ideas for making special memories with your cherubs

Childhood is a time of dreams, adventures and believing anything is possible. It's a time of fun, of building first memories with family and friends and the foundation on which our children will build their lives. It’s all too easy as parents to get sucked into the monotony of the daily grind and forget to relish in the real joy that’s all around us.

The author Migon McLaughlin famously said, 'Only where children gather is there any real chance of fun'. My goal when starting A Little Bird was to make it easier for parents to find fun family activities that can help them build special memories with their kids.

Here are a few ideas to shake up your day-to-day parenting routine and have fun with your little ones:

Complete a Family Challenge.
A fantastic way to make special family memories is to take part in a challenging adventure together. This could be as simple as a makeshift obstacle course in your backyard or something big like tackling a family fun run, bike ride or doing a Story Bridge Climb. Completing a challenge takes everyone out of their comfort zone, with the potential of some friendly competition and plenty of laughs.

Plan a Family Camping Weekend.
Heading to the great outdoors and back to nature is an ideal way to enjoy the simple things. A weekend camping can be packed full of special memories such as dad trying to get the tent up, singing songs around the campfire, making up ghost stories, listening and looking for wildlife, toasting marshmallows on the barbeque and going on a night walk with a torch.

Go out for a special family meal. 
Meals are a super way of spending quality family time together and a great chance to forget about the cooking and cleaning up – for one night anyway! There are plenty of great cafes and restaurants out there that can satisfy a parent’s need for good food and coffee and children’s needs for entertainment and fun. Look for cafes, pubs and restaurants with dedicated children’s areas or that provide little extras for kids such as colouring in pads and pencils.

Choose your own adventure on regular Family Days. 
Have a regular Family Day scheduled into the calendar every fortnight or month and let family members take turns of having free reign (well, within reason!) to plan the day how they like. Perhaps your youngest family member would like a day focussed on playing games: at the beach, park and in the garden. Maybe dad would like the whole family to go bush walking and then enjoy a drink at a kid-friendly cafe. The choice is yours! It is good to remember that making memories as a family doesn’t need to be extravagant or expensive. Sometimes it’s the simple things that are the best fun!

Melissa Rogers loves finding fun things to do for kids and bubs, for her two boys and for the growing online community at A Little Bird. Check out the website for lots of kid friendly activities, cafes, events and outdoor adventures to help you make memories with your kids. You can also connect with her on Facebook: and on Twitter: