How to make a family rules chart

How to make a family rules chart

I don't get crafty very often but when I do I really like to go all out and try to make something that will last a long time in our home. I have always wanted to have in our home a family rules chart...or family principles chart as we call it. I have seen some really awesome charts on other blogs and decided to try to create one that would fit with our family and what we believe.

Here is how I created our family principles/rules chart:

1. I talked with the family about creating a personalised chart for our home. We decided to call our chart the 'family principles' chart because we believe in teaching our kids correct principles and letting them govern themselves. We all talked about what we wanted to have on our chart and what would have the most meaning to us. The principles needed to be simple and easy to understand as we still have many young members of our family.

2. We wrote out a list of what the principles would be and then talked about what they mean to us. We made sure that each family member was happy with the principles and then felt ready to start creating.

3. I just happened to have a spare board/canvas that I knew I could recycle and thought it would be a perfect fit for the chart. It was simply a hard board backing to a poster that was hanging in one of my kids rooms. I wiped it down and headed off to the craft stores to get some supplies. You could use any size canvas or board that you like to make the family rules chart.

4. To decorate the chart I used:
craft paper/scrapbook paper
stick on letters
stick on flowers
stick on sequins

5. The first part of decorating was with the craft paper. We selected what colour we wanted to use and then ripped/tore the paper according to what width we wanted it to be on the chart. We did not worry about measuring it exactly, we just had fun and tore the paper until we had enough to stick together to cover the width of the board. We then glued the paper to the board and started the process again with the next colour we selected. We did try to stick to colours we knew would match together and would match the decor of our home. Remember to have enough rows of paper to match the number of rules you want to have in your list for your home.

6. After sticking down the paper we then picked out ribbon that we felt would make the chart look bright and fun. We cut the ribbon to length across the width of the board and glued it over the top of the connecting paper lines. We chose some colours that would be contrasting so that they would stand out when the board was hung up on the wall.

7. When the paper and ribbon was dry we then picked out what order of words we wanted to have on our chart. We selected what colour stick on letters we wanted to use and simply stuck them on to the paper in the rows. You could use a font that you like on your computer and print out the letters on paper and then cut them out and stick them on but we went for the easy (but more expensive) option.

8. When the words were all stuck on we added a few extra flower/diamond/sequins to add a little more of fun look to the chart. You can play around and add as much as you want to decorate it or simply leave it plain. 

9. When all of the above is completed your family rules chart is ready to hang and admire. For our chart I picked up this second hand frame for around $40 and it fit wonderfully.

I created this chart with my daughters and we had a great time making it. The chart hangs in our lounge room and we receive so many comments from visitors about how lovely they think it is. I love referring to it as a mother and reminding our family that we are trying our best to live good principles in our home.