Sunday, April 15, 2012

Girls Talk Pack Giveaway

I love a good chat session or deep and meaningful talk with my girls and am thankful that we get to have these on a regular basis. Often these moments come when I least expect it and I have found that taking the time to respond to questions that my cherubs might have has been very rewarding for my relationship with my daughters.

As my daughters are getting older the questions and conversations we are having have become more meaningful and way more fun. We now talk and laugh and giggle over a variety of topics and I love it when they share the feelings of their heart. These to me are sacred moments that I treasure and make my heart burst!

Recently, we received a Girl Talk Pack from Cath over at Leaf. Paper for Life which contained a Girl Talk Journal and Story Starter Cards. The journal is bright and fun. It contains pages dedicated to recording favourite things, memories, drawings and dreams. Our favourite item though would have to be the Story Starter Cards. We have had a wonderful time connecting with each other as we have used the Story Starter cards to have conversations together as a family. These cards are great to break the ice with strangers, to get to know your acquaintances better or to deepen your relationships with friends and family. You can even use them to help encourage your cherubs to write in a journal.

In the story starter card pack there are 2 different types of cards. One has a story starter line and the other is a theme. My cherubs have been having a great time playing with these cards and it has been wonderful to listen to the true stories and made up stories shared as they play with the pack. I was very interested to hear the answer to the above card combination that came up when my oldest daughter turned these cards over. I was all ears as she giggled her way through the story and conversation we had.

Cath has a range of Journals, Story Starter Cards and Stationery all targeted towards helping cherubs express themselves and to record their hopes and dreams. She has generously donated a Girl Talk Story Starter Pack to giveaway here at Seven Cherubs to a lucky reader.

The pack includes:

* Girl Talk OR Kids Stuff Story Starter Journal $21.95 
* Girl Talk or Kids Stuff Story Starter Conversation Cards $19.95 
* Add a Greeting Cards pack $22.95 
* Notebook Duos $14.95 

Valued at $79.80

To enter the giveaway please use rafflecopter below:
a Rafflecopter giveaway
Good luck everyone xx


  1. Neat giveaway - fingers are crossed!
    Happy weekend!

  2. Oh, what a gorgeous review, Naomi. Am intrigued at what your eldest's answer to the above cards would be! Hehe!

  3. Great Giveaway - would love to enter but I have five boys!! And no girls to share it with :)
    Love the idea of the game!

  4. awesome giveaway - something all girls will love :)

  5. A great way to keep communication going and dialogue flowing!

  6. Be nice To have an answer than what did you do today..nothing, not much!

  7. Leaf has great story starters for boys too! They are great for helping growing boys learn how to communicate with one another and with girls! Imagine that, a generation of men that know how to communicate ;)

    You can buy them in Hawthorn at Kids Style Hub or online here:

  8. Awesome! I find it hard with my girls. My boys are too easy. This would be great :)

  9. What a wonderful pack. Me and my daughter would love that. Such a positive way to get the conversation flowing and to have some special 'girly' time - just what a mummy and daughter needs.

  10. I would love to win this really neat convo starter!! My step daughter has a hard time talking to me, so this would be fantastic!!

  11. Moo would totally love this and I would too... talking about new things and more in depth wold be great!! I don't want to loose it once she hits high school... AWWWW...

    xo Steph

  12. I so wish I had this wonderful pack when I was a child - how exciting for my daughter to be able to experience this beautiful idea! Lots of Gratidue x

  13. Great comp and nice prize!!


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