food storage to bless the lives of others

I know many people who have read my blog posts lately about why I have food storage and how to create a food storage supply are still really struggling to grasp the concept of why I have so much food piled up in my home. If you have never heard of this idea I can understand that it seems a little weird and freaky even!

So I have one last thing to say about the topic of food storage and why I have so much food in my home. I hope that this will put you at ease and help you to understand why it is so important to me and why I put so much effort into making it work.

As I have mentioned previously, the main reason that I store food in my home is:
1. To be self reliant
2. To be prepared incase of emergency or crisis
3. For peace of mind
4. To save money on shopping
There is one last reason why I have food storage: To bless the lives of others

Now I have been a little reluctant to share this reason because I am sure someone is going to think that I am proclaiming that I live some higher way of living than everyone else or that I am bragging about what I do to try to help others, but that is not the case at all. I simply want to share that when you reach a place of feeling like you are living a more self reliant life, {which has taken us a long time to get to!} you can use what you have to bless the lives of others.

Matt and I have worked hard to strive to be as self reliant as we can be with a large family and we know we live a blessed life. We have made it a priority to accumulate a bonus food storage supply, a vegetable garden, a herb garden and an extra chest freezer of food. 

We love to have this supply for ourselves but also to help others. We feel very thankful that we are in a situation to be able to do so. We are not rich but have sufficient for our needs and try to be wise with how we use our finances and excess. 

Some of the ways we like to bless others are:

*When we hear that someone is having a hard time we often grab a bag and fill it with items from our food storage cupboard to give them. 
*When I visit someone I often like to take a tin of peaches. It is not much but I find it is always nice to help someone feel you are thinking of them and most people love peaches.
*When we know someone has lost their job we can take bags of food over to help them from our food storage supply. We do this to help them get through the next week or longer if possible and we can slowly build up our own personal supply again over time.
*From our vegetable garden we can share our bounty with friends
*If we want to donate money to a worth cause we can live off our food supply to make up the difference
*If I hear or feel that someone could do with a nice dinner, I already have supplies on hand to quickly make them a meal and take it over right away. 
*If I see a great product on special I will often buy an extra one to give to someone else. 

There are many other reasons but that is just a small example of why we love to have a food storage supply to help bless the lives of others. I love that we can use our food storage to teach our children to think about reaching out to help people and that small sacrifices we make can make a big difference to touch other people. Food storage to me is not just about hoarding food, it is about blessing lives. My own families life and the lives of others. I am going to have food storage for the rest of my life. I won't need as much as my children leave home but I hope that I will continue to use it to bring a little happiness to those who are in need. I hope that helps put your mind at ease and you no longer feel I am crazy and look like I am stockpiling as if the world is going to end an day now!