the things children say

If you have children you know that they can say the funniest things.
Some of our funniest conversations happen around our dinner table.

Here is one of my favourites:

So we are all sitting at the dinner table eating our meal when out of nowhere one of my cherubs says,
"Mum, you bought me at the shops, didn't you?"

I turn to look at this child surprised because surely we have talked about this topic before. I reply,
"No, I did not buy you at the shops. If only it was that easy!"

My cherub then says,
"Well, where did you get me from then?"

All eyes are then on me. The older cherubs smile to themselves, the younger cherubs look to me for answers and Matt keeps eating his dinner.

I am thinking, we are at the dinner table, let's make this brief and I will have a better chat to him later. 
I reply, "You grew in my tummy and when you were big enough you came out"

Everyone continue's eating and I look over to see my questioning cherub deep in thought.
My cherub then asks me, "Did you buy anyone else at the shops?"

I reply, "No, I did not buy anyone at the shops. Every one of you grew in my tummy. 
I even had two of you growing in my tummy at the same time."

My cherub looks at me and says, "Is there another baby growing in your tummy?"

I reply, "No, there are no more babies growing in my tummy. I have finished growing babies in my tummy."

My cherub then looks at me. Frowns, and then asks me,
"Well, who is in your boobs then?

Ummm...Yeah! What the?!?
Hahahaha! The things children say.

Let's move on to the next dinner time topic shall we!