Sunday, April 29, 2012

Simply Beautiful Jewels: LOVEnCHERISH personalised necklace

Recently, I wrote a blog post about personalised necklaces.
To my absolute shock I received an email from Kath at LOVEnCHERISH.

Kath told me she wanted to make me a personalised necklace.
{I may have freaked out and fallen off my chair at that precise moment!}

I screamed and replied, 'No...Way!'
Kath laughed and replied, 'Yes...Way!'

Kath is one incredible, generous lady.
She also donated a necklace to help raise money for Lisa.

Have a look at my gorgeous personalised necklace below!
It has all of my seven cherubs on it!

I cried when I received it in the mail.
It is a treasure to me and I can now wear them close to my heart.

I am in simply beautiful jewel heaven!
Thank you so much Kath.

Simply priceless.

Feel free to check out Kath's awesome work on facebook HERE
Any of her items would make a wonderful Mother's Day Gift.


  1. So beautiful Naomi like the beauitful person you are.You deserve to be given to as you give so much of yourself xx

  2. It's so beautiful. Kath is such a lovely generous person.

  3. Oh my goodness, how perfect is this for you?! Cherubs and bling in one :)

  4. Love the necklace, what a wonderful gift!

  5. How lucky you are! It is beautiful! I've always wanted a necklace like that, but it seems like all the personalized ones have 1-4 children's names on them. Now I know where I can get one with all 6 of my kiddos on it.

  6. Love these necklaces. Wish I had seen them sooner.

  7. These family tree pendants are beautiful and a great keepsake. I'm certain my wife would love the silver one.

  8. Kelly ArndtOctober 11, 2012

    I love the 'Angel Wings', a beautiful, lasting tribute to our 'Little Angels'. Thanks for the lovely giveaway on FB.

  9. Beautiful keepsakes...timeless pieces that mean so much xxx

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