sugar addict and eating sugar free

Much to my shock and horror recently, I discovered I am a sugar addict.

Well, I knew I loved my sweets but it was not until recently that I was able to see just how much I was letting it control my life. I had been struggling every day for the last 6 months with trying to eat healthy meals. I would eat healthy food all during the day and then when it came to night time I would eat something sweet and mess up all of my healthy eating. 

The problem was that this was not happening every so often, it was happening to me every single day. I couldn't control my craving for sugar. My body wanted some type of sugar hit every single day. It would happen before I even knew it happened! I would find myself shocked...What I just ate 5 biscuits! How did that happen! Then I would feel terrible, go run on the treadmill and exhaust myself, go to bed and start the same cycle all over again the next day!

Then one day I could not stand it anymore. After spending 2 days of total healthy eating I was horrified to find myself eating a whole packet of these horrible sugar treats {see below}. Clearly I needed help! So I took a picture of them and shared it on Instagram. This was my caption that went along with it: 

What is it with these! 
I simply can't say NO and then I feel sick every time I eat one. 
Let's change that sentence: What is it with ME!!!

Lucky for me my friend Holly immediately replied: 
Sugar addiction love. Can I send you a book to read?

Here is the book she sent me:

Now, normally when I read a book, I read it very fast. This book, I read very slowly. I took my time, I soaked in the knowledge and found myself searching for the right pearls of wisdom that I personally needed to make a change for the better. I found myself nodding along, seeing clearly why I was struggling and also disappointed with the assurance that I was addicted to sugar. 

I immediately started cutting sugar out of my diet and life. I cleaned out cupboards, I made announcements to my family and committed myself to eat sugar free. Surprisingly, the first week was relatively easy. I found that having knowledge behind me of why it is better not to eat sugar made it so much easier to stick to my sugar free plan. I felt a little more tired but so much better for the decision I made. 

For some reason, day 9 was my hardest day. I struggled through the whole day. I tried to keep myself busy but my body really, really wanted sugar. To deal with it, I made myself a fruit smoothie, with simply berries and milk and went to bed early as I was in one grumpy mood!

During the weeks I felt more in control of my eating. I felt healthier, I looked healthier and I was not finding myself disappointed with my eating habits. Now I am up to week six of eating sugar free. I have to add that sugar free for me means I still eat fruit. I did not go that crazy and chop out all food that naturally contained any type of sugar. 

Along my sugar free journey I did have one day where I tried eating a chocolate chip biscuit to see if there was any difference. To my surprise I found it tasted bland, I did not enjoy it and I really did not miss eating it. Amazing! Now I find I get full quicker, I am in more control and I feel so much happier with no sugar in my life. I have lost over 5kg since starting it and the weight has been slowly, naturally coming off. An added bonus for trying to live a healthier life.

I highly recommend reading this book. Some parts are hard to get through where David is explaining the medical/technical reasons behind why sugar is bad for you but other than that is was a great read. I am so thankful that Holly sent it to me as it has made a huge difference in my life.

Have you ever tried going sugar free?
Is sugar controlling your life?