks but totally fun! SMILE.

It took me several times to get used to flicking my hair and looking at the camera. The other problem I had was that I could not stop laughing. The only easy part was actually flicking my hair around because it was so soft from the Pantene Aqua Light products I had used. FLICK.

I was lucky enough to be sent the Pantene Aqua Light range to try out myself at home. I have to say that I really enjoyed these products as they dissolve into your hair like water. I love a hair product that is really creamy and is easy to work into a lather. I have so much trouble using dry hair products that require you to use half the bottle just to get your hair washed. Pantene Aqua Light was great to work into a lather and I really felt like my hair had been washed afterwards. I also loved the smell and found it was easy to blow dry my hair after as it was soft and healthy looking. SMILE.

Now for the totally fun part. The Pantene Aqua Light Commerical.
I have not stopped laughing since watching this.
My kids have not stopped laughing since watching this.

Totally awesome fun.
If you want to have a go and win $10,000
Click here: SWISSSH!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

pinterest + quotes = happiness

Wake up excited and get ready for your day.

Sometimes life is not as bad as we make it out to be.

Stay true to who you are.

Know you can do great things.

Go and make life happen.

Live your dreams. It is possible.

{All images from pinterest}

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Friday, November 4, 2011

helping others and sweetness in service

I believe that our greatest joy in life can be found in helping others and in serving our families. I know that love is what motivates us to care and to serve. I also know that not everyone has the ideal family situation and that some families have very difficult circumstances where showing love and kindness is a real challenge. Having said that I really believe that if you work hard, practise kindness and forgiveness, then you can have great peace and happiness within your own family and home.

Most of this joy for me has come through service. By putting the needs of my husband and cherubs first in many situations I have had my heart filled in ways I did not expect as I served and cared for them. Ask any mother who has had a sick child and has stayed up late at night to care and watch over them, they will tell you it is exhausting but rewarding at the same time. It is a heartfelt work serving out families.

By doing little things for my family, by going out of my way to help them, by making them feel loved and important I have found that I am the one who is rewarded the most. By serving them I have felt a sweetness come into my life. A love that has embedded itself deep within my heart from doing basic acts for them.

Cooking meals, making beds, washing clothes are all acts of love and service that have helped me think of how much I love them. I do have days just like everyone else where being a stay at home mum gets depressing, boring and exhausting and I want to escape, break free from it all and change my routine and  schedule. Generally though, I know that being a mother and staying at home is a great work, that my role has value and worth.

Having many children allows me to serve in many different ways. Each child has their own needs, challenges, feelings and dreams. At times I feel I am stretched to my limit, that I can't keep up but I also know that it is stretching me, teaching me and giving me more skills and talents as a woman and a mother.

When I reflect back on the lessons I have learned my heart is softened and a happiness shines there. I know I could not have learned those lessons in any other way. For that I am truly thankful. My heart is full.

What have you found in your journey? 
Does serving and helping others bring you happiness?

P.S * I am blogger of the week over at Time out for Women and I am writing about: 
Take Me As I Am. Pop on over and check it out!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

a deliberate mother

I love meeting with other women and talking about motherhood. I love listening, learning and chatting about how we can embrace this role we have to cherish our children as they grow and develop throughout this life. I love talking about motherhood because it helps me to be more deliberate in my mothering.

I am very excited to have the opportunity to be involved with 2 conferences next year in March, specifically about motherhood. 1 conference will be held on the Gold Coast and 1 will be held in Sydney. The lovely ladies from The Power of Moms will be coming out to Australia to put these conferences on for us. 

The 2 conferences will focus on deliberate mothering, meaning we will discuss key principles of happy, strong, deliberate mothers by having in-depth small-group discussions. We will also spend the afternoon sharing and hearing tried-and-true ideas on how to apply the principles we have learned.

Some of the discussion topics will include teaching children to work and to understand money, discipline methods, finding more joy in motherhood, prioritizing in a world of so many choices (extracurriculuar activities for mums and kids), creating great family traditions and building strong parenting partnerships with our husbands. Many that have attended previous conferences have said that these small-group discussions are their favorite parts of the event.

Registrations are now open and tickets are selling! We only have 75 seats available for each conference and I know they are going to sell out fast! We wanted to keep the numbers small to make it more personal and so you can the most out of the speakers training us. 

There are different packages available to cater to your price range and needs. As it is hard to come up with the money now for attending a conference in March we have introduced a $50 non-refundable deposit to hold your place at these early-bird prices. (If you plan to attend but need a little time to gather your funding, you can pay $50 now and pay the remainder of what you owe by January 10th. When you complete your payment, you may choose whether to attend one or both days and may add in the Friday night dinner using the prices listed above minus your $50 downpayment.)

I hope you can join us and I am so looking forward to seeing you there.
I will be attending both events so I can meet all of you attending.

Get in quick ladies!

The link for the Gold Coast event is HERE (March 9-10th)

The link for the Sydney event is HERE (March 16-17th)

***As a side note - I have received some emails asking if the 2 conferences are going to only be for those women who are members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (Mormons) and not for women of other faiths or even of no religious background. The 2 conferences are open to all women from all backgrounds and there will not be a Mormon religious theme throughout the conference. The focus will be on being a mother not religion. So hope you can join me x