King Family Donations

I woke up this morning to discover that one of my blog friends, Lisa King (pictured above) had lost her husband, Aaron during the night. I was shocked and burst into tears immediately. You see, Lisa is one incredible woman and in the past several months has been through so much already that it was just heartbreaking to hear about.

In October late last year she lost her son, Noah. (You can read about Noah and his journey on her blog HERE.) After many years of battling with his health he passed away at 10 years of age. It was a great loss to the family. Over the past couple of months the family together has been trying to move on, to live without Noah and to adjust to the changes in family life and to heal their hearts. 

To now have the loss of her husband. I am speechless and at a real loss for words to even start to describe how she must feel. Lisa wrote a post about her sweet Aaron on her blog and here are Lisa's words: 

"I know that they say that you aren't given anymore than you can handle, but right now I think I'm at my limit. After losing Noah less than four months ago and now losing my best friend, soul mate and love of my life I'm so grateful for my three boys who I love so much, who give me strength to keep going and look ahead to the day when we will be together with Noah and Aaron again. All I can think of is them hugging and talking and running and even side stepping together. Oh how wonderful their reunion must've been. I love you Aaron and I wish you were here just for one more day, to let you know just how much."

After sharing her heartache on my facebook page several people have contacted me offering to donate to help the King family. As a blogger I have seen incredible love and kindness shown towards those who are in need and who are suffering great loss and heart ache. After pondering this I have decided to set up a separate bank account for the King Family and would appreciate any donation that you can contribute to them at this time.

I know the journey Lisa and her three boys have ahead of her is not going to be easy and that what we will be able to raise will be a small comfort to them, but I am hoping that it may ease the burden in some small way to bring some additional happiness to them in this time of heartache and trial.

What I would love to do is to help raise funds for them to get through the next month. To help pay for groceries and expenses to ease the burden Lisa will face of providing for her family as a single mum. Having only recently finished paying for Noah's funeral, I would love to help raise enough funds to pay for a headstone for Noah, (he currently does not have one) and to cover the cost of having to pay for her husband Aaron's funeral. These expenses will be a big burden on Lisa when she is dealing with the shock and loss of her wonderful family members.

I know that if we all can contribute we can make this possible. 
Even if you can contribute $5 it will make a big difference for Lisa and her family.

If you are able to contribute in any way possible the bank account details are:

Naomi Ellis
Suncorp Bank
BSB: 484799
Account Number: 204 067 630

If you would prefer to send something in the mail a PO Box has been set up to receive donations:

PO BOX 759 
 Launceston, TASMANIA, 7250 

Some people have requested using Paypal as an option.
I have tried setting up a donations tab but as I am not a registered charity I am unable to.

I have instead set up a fundraising page for donations that will pay directly into the bank account set up.
This way I can avoid paypal and the crazy fees.

You can donate HERE:

Thank you so much in advance for your kindness and generosity.