home inspiration: family clothing checklist

I have several checklists that I use around my home to help keep it organised. One of the checklists I use is a family clothing checklist. I simply write down all the names of my children and then list all of the basic wardrobe needs that they have. I find this is easy and works well for a large family. 

I then print my checklist out and go around to all of the children's bedrooms to see what they need to have updated or purchased or swapped from the extra clothing storage containers we have to keep their wardrobes up to date. 

The way I use it is to cross off all the items that they have enough of and then I am left with they need. I can then plan how I am going to meet those needs according to our budget and the time and season of the year. For example, I don't need to worry about new swimmers in winter time, I can put that off until it warms up a little more later on in the year.  

I also might write a number next to an item to remind me how many they have or how many more they need. Often they might only need one more of a certain item and recording a number helps me to save money and to remember what to keep track of.

If you have a smaller family you might not have a need for a checklist like this but I find with a large family it is of great help to me. It can be hard to keep track of what the clothing needs are for everyone in the family and it really saves me time and money.

How do you keep track of what clothing purchases you need to make in your family?