my sanity saving dinner time secret

People often ask me how I run or organise dinner time with such a large family. So today I thought I would share with you my special sanity saving secret to success with so many people to feed every day. I believe these items are essential for any woman and mother to have in her home and kitchen. Whether you have a large family or not, it will help you be prepared for when people drop by or you just feel tired and exhausted after a busy day. They will bless your life. Truly. Here is my secret to success below:

Yep! Paper plates, cups, knives, forks, spoons and napkins. Blesses my life people. On days where I feel too tired to cope with the dishes and clean up routine or arguing with the kids to do the clean up, {which tires me out more than actually doing the dishes myself!} I pull out the paper/plastic utensils and plates and it is amazing how much of a burden is lifted from my shoulders. 

Now that I have older kids I hardly ever use them but it is a huge relief to know that I have them there if I need them. It doesn't make me a bad mother and it doesn't mean I can't cope. What it does mean is that I am aware of my needs, my emotions and that I am giving myself a gift by taking an easier option to help myself out. Best of all the kids and Matt don't care what plates we use!

So there you have it. My sanity saving secret to dinner time success. 
Get yourself a supply if you don't have one. Immediately! 

{P.S: I am going to write a more serious post about this topic. Hope this one made you smile though.}