entrance way of my home

Home tour: entrance way of my home

I get a lot of emails from readers asking how I keep my home organised. So I thought I would start a little home tour and begin with the entrance way of our home. I like to keep my home organised and my decorating simple. As we have a lot of people in our home I like to buy furniture that has some type of storage associated with it. We need all the storage we can get as a large family.

I also like my home to reflect what we believe as a family. As soon as you step inside our door you can see what our focus is. The flowers, although very dead, make me smile when I see them. Memories. 

I picked up this sign on ebay and adore it. It reminds me to work hard in my mothering role. The windows I love as I enjoy flowers and I love when the sun shines through and casts a coloured flower shadow in my entrance way.

In our home the children take off any shoes that they are wearing and put them in the shoe basket as soon as they walk in the door. They then grab them from the shoe basket when they are heading out the door as well. Wearing no shoes on in our home has stopped a lot of dirt and mud being trampled all over our carpets and therefore less cleaning for me. I have found keeping them in a basket is much easier and more pleasant looking than a shoe rack as my children never take the time to put them on a shoe rack properly.

The wall in our entrance way I wanted to keep simple but also reflect a family focus. The heart shape is a collection of Instagram images that I printed out and arranged into a heart shape. I wrote about it here: http://www.sevencherubs.com/2011/10/how-to-make-instagram-heart-wall.html I also wanted a storage unit and it had to be something that my children could sit on to put on shoes if they needed to. This unit works well to fill both roles. 

I found this storage unit at Target and it has been great to help keep us organised. The baskets in the bottom row I use to store hats. The first basket on the left if for school hats, the second for girls casual hats and the third for boys casual hats. Keeping hats at the front door in one place means we are less likely to forget them when we go out to the playground or on another adventure. 

In the top row of baskets starting from the left I keep candles to be prepared for a black out. I have a variety of different choices as we have a lot of storms here in Brisbane and you never know when you are going to lose power to your home. In the second basket I keep aprons for cooking. It might sound like a weird place to keep them but I simply do not have any room in my kitchen and this way they are all kept together. Most of them are aprons I have been given for doing blog work. In the third basket I keep the green style shopping bags. I placed them here to remind me to take them with me shopping. Of course I forget more times that I remember!

At the end of my entrance way I have a corner that I have simply decorated with items that I love.

I found the table at Ikea and I actually think it is supposed to be a bedside table but it fits perfectly in our entrance way. I like a white, fresh look when I walk into my home and keep it simple so I can fit keys or any other items I need to remember when I am walking out the door on the table.

I love this flower arrangement as Matt gave it to me for a wedding anniversary. It has the right flower and metal combination to represent all of the years we were married at that time. I love that he went out of his way to find this combination to give me as a gift. 

Above the table I have a large mirror. I picked it up in Ikea as well. I have it in the entrance way for those last minute mirror checks before you walk out the door. As the mother of four daughters I thought it might get some serious use!