Sunday, November 4, 2012

Grace at my place

Every Sunday I love to count my blessings. I love to look for moments of grace or goodwill that happened in my life. As I attend church, I love to reflect over my week and the many different ways that I have been able to see God showing me grace. I also love to remember the ways my family has touched my life and to count the ways that I have felt blessed by having them in my home. 

 So, I thought I would share with you some of the ways that I find Grace at my place. My place being my home, my thoughts and my heart. I hope to make this a regular feature on my blog. I want to be more grateful, more mindful and more appreciative of my blessings.

1. As I have spent the last couple of days writing my out my story, I have felt gently encouraged to be brave, to be honest and to speak the truth. 

2. Our family attended the school awards night where I was able to watch my children perform and share their talents. My heart burst as I watched them trying their best and sharing their personality with so many people in the audience. I feel so lucky to have them in my life.

3. As I have been pouring over journals I have written I have been able to see how God has guided and directed me to where I am today. I have felt His tender mercy upon me and His love for me, especially when I was at my lowest.

4. On days when I felt too tired and exhausted to cook this week my husband took over and provided our family with delicious meals. This small act lifted a great burden and gave me time to relax, restore and nourish myself.

5. I have been enjoying and appreciating the simple pleasure of a day of sunshine. I love to wake up to a sunny day. It boost's my spirit and I feel happier and motivated to get stuck into my day. I have spent time in my backyard feeling the sun against my skin and simply enjoying how blessed I am to live in the Sunshine State of Australia. 

Hope you enjoyed reading about my blessings and that you were able to find some for yourself this week as well. N x


  1. When we tell our own story truthfully, it is so good for our souls..don't you think? Sometimes we even realise things about ourselves that we hadn't thought of before. All the best in this writing journey you've committed to.

  2. I agree. It is good for our souls. Refreshing and healing at the same time. Thanks for the well wishes x

  3. I loved reading about your made me smile.
    I hope you do make this a regular feature because when we hear of what others are grateful for we tend to then stop and look at our own blessings.
    Sometimes we just need a little reminder...thankyou for always giving Naomi.xx

    1. Thanks Deb. I really enjoy writing about them and it is a great reminder for me to be more thankful as well.

  4. I agree with Debyl1 - realising our blessings helps us to focus less on what we don't have. Feeling grateful brings peace and contentment into our lives! xx

    1. Wise words Vanessa. Totally agree xx

  5. Thanks for sharing all this to us!
    I love the way,how you write, your wording. Its really interesting.


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