Bedroom Makeover: DIY Paper Bunting

Often when I get in the mood to do a little craft project I never end up making it happen because either I can't be bothered going out to the shops to find supplies or what I need doesn't fit into our budget. Last week I was in the mood for a little bedroom makeover and decided upon a craft project that was easy to do, didn't require me leaving the house and where I had all the supplies already at home. I decided to make a paper bunting project to hang above our bed. 

So easy and cheap! Here is how I made it:

1. First of all decide on the bunting shape that you want and how large you want it to be. I decided to go with this look instead of a triangle bunting look. I then cut out a simple shape or template I wanted. So I used a paper template like this:

2. Then chose what background you want for the bunting. I wanted it to be paper or words. You could use any paper with a pattern or even material if you wanted. To make it even more special for me I used pages from a old set of scriptures we had around the house. I know shock horror!

3. I then traced the outline of my template onto the pages and cut them out. It is a good idea at this time to know what word you want to use so you know how many pages you will need to make. As I have young children who love to touch everything and I wanted this to last a while, I then glued the page cut outs of my bunting template onto cardboard. You could use old cereal boxes to do the trick. Nobody will see the back of it and be able to tell.

4. When I had picked what word I wanted to spell out , I simply typed it up into a word document. I chose a font that was thick and bold. I then made the letters large and the right size to fit on the size of the bunting template I was using. I then printed the words out and cut out each letter. I decided to use black lettering but you could pick any colour you wanted.

5. When I had cut out each letter I then carefully glued each letter onto the paper bunting shape. Really easy and simple to do and just be careful you don't use too much glue as you are working with letters that are all black and it will make a mess.

6. When it was dry I then picked what string or look I wanted for the bunting to hang up with. I wanted something really simple so I just used some white wool I had in a cupboard. I simply used sticky tape to tape it across the back. Then I hung it up on our wall above out bed!

I really love it and has created a whole new look to our bedroom. 
I also love that it now means I have a smily face hanging above our bed!