Happy Days in May (Project)

Happy Days In May Project

"One of the best ways to make yourself happy is to make other people happy. 
One of the best ways to make other people happy is to be happy yourself." 
{Gretchin Rubin}


Last year in May on my blog I ran a happiness project. Inspired by the book from Gretchin Rubin {The Happiness Project}, I encouraged other women and bloggers to record one sentence a day about what was making them happy during that day for one whole month. There were over 100 bloggers who signed up to participate and many more who participated at home. At the end of the month as bloggers we all published our months worth of sentences to share with each other. I loved reading through what made other's happy during the month. There were so many similarities but also so much uniqueness. It was simply inspiring.


This year I still want to run a happiness project with the same theme but have decided to call it: Happy Days in May. As a busy mother I struggle to find time to write in my journal {too much time blogging maybe!}and I love having a project to help me focus on being more aware of what makes me happy. I also love to help others focus on happiness as well. 

I love that this project involves only one sentence a day and a short time for me to reflect each night on what has stood out as a great moment during my busy day. This idea and project is manageable. It is simple and a way for me to put pen to paper quickly each day. It also allows me to be more grateful, to count my blessings and to be aware of my family and surroundings. I need that reminder right now. 

What you need

To take part in the project you need a place to record your thoughts and a regular time each day to write them down. Find yourself a special notebook, use your current journal, use an app on your phone, use your blog and get yourself ready to start on May 1st. Determine a time each day, preferably at night, where you can take a moment to ponder and to reflect over what moment has helped you feel happy during the day and then write it down. 


An example of how simple and wonderful this project is:

12th April
Liberty helped me put away three baskets of washing today and I was touched to be included in a lovely blog post about friends and I felt brave enough to decline a blog promotional event.

13th April
My boots arrived in the mail, loved making some new blog friends, Matt gave me a lovely chocolate surprise and I was able to see Harmony perform a play at school.

14th April
Went to the Anzac Day parade at school to see two of my girls sing and it was beautiful, touching and heartwarming to see them using their talents and skills to uplift others.

Join Me

I would love for you to join me in finding more Happy Days in May and would love you to tell me you are taking part. If you have a blog and are joining in, link up below. If you are not going to blog your experience but are still joining in let me know in the comments section below. I would love to make May a month where we all encourage each other to find a little more happiness and appreciate how awesome life really is. Let's get Happy!