Wednesday, February 1, 2012

a fundraising miracle

I believe in miracles.
I also believe in the power of social media and blogging.

I am delighted by the fundraising miracle that has taken place.
Since Saturday morning we have raised over $20,000 for Lisa and her family.


Is has left me speechless many times over the past few days.

You have helped to make a huge difference with this miracle.
I know this will not take away the pain or sorrow.

It will help to ease a few burdens and a little pressure.
Bless you my blog friends and my new friends.

My heart is so touched and tender from your kindness.
Thank you for making this miracle possible.

Thank you:
 for helping to spread the word
for your kind donations
for your sacrifices
for your uplifting messages
for your support
for  your love
for your hearts
for your prayers
for your tears
for your influence
for your belief 
for making this happen.

I am thankful to be able to play a small role in making this happen.

BUT, I know that the real reason this happened was because of how wonderful
Lisa and Aaron are, not me. 


If you are still interested in donating you can read about the 3 ways to donate HERE.


  1. Big love to you Naomi for putting this together. Love it how the Blogging community gather together to help a woman in need, and also the power to bring this cause to their readers. xx

    1. I am so thankful for the support, it has made a huge difference.

  2. Whata wonderful thing that you're doing. I'm so proud to be part of a blogging community that is so generous and inspiring.

    1. It is extremely generous and inspiring Jacki! xx

  3. A miracle indeed, and it just started from the kind thoughts of one person, you Naomi. What a wonderful blessing and gift to be able to give to Lisa and her boys. Well done blogging community for pitching in too!


    1. It is a small gift that I hope will ease the burden a little. Thanks Lisha x

  4. Wow. I'm sad that it was needed in the first place, but happy that it will help.

  5. Every time I think of Lisa and her boys I just want to cry. Every time I think about how your wonderful community has gotten behind Lisa, Naomi, I just get a tingle ... and then I want to cry again.

    You are such a special lady who has built a beautiful community and demonstrated the power of blogging to the whole world

    1. I have been the same. Teary and then happy and then teary. So amazed by the kindness.

  6. Go the power of social media!! That total is incredible. I hope you make it to $30,000 and beyond!

  7. You are amazing Naomi! It goes to show that the blogging community and beyond always rally around friends in need! I'm so proud to have you as a friend and think what you have been able to achieve for Lisa and her family is amazing! xx

  8. So pleased to hear how much of a success this has been. You must be proud of what you have achieved on behalf of your wonderful friend. I hope the family are doing ok. Thinking of them all.

  9. What an amazing person you are!!!

  10. Thanks heavens for your gorgeous spirit, Naomi - you harnessed all this love, my friend. It's yet another reminder of why you're such an inspiration to me. J x


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