why have food storage

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Food storage. The idea or thought of it either freaks you out or you get excited and immediately think it is something you want to start. I find people either love or hate the idea. For me, I love it. I am not obsessive about having a food storage supply in my home but I do believe it is of great benefit to have an extra supply available. 

Having food storage helps me keep an organised home and today I want to share why I believe it is important to have in your home and why I think you should consider starting one. It is not as hard as you think and you might be surprised of the benefits that come from having one. I currently have a 3 month food storage supply and find it works very well for us. Here is why I have food storage:

To be self reliant
As a family we believe it is important to be as self reliant as we can be with all area's of our life. We strive to be as socially, spiritually, physically, mentally, emotionally and financially reliant as we are able, to support ourselves as a family. I just love the idea of being able to provide for ourselves if there was some kind of emergency and not having to rely upon other people to feed us or clothe us in such a situation. We are a large family and it would be a real strain on another family to help us out. I also want to teach our children to look ahead, to see that by putting aside a few items each week that you can slowly build up a great supply to provide for yourself, whether with food or money or any other type of product. 

To be prepared for emergency or crisis
As I sit and watch the news I see many cases of natural disasters and emergencies taking place around the world. I even remember when the Brisbane Floods were on. People went crazy buying up products at the shops. Our family, we did not need to get much at all. We were prepared. We had a food supply. Of course I am totally aware that if our house burnt down or some other type of disaster happened we would not be able to carry all our food storage with us, but if we were stuck in our home, we would have enough for ourselves and could also help out our neighbours. That to me is worth the effort of creating a food storage supply. 

Peace of mind
As the saying goes, when you are prepared, you shall not fear! Crazy as it may sound, having a food storage supply brings me peace of mind. I know that if something was to happen to our family, we would be alright. Matt could be put off work, we could have a large expense happen in our family and being able to live off our food supply, while it would not be the best food we had ever eaten, it would help us to save money and survive for that period of time. 

To save money on shopping
One of the best ways having a food storage supply is of benefit to our family is when I go food shopping. I am often tempted to purchase unnecessary items for our home and if I am focused on purchasing items that I know we use and keep in our food storage, I often find I spend less. I am not distracted by specials when I know I already have a back up supply at home. The only time I strive to take advantage of those specials is when I know our supplies are running low and need to be replenished. Then I buy a couple more items to refill our storage supply and we are back on track and I have not spent a lot of extra money. It is also helpful for cooking meals, I hardly run out of ingredients!

Most of the guidance and instruction and encouragement to have a food supply in our home has come from my church and they really are brilliant at finding resources and giving us tips on how to establish a good supply in your home. Tomorrow I want to share what I have done in my home and some tips on how to start a supply, how to make sure you have the right items in your storage and how to store all that food!