Wednesday, February 29, 2012

simply beautiful jewels: my personalised necklace

It is no secret that I love jewellery.
I wear it every single day.

Today I am stepping out of my comfort zone and sharing one of my new 'simply beautiful' blog posts. I decided to call it simply beautiful as I like to look beautiful every day and I also like to keep it simple. I wanted to share some of the jewellery I wear and hopefully give you some ideas as well. I love jewellery as it helps me to feel happier and I love accessorising my outfits. 

One item of jewellery I have always wanted to own is a personalised necklace. Something special to represent our family. The chances of me ever having some spare cash to get one made up for me has been very slim lately. So I decided to improvise and am delighted with the results.

I created my own personalised necklace when I found these charms on sale in Diva for $2 each. I grabbed one to represent each member of our family. I then added them to a necklace I already owned and I loved that it has the same look at the charms. Perfect match.

I can now wear each family member close to my heart. Total cost being $18. I am happy with that bargain personalised necklace. As far as wearing it goes, it does not sit flat against my chest but hangs more in a bunch. I love the look of it and I love to wear it with stripes or even sitting nicely underneath a shirt. It is also a fun necklace as when I am wearing it my cherubs come up to find which letter they are and get excited that 'they' are hanging around my neck. It really does become a personal necklace.

Wearing the actual necklace. I think I need to smile more next time!
By the way: I am very, very excited to be a Mix Apparel Blogger. 
Check it out HERE!

Friday, February 24, 2012

dark and light of motherhood

I wrote this post 2 years ago and never published it.
I was worried it was a little too heavy for my blog.

This morning I decided, well it's my blog and today I like heavy.
So here we go!

During the week I had an appointment in the city and took my 2 year old daughter on the train with me. On this trip she taught me some valuable lessons about motherhood and helped me to see things with a different perspective.

As we were riding the train my daughter stood up on the chair to look out the window and she was surprised to see everything go black as we entered a tunnel. She loudly yelled out,
‘Dark mummy Dark’ and I said ‘Yes, it is dark outside’.

As she turned back to look out the window the train came out of the tunnel and she was delighted that she could now see out of the window. She smiled as she saw the scenery wizzing past.
“Light mummy light’ she yelled out to me.
“Yes, you can see the trees and the cars now’ I replied.
She was very happy that it was light and that she could enjoy the view on the train.

Shortly after that experience my daughter looked out the window and saw a train go past that had carriages filled with dirt and spray paint all over the outside of them. She looked at me and said, ‘Dirty mummy dirty’. Then she looked at the train we were riding in and lovingly rubbed the walls and said, ‘Clean mummy clean’.

Even though this was a small simple experience, I was impressed that my 2 year old daughter knew the difference between dark and light and it was obvious that she loved the light. As I pondered this moment I was reminded of the sacred role of being a mother, of the responsibility I have to continue to teach my daughter to love the light, to look for the light in her life and to also understand that the ‘light’ is the gospel of Jesus Christ.

I was also surprised that at such a young age she could clearly define the difference between dirty and clean. Oh! How I love that she cares to be clean. As her mother I know it is my responsibility to teach her how she can live a life that is clean and to teach her gospel principles.

{I want to insert here that I really believe that a clean life is a life that is lived by being kind, loving and considerate of others. It is about respecting yourself, your body and that of those around you. It is about being modest in speech, thought and action. I know my children will not be perfect at living a life like this and neither am I, but I want to teach them the best I can to live a life that is clean in purpose to save them from so much sadness that I see immodesty brings.}

As mothers we hope that even if our children find themselves in the dark and in situations where they may feel dirty or disappointed with choices they have made, that they can remember what we have taught them and know where to turn to find help. I want to always be available for my children, to help them in the dark and light of life and to love them regardless of whether or not they feel dirty or clean.

I know that there will be times when I myself will feel lost in the dark as a mother. That the trials we will go through as a family will feel like we are stuck in a tunnel with no hope of reaching the light. Such is life in a family. When we have had times like this we have clung to the light, we have hoped to see the light and we have kept moving forward until we reached that light, together. It has come through continual moments of sacrifice, service, and love.

The experience on the train helped me to see that even from a young age children can recognise the difference between dark and light, between dirty and clean and that teaching my cherubs to live the best life they can is such a worthwhile use of my time.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Finding Religion Part 2

Part one: Finding Religion
Continuing my story.

After spending a short amount of time during my teenage years doing some light Bible reading, I put away my Bible not to touch it for about 4 more years. Religion crossed my mind several times during this period as I often stopped to chat to anyone who was promoting a certain faith or church.

As I talked to people from other faiths I enjoyed what they had to say. I agreed on many points of their teachings but in my heart they never felt quite right for me. I continued on my journey of life and my thoughts started turning towards finding a religion that I knew in my heart and mind was for me. Strangely enough during this time I did not remember seeing any young men in suits. 

I moved out of home at 17, enrolled in University, found a job in the city and lived a busy and full life. I found friends, I went out on the weekends, I danced my heart out, I dated, I shopped, I studied and I tried my best to keep up with what a normal young adult would do at that time and stage of life.

After completing several years of University I took a year off to work full time. I wanted to save a little more money and to think more about what direction I wanted to take my life. The more I started to think about where I was heading the more depressed I started to feel. 

I spent about two months feeling deeply depressed. During this time I wanted to end my life. I spent all of my day writing out my thoughts and reasons for not living. I planned it all out. How it would happen, who would find me and even set a time and date for when ending my life would take place. 

It consumed my thoughts constantly and I simply could not see any reason to keep living. 

One night, very late at night I had an experience that changed my mind. The only way I can describe it is that I had a moment where I could see clearly, it was if I had pure knowledge. It was taught a simple truth.

Into my mind and heart came an impression or concept.
It was that there is life after this Earth life. That there really is a place to go to.

It touched me. I had never pondered it very much before. I had heard people talk of heaven but I had never personally applied it to myself. How it would affect me.

I clung to that knowledge. I pondered over would happen if I ended my life. The emotional and mental state that I would be in if I ended my life right then. It scared me. I did not want to go to that next place as messed up as I was feeling, I wanted to go there as a happier, stronger person.

I then made the decision to do whatever it takes to get myself better.
That simple truth and knowledge saved my life.

I quit my job. I enrolled back into University more determined to finish my study and to follow my dreams. I slowly started to make changes that agreed with what I was feeling.

Story to be continued.

Have you ever had an impression or experience that changed your life?

Friday, February 17, 2012

Negative Self-Talk

I have always tried to be a positive person and felt that I was doing a great job looking for the good in my life. I was positive when I spoke to other people and naturally have the disposition to want to uplift and encourage others. 
It is something I enjoy doing.

Then one day I decided to really listen to what I was saying to myself as I went about my daily activities around my home. 
I decided to pay more attention to my self talk. 

In doing so I was shocked to discover that I have been bashing myself up daily. 
Serving up a dose of negative self talk on a silver platter.

Sounds blunt and maybe over the top but in reality it is true. 
I cannot think of any other way to describe it.

Every day I found I was internally, emotionally and mentally bashing myself up for not living up to my own standards and values. Scolding, criticising and talking down myself in unkind ways.

I don't get angry or swear at myself. I discovered I am critical in small subtle ways.
Short sentences repeated daily in my mind loaded with negative expressions.

I constantly found myself saying sentences like:
'You have done it wrong again.'
'You always make the same mistake.'
'Nobody is listening to you, you have no influence.'
'You are a failure as a mother.'
'Don't bother to try it, no-one will like it.'

Once I started to recognise these sentences I made another discovery.
I was taking my own negative advice!

I allowed myself to listen, to stop myself, from being better and progressing.
Who needs enemies when you have your own negative self talk!

Here is what I have found:
Bashing yourself up does not motivate you to make changes
Bashing yourself up actually makes you feel worse and stops your progress.

It was like one of those light bulb moments!

What I came to see is that I needed greater kindness and compassion...from myself.
I needed to love myself more. I needed to speak positive to myself more.

Learning to self love can be a slow journey and struggling to see any good in yourself takes patience and time. 
I am now spending more time listening to myself in a new way.

When the negative self talk starts to happen I now question myself.
Is the situation really that bad?
Am I really as bad as I think I am?
Is what I am thinking really true?
Am I the only one who is thinking this way?

By questioning myself I find I can see the situation in new light.
I can see that a lot of the time I over dramatise the situation and it really is not as bad as I thought.

Changing your negative self talk takes more energy and concentration during the day.
The benefits however are empowering.

I feel happier, more motivated and peaceful within myself.
I more connected to who I am and more confident in following my dreams.

I would love to know what you do to help with negative self talk.
How do you change your thinking?

Thursday, February 9, 2012


This week has been a crazy week, a wonderful crazy week I might add. My inbox has been overflowing with offers from companies and business' wanting to donate for the 'KING FAMILY AUCTION' we are having on my Seven Cherubs facebook page tonight to raise a few extra dollars for Lisa and her boys.

I have been so touched by the many kind, heartfelt messages that have accompanied these emails and for the kind donations offered up to auction. I love that there is a great variety of items and experiences available to bid on and look forward to the fun and excitement that the auction will bring.

If you are interested in popping by the guidelines are above. There has been so much excitement about the items that are listed that I have already had to delete some bids that have been placed! I will be uploading a few more items today just to add to the excitement.

It has been wonderful to see so much support and love for Lisa and her boys. Thank you so much for all of your bids and the generosity from business' and many talented women who donated items to sell. It has been an incredible experience for me and I have loved the opportunity to try something new and to work with so many kindhearted people.

If you have won an item in the auction there are 2 ways that payment can be made:

1. You can pay through the fundraising page HERE. Please leave the reference number of the item that you won and your name so we know you have made payment.

2. You can direct deposit through the bank account set up for Lisa. Please leave the reference number of the item that you won and your name so we know you have made payment. The details are: 

Naomi Ellis
Suncorp Bank
BSB: 484799
Account Number: 204 067 630

Please allow time for the funds to transfer and then we will contact the people and companies who donated items and tell them when they can post the item out to you. Please remember that payment needs to be made within 3 days or it will be offered to the next under bidder. If you have any questions you can email me at:

So far in our fundraising efforts we have raised over $32,000!! An amazing effort and we so appreciate your kindness. You have made a huge difference with your funds.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

The power of a blog post

Writing a blog is a joy to me and I love to write from the heart. I enjoy writing and connecting with other women in a way that I normally would not get the chance to as a stay at home mum. As a blogger I have always believed that having a blog can allow you to have a powerful influence in the lives of other's and that often we have no idea the effect we are really having. Although, some days as a blogger can be really depressing as you wonder if anyone is actually reading your blog posts and you wonder if you really are making a difference by what you have to say. This week I have seen that writing a blog post, just one blog post, can make a huge difference to help someone and that if you are able to help one person, it is worth all of the time and effort. On Saturday I decided to write this blog post. I was touched and shocked by the pain that Lisa was feeling and felt that surely I could use my blog to help make a difference. You see, I belong to a wonderful community of bloggers here in Australia and I also have a wonderful community of women on my own blog here at Seven Cherubs. Since that time we have managed to raise over $30,000. I am not saying that this happened because of me, it is a testament to me of how wonderful Lisa and Aaron are, but what I am saying is that you never know who is reading your blog, you never know who you can help by what you have to say and you never know what influence you can have for good. If you have a blog, keep it up, keep writing and sharing and influencing. You might be surprised by what you can do, who you can help and what might come from it. I know right now...I am beyond surprised!

Friday, February 3, 2012

a charity fundraiser

I had a moment yesterday. I spent the day deeply pondering over what to do about all of the offers that keep pouring in to have a charity fundraiser for Lisa and her boys. In pondering over the thought of running an auction to raise money for Lisa I am concerned about asking people for more money when I already feel that people have been exceedingly generous with their donations.

I do not want the same people donating a second time when they have already given so much. By running an auction I had to ask myself if I am really going to reach new people? Am I just going to add more pressure to the same families who have already donated and sacrificed so much to help.

I have never done this before. I have never co-ordinated an online charity auction. The donations have already exceeded any expectations Lisa and I ever thought was possible. We are just so thankful and so overwhelmed by the kindness. Speechless this morning we are nearly at $29,000!!!

After talking about this with other women on facebook I have decided to give it a try. It could end up a nightmare, it could end up totally awesome! It could help pay for the boys schooling, it could help Lisa stay at home with her boys a little longer to help them through this time so she does not have to work and it could help is so many endless ways! I am mindful that many of the donations that have been made have come from families who have really sacrificed in a way to show some love at this time. I hope you do not feel that I am asking more of you and adding more pressure.

So I have decided to give it a try. We are holding a charity fundraiser facebook auction. Please only be involved if you can financially afford it and are serious about donations. Here is the information:

Seven Cherubs is hosting a “KING AUCTION” to fundraise money for Lisa King and her three boys after the tragic loss of her son Noah and her husband Aaron.

100% of all money raised will be donated directly to Lisa King.

The auction will begin at 7:30pm (Queensland Time) Thursday, 9th February and end at 8:30pm (Queensland Time) Sunday, 12th February on my Seven Cherubs facebook page. Please check time differences for the state you live in to participate.

As this is the first time we have held a fundraising auction we will be starting with a capped number of items to auction. If your item or product is not included in this first round please hold onto it as we might be holding a second fundraising auction. Eeek!

To donate an item for consideration for the ‘KING AUCTION’ please read the following guidelines:
* Auction is open to Australian residents only and Australian business’ only
* Please only contact us if you genuinely have an item or product or service available to donate
* Individuals/companies/business’ are responsible to pay for the postage of the donated item
* Postage must include a tracking method to ensure bidder has received the product
* We will mark each item as ‘Paid’ and donors are responsible to mark each item ‘Posted’ on the auction page when each item or product has been sent.
* Considerations of donations to be auctioned will close on Tuesday, 7th February at 9pm.

Please send an image and full description of the item/s for donation to:

Thank you so much to Nicole from The Cupcake Fairy for helping me out.

Thank you so much for all of your wonderful messages and support.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

a fundraising miracle

I believe in miracles.
I also believe in the power of social media and blogging.

I am delighted by the fundraising miracle that has taken place.
Since Saturday morning we have raised over $20,000 for Lisa and her family.


Is has left me speechless many times over the past few days.

You have helped to make a huge difference with this miracle.
I know this will not take away the pain or sorrow.

It will help to ease a few burdens and a little pressure.
Bless you my blog friends and my new friends.

My heart is so touched and tender from your kindness.
Thank you for making this miracle possible.

Thank you:
 for helping to spread the word
for your kind donations
for your sacrifices
for your uplifting messages
for your support
for  your love
for your hearts
for your prayers
for your tears
for your influence
for your belief 
for making this happen.

I am thankful to be able to play a small role in making this happen.

BUT, I know that the real reason this happened was because of how wonderful
Lisa and Aaron are, not me. 


If you are still interested in donating you can read about the 3 ways to donate HERE.