I heart shopping: IKEA Shopping Adventure

It is no secret that I love to shop. I find it very relaxing. I love taking in all the colour and being inspired of new ways to dress, wear jewellery and decorate our home. I often walk around the shops just for inspiration and come home having purchased nothing. For something different I thought I would share a recent shopping adventure I had to IKEA and the type of products I like to purchase for my home when I go there. I normally come home with the same type of items. I am a sucker for a good rug and platter! So here is what I picked up on one of my latest trips....

 I have been really inspired by colour lately and picked up this floral tablecloth and platter. So cute!
It is also no secret that blue is my favourite colour. It calms me. 
I picked up this gorgeous rug. They also had a hot pink one. I still really want to go back and get it! 
L-O-V-E this rug!
I picked up 2 rows of hooks to hang our pool towels on. Perfect for our family!
Adore these white lace topped containers. I have them all over our home. Stunning!
I found these angel napkin holders. Cherub looking....Totally meant to be in my home. YES!
Dots! Who can pass up a dot platter. Not me! So F-U-N!

So there you have it. A little collection of treasures I picked up from IKEA. I love pottering around there, absorbing the colour and textures and finding what I think will work well in our home. I have way too much fun decorating and it is lucky I only go to IKEA about two or three times a year! 

{P.S: This is not a sponsored blog post. I just thought I would have fun and try something different}