Simply Beautiful Jewels: LOVEnCHERISH personalised necklace

Recently, I wrote a blog post about personalised necklaces.
To my absolute shock I received an email from Kath at LOVEnCHERISH.

Kath told me she wanted to make me a personalised necklace.
{I may have freaked out and fallen off my chair at that precise moment!}

I screamed and replied, 'No...Way!'
Kath laughed and replied, 'Yes...Way!'

Kath is one incredible, generous lady.
She also donated a necklace to help raise money for Lisa.

Have a look at my gorgeous personalised necklace below!
It has all of my seven cherubs on it!

I cried when I received it in the mail.
It is a treasure to me and I can now wear them close to my heart.

I am in simply beautiful jewel heaven!
Thank you so much Kath.

Simply priceless.

Feel free to check out Kath's awesome work on facebook HERE
Any of her items would make a wonderful Mother's Day Gift.