harmony turns 9 and bright star kids wall decal giveaway

As the middle child of seven children, with three above her and three below her, it is easy for Harmony to feel that she doesn't fit into either group on some days, so I love to shower her with love any chance I can get. When her birthday comes around is one of those times when I can go out of my way to give her some extra attention like by giving her a little Bright Star Kids treat shared below! 

This year she celebrated her ninth birthday. She is growing so fast and into such a lovely young woman. I find nine is such a fun age as they start to want to take care of themselves a little more but also love to do all the fun kids stuff too. 
We had a family birthday this year and kept is simple. For every child when it is their birthday they can choose what they want me to make for dinner and what type of cake they want. This year Harmony wanted sausages in bread with a cake from Woolies. A big step up from the cheese on toast she had last year. Can I just say here that I love this girl! 

In keeping with my blog tradition here are the reasons why I love Harmony:

1. Harmony is extremely helpful. If I ever announce that I need something she runs off immediately to get it for me. I love that she is so willing to help and be of service to me and others in our home. 

2. I love that she is kind and cares for others. She has a soft heart and is demonstrated by her love of collecting broken things. This drives me a little crazy some days but I love that she is so considerate and wants to help. 

3. I love that she has an inner drive to excel at school. She works really hard on her school work and knows how to celebrate her achievements. She sets small goals and works hard until she achieves them.

4. I love that she is very active. She is always dancing, skipping, or doing gymnastic moves around our home. She reminds me to stay active as well.

5. I love that Harmony comes and lays down next to me in the morning. She will come in for a chat and a hug and I treasure that time we have together. 

6. I love that she loves art and to create. In her room she is always working on some project and designing some colourful image or structure.

7. I love her smile. She has a natural beauty that blows me away.

8. I love spunk and determination. With so many brothers and sisters she could easily be swayed to change her mind and her personality but she is true to who she is and what she loves in life.

9. I love commitment to her friends. Harmony takes relationships seriously and will go out of her way to keep up to date with her friends and to care for them any way that she can. She loves to organise her own social life and it is fun watching her reach out to others.

As a little treat for Harmony this year for her birthday, Bright Start Kids sent me a gorgeous Bird House wall sticker to add to our home. We had a great time putting it together and it looks excellent in her room.

The image is of cute and colourful bird houses that hang from a long branch with colourful leaves while little birds chirp up above. It is perfect for children’s rooms, play areas, hallways and more. We have had a lot of different wall decals in our home over time and I have to say that this is the best quality one that we have had. The actual make up of the sticker decal is very different. It is thicker and is made from an innovative fabric material that is virtually indestructible. You can also apply and then remove the stickers as often as you like. Brilliant!

Harmony and I put the decal on the wall of her room together and it was so easy to follow the image and apply the stickers to the wall. They stuck easily and the colours are bright and fun. Harmony is in heaven with some new fun stickers to help brighten her room and loves the happy birds that great her each day. Bright Star Kids has given me one Bird House Wall Decal to giveaway to a Seven Cherubs reader. To enter use rafflecopter below: 

Good luck x

{Disclosure: I received a free wall decal which we love and I also charged a fee to run this giveaway}