Thursday, October 25, 2012

i heart my saggy, baggy body

I am sure most of you are familiar with the golden book story: The Saggy, Baggy Elephant. Like the elephant, I always felt confident and happy about my body when I was growing up. I kept myself fit and active and it was not until somebody pointed out to me that my body did not look the way they thought it should look, that I started to have a problem with it.

Your thighs are too big.
Your breasts are too big.
You walk funny.
Your tummy is too large.
You are short.

Just like the saggy, baggy elephant I decided I need to improve myself. So I started to eat less. I began to seek the opinion of others on how to look better and over time began to love my body less and less.

I tried to shrink my thighs.
I tried to shrink my breasts.
I tried to walk better.
I tried to starve myself so my tummy would shrink.
I tried to buy shoes that would make me look taller.

In the end I hated myself and the way I looked. The harder I worked to change myself the more my body seemed to rebel. It was as if it was screaming at me to just love it, to accept it the way it was and to embrace it.

I am now happy to say that I heart my body.

My thighs have been strong enough to help carry me through many pregnancies.
Those breasts that were too large have helped me to breastfeed seven children.
My funny walk my husband adores!
My large tummy is now covered in battle wounds from having children and I couldn't be more proud!
My shortness has not stopped me from any goals or dreams I have had in life.

I may not look the way some people wanted me to look and I may have a saggy, baggy body after having seven children but my body allows me to love them and hug them and to serve them in many wonderful ways as I raise them into adulthood. My body is a precious gift from God and I am so thankful that it is healthy and I am able to do whatever I desire in life with it. 

I now embrace who I am, I take pictures of myself, I dress up more, I celebrate my soft tummy, my bigger butt and I work a little harder at keeping fit. I am so thankful to my husband who constantly tells me I look great and on days where I feel a little low he always lifts me up. I know I am not going to ever be really thin and all I really want is to be healthy in life and to be fit enough to enjoy my kids. I love that I heart my body and hope that you do too! 


  1. Thank you for your honest blog posts Naomi. I'm learning to love my post baby body. Some days it gets me down but like you said i just want to be happy and healthy and to enjoy my children. I don't want to be stressed over dieting or weight loss -that sort of attitude won't benefit my daughters. We are mummies and we should be proud of what our bodies have acheived not ashamed!

  2. You don't look saggy or baggy to me at all!

    You're beautiful, Naomi.


  3. Gorgeous post!! thank you for sharing. Rachel x

  4. In the year I have been following you Naomi you have done the most amazing and inspiring things with your body. Please take this totally the right way when I tell you to kiss your ass lol. You are incredible and beautiful and such an awesome role model for your gorgeous girls. xx

  5. Naomi you are one of the most beautiful women I know, both inside and out. xox

  6. I think you look amazing! Especially after seven children!!

  7. This is a really gorgeous post, Naomi. Gorgeous like you. x

  8. A lovely post! You have an amazing body and 7 children, wow you are an inspiration!

  9. You are gorgeous; thank you for linking up xx

  10. Beautiful post Naomi. Acceptance is a wonderful thing. You are beautiful xx

  11. I used to love the Saggy Baggy elephant when I was little. Such a good story. You don't look saggy and baggy, you look pretty amazing actually!

  12. I love the saggy baggy elephant analogy. I love your post too.
    All I want Is to be fit and healthy enough to enjoy my hub and children too.

  13. You are amazing and so beautiful and I still remember you from that first blogging event I met you at the Inchcolm hotel in Brizzy - I told you at the time you touched me on the shoulder and sent a shiver through me! Don't know why - you are just electric and have a huge energy! You are inspiring! Jo x

  14. Your body is just perfect... and the love and acceptance to match x

  15. You are a gorgeous gorgeous woman and a wonderful role model to your kids with such a positive attitude.. be proud.. you have done amazing things with that body of yours x

  16. Hi:)
    I know you wrote this post before...but I just found you today. I needed this! I am pregnant for my seventh. My husband is a pastor at our church. I never really worried about my body post baby & figured I would just allow it to take the time it needs to get back to whatever shape it needed to be in. I feel judged now because we are in the forefront. No one cared about how my body looked after #6, but they figured we were 'done' cause we got our 'baby girl' after so many boys. I loved this post. It will be my motto.It doesn't matter how many eyes are on us when the eyes of those that matter look at us with love:)

  17. I think with age , we become more accepting of ourselves...its one thing I wish I could give my two girls while they are young...that feeling of just loving who you are, and not trying to be anything else...I wish I had been given that gift as a young girl....................

  18. Lovely blog post....i wish i could see myself like that - it is hard, i have a new man who says i am beautiful but i am still ashamed to let him see me - i am just taking baby steps, its not easy when u have been told in the past u r not beautiful xx thanks for ur post xx

  19. I love this post and even though I think you are beautiful (both in person and online!) I know how it feels to be so critical of our own bodies. Thanks for sharing a positive perspective on loving ourselves just the way we are.

    PS love the new header!

  20. Love this post, you got the right attitude....Loving your body, it is all working parts! I myself have always had a problem with not liking my body. It started in my teens when I started finding faults, always hated this and that! It didnt help when my first husband perved on other women either, it crushed my confidence. Now that I am older I accept my body as it is aging and everything is starting to sag.....when I look back to when I was young I had a lovely body! We all lose our shape eventually, gravity takes over no matter how much you work out unless you have plastic surgery! You look fine to me, you have a lovely face Naomi and thats the first thing people notice!


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