10 Steps to More Happiness

Guest post by Kalani:

I love the topic of happiness.  The toughest thing I have learned about happiness is that you have to seek it – but the best thing I have learned is that it can be found in every day. I thought I would share with you 10 ideas that help me focus and find happiness. I want so much to have it and I want so much for you to have it too. The great thing is that it is here and accessible to us all.

1. Start your day in an inspiring way. I like to read a scripture, a page from an inspiring day book and review a wise quote each morning. This helps me to start my day on a bright and positive note and to try to maintain that perspective all day.

2. Accept that life and people are not perfect. When we remember and accept that life and relationships can be a bumpy road we can accept the bumps a little easier. Knowing that this is how it is for everyone else also seems to make it all more okay. It is okay. There is always something in every day to love and appreciate. Some days are and will be better than others.

3. Make a list of things that make you happy and then make time to do them. If you have ten minutes or two hours, you can fill in life’s little spare moments with joy. On my list are reading a book, calling a friend, working on an art project, watching an inspiring TV show, baking, or buying a few flowers and putting them around my home.

4. Plan things to look forward to. When I know I have something fun on the calendar, it keeps me cheerfully going. Plan little things, plan big things, they all help. Often we have to work these into our busy days, but in the end we realize nothing was lost by changing the schedule a bit. If anything we are more effective at the everyday tasks when we’ve taken some time away to recharge our batteries and feed our souls.

5. Spend time with friends. One of the great joys of my life is meeting a friend regularly for a good chat. It is invigorating to hear about her adventures, challenges and dreams. She always teaches me something new that inspires and guides me forward. Spending time with friends also reminds me that life isn’t perfect for any of us. When I see them tackling their challenges and dealing with life’s imperfections, I know I can do it too.

6. Make happy changes. Sometimes in life, without realizing it we numbly put up with things that make us sincerely unhappy not realizing that we can and should change them. If you find happiness destroyers in your life, whether they be people, places or things, make little changes and if necessary make BIG changes.

7. Serve others. There is nothing that makes a person feel better about the world or their own life than performing service for another. This can be little things like smiling and holding a door open for someone or big things like helping a friend pack up their home and move. There is a high that comes from showing simple care for others – and the best part is that both giver and receiver are awarded that joy.

8. Keep a journal. Every day write down what made you happy that day. You will be surprised how this colors your view of your life. Being grateful for all you have in life increases joy and happiness exponentially.

9. Smile. Putting a smile on your face makes chemical changes in your level of happiness. It affects how everyone reacts to you and creates positive energy in your world and theirs.

10. Live in the present & treasure simple moments. On some of our worst days we have stopped and walked on the beach. The breeze, the sun, the sand and water help us to calm down and just be – be there, love each other and drink in the good energy. Little moments – hugs, smiles, kind words, walks, sunshine – treasure them and you’re heart will feel joy and remember it.

Sending you warmest wishes for happiness in your every day.

After a career in corporate marketing and PR, Kalani Cropper, a trained journalist, has returned to her first true love, writing. She is also having a mad affair with her second true love, creativity and is so happy to mix the two on her blog, kalanicut.  Since college, she has designed and sold cards, toiletries bags, handbags, skirts, jewelry and other accessories. She also often dabbles in event planning and home organization. She gives thanks daily for a loving, hilarious and wise extended family, The Man and The Little Bug – who all fill her life with great laughter, learning, fulfillment and joy.