Power of Moms Gold Coast Conference Giveaway

April and Saren, Power of Moms Founders

As you know I am a little excited that the wonderful ladies from the Power of Moms are coming here to Australia, to put on the first ever Aussie Power of Moms Conference focused on mothering. Woo hoo!

I am so excited that I am attending the event in Sydney and the event here on the Gold Coast in March. I personally love meeting with other women and talking about motherhood. I love listening, learning and chatting about how we can embrace this role we have to cherish our children as they grow and develop throughout this life. I love talking about motherhood because it helps me to be more deliberate in my own mothering.

The two conferences will focus on deliberate mothering, meaning we will discuss key principles of happy, strong, deliberate mothers by having in-depth small-group discussions. We will also spend the afternoon sharing and hearing tried-and-true ideas on how to apply the principles we have learned.

Some of the discussion topics will include teaching children to work and to understand money, discipline methods, finding more joy in motherhood, prioritizing in a world of so many choices (extracurriculuar activities for mums and kids), creating great family traditions and building strong parenting partnerships with our husbands. 

Many that have attended previous conferences have said that these small-group discussions are their favorite parts of the event. I cannot wait to have a weekend devoted to learning how to be a better mother and wife. The time out away from the housework is going to be nice as well!

The Gold Coast conference is on Friday March 9th to Saturday March 10th. It is being held at the Gordon's home in Bahrs Scrub (near Beenleigh) and the Friday runs from 1:00pm - 6:00pm. At the close of the Friday Night there will also be the option of attending a dinner together. On the Saturday it is a full day running from 9:00am - 5:00pm, with wonderful conference discussions and activities. You can view the outline on the Power of Moms website HERE.

Today I am delighted to offer a Seven Cherubs reader the opportunity to attend the Gold Coast Power of Moms Conference. Available to win is a pass for a free day, either the Friday or the Saturday of the conference. Your choice! There is also the option to purchase the other day if you want to attend that day as well. I hope you do as I would love to see you there. You can enter below:
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If you are interested in attending the Sydney Power of Moms Conference, Corrie over at Retromummy is giving away a free pass to attend that one as well. You can enter HERE.

Hope to see you there. Only about 4 weeks to go! Woo hoo!

P.S: I stole all the images from the Power of Moms site.