YOU are the mother expert

I have read a lot of parenting books in my time to help me become a better mother. In fact I have a large library full of them. I have been uplifted and motivated by many of them and also frustrated and discouraged by a small group of them.

One thing that I have discovered from all this reading of parenting books is this:
YOU ARE THE EXPERT when it comes to raising your child/children.

It does not matter what people say, what books you read, what the experts tell you, YOU are the best mother for your children. You are the one who loves and cares for them the most, who knows instincivly what they need and what you are able to give them.

So often I have read about child raising techniques and loved the idea and plan but knew deep down in my heart that it just was not right for my children. It might have been great for another family but I knew it just was not right for me.

It takes confidence to be able to take a stand and go against what a popular author or professional might be saying, even to go against what your friends may be doing.

As a younger mother I spent a lot of my time comparing myself to others and to even some of our friends. This was a total waste of time as our family situations are different, our personalities are different and my children are different.

What is going to work with a family of a couple of children, I know will not work for ours. I just do not have the same amount of time to devote large amounts of one on one experiences and have to be smarter with how I build a relationship with my children.

One of my roles as a mother is to follow my instincts. To be confident enough to trust in myself and to believe and know that I KNOW what is best for us. I am a work in progress in this area but I am enjoying the challenge.

Just like the image above of me with my daughters with painted toenails, we are not a family who simply paints our toes pink and all follow the same thinking. We are each unique members of our family, we each have our own likes and loves and I encourage my daughters to make their own decisions and to chose what they want (and colours!) from life.