Raw Sparkle

This is me. Today. Layered up with sparkle. A little too much? Yes. Of course it is.
But I have a good reason for this craziness. It is helping me feel raw.

This week I signed up to participate in NaNoWriMo.
One month, 50,000 words. A novel.
It is my first year participating.

I am finally writing the story that longs to be told.
My journey from being a victim to survivor to thriver.

To write this I need to allow myself and give myself permission to be raw.
To delve deep within my heart and to write out my feelings and journey.

To help myself I have layered myself up with jewellery love and sparkle.
A little crazy but making me OH! SO HAPPY.

I need something to laugh about when I am writing about revenge, forgiveness and hurt.
Looking down every couple of moments is doing that for me. I look like the gypsy writer!

Yesterday I started my book. I smashed out 9932 words.
This morning I got up early and smashed out more words bringing it up to 10, 981 words.

I say smashed out because my mind is smashed, my emotions are smashed and so are my fingers.
But I am not finished yet, my story wants to flow. 

It begs to be written.
I may never share what I write but for now I am taking on NaNoWriMo and having fun in the process.

Now, where was I. That's right....
'I felt powerless against the chains holding me back...'