Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A day at Australia Zoo

As a family we love packing up our bus and heading off on an adventure together. We especially love a trip to the Zoo and were delighted to get an invitation as a family to attend Australia Zoo to help celebrate the release of Lion King 2 & 3 on DVD and Blu-Ray. 
We have been to Australia Zoo before as a family but snapped up this chance as we knew they would have a day of fun planned for us and how could we pass up an opportunity to see the Irwin Family in a Croc show!
Australia Zoo clean, well set out and a lovely place to visit and walk around. Sure Croc's are not the most exciting creatures to look at as they do not move much but there are a lot of other animals there and the Zoo really is a top place to visit.
Our visit to Australia Zoo happened to come right at the end of our holiday and we were all exhausted but excited to have one last day of family fun together.
My cherubs started out by having their faces painted to get into the Lion King theme. All of mine decided to get the same! 
Crikey! What a bunch of cherubs and bloggers!! We all gathered together for a photo shoot and then headed off to watch a Lion King movie in the Crocoseum.
We all piled into the Crocoseum for a private viewing to watch Lion King 2 complete with popcorn and drinks.
The kids all loved it and so did the parents!
We were then all ushered into the special VIP Seating area in the Crocoseum to watch the Croc Show with the Irwin Family. Last time I came Russel Crow was sitting in these seats so we were all feeling pretty special with the lovely treatment we received.
The show started with a big puff of smoke and then out came who my cherubs were dying to see!
The Irwin family. It was lovely to receive a special greeting from them and to hear Terri Irwin talking about how awesome mummy bloggers are and the great influence and power we have as a voice. We even were shown on the big screen to a packed out Crocoseum and my older kids were a little shocked by the special attention.
We were delighted to see Bindi feeding a massive croc. Pretty cool shot hey!
After watching the show we headed off to a private elephant feeding experience.
Hello! Totally spoilt!
My cherubs all jumped in and had a turn feeding the elephants. Seriously, how often do you get the chance to do that! 
It was wonderful to be so close to such magnificent creatures.
After the elephant feeding we were free to go off and explore the rest of the Zoo. I loved this large picture of Bindi and would love to have such a massive picture of my cherubs in my home.
We stopped to check out the new Africa section of Australia Zoo and well, I just couldn'tt show you pictures of what that is like as that would spoil it for you when you go visit :)

We had such a lovely day thanks to Disney Australia and Australia Zoo. I have a giveaway planned to go with this post but will add it separate as this is quite a long post!


  1. We loved Australia Zoo when we visited! I think thebAfrica enclosure was my favourite!

  2. Looks amazing!!! Lucky ducks!!!

  3. We received the same invitation but we were on the road heading north :(
    Our family so loves Australia Zoo...its amazing how much work they have done! Love the Irwin Family.
    Looks like your cherubs enjoyed the VIP day :)

  4. We just love your family, Naomi! And we'll have to put Australia Zoo on our list for the next visit :)

  5. Wow I would love to go here. What fun you had with your family.

  6. I would love to take my kids to Australia Zoo, might be a few years away though. Looks like you had an awesome time.

  7. The kids faces look awesome all painted up ...... sounds like you had a truly fabulous time. My kids went to Australia zoo a few years ago, and I never went, I'm sorry that I missed going, because I haven't had a chance to go back since. I never knew much about The Irwin Family then.

  8. It was an amazing day and it was fantastic to see you again Naomi and meet your cherubs. Your giveaway is awesome!!


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