Tuesday, January 8, 2013

adoring the blue lake and reaching new heights

One of our 'must visit' places on our holiday was Mount Gambier in South Australia. It is where my father lives and where I spent the earlier years of my life. We have never had the chance to take all of our cherubs there and I really wanted to let them see just how beautiful the town is and to show them some landmarks that have special meaning for me. 
After our long drive from Brisbane, one of the first family activities we did was to set out walking and climbing to the top of Historic Centenary Tower. It is the highest point in the district and has great views of the Crater Lakes, the city of Mount Gambier and surrounding area's. It was lovely to walk and chat and to be out in the open air after spending so much time together in a bus!
It was not an easy climb to make to the tower, way too many stairs for my liking as we went the back way, but the view at the top was simply wonderful. It was a reminder to us all that we can do hard things and that often only after working hard and pushing ourselves in life, we see our reward and a new vision or view. My mind was filled with many memories as I looked out over the surrounding area and I enjoyed pointing out special places to our children.
We took our time looking around, enjoying the bush scenery and adoring the different crater lakes that scatter the area. It was a lovely way for my children to get to know my father a little better so they could feel more relaxed in his presence. In my heart, I was waiting with great anticipation to see The Blue Lake. I simply adore it. 
The bright blue colour of the water that often changes day by day is breath taking. I have many memories of being a young child and marvelling at the enormous size and beauty of it. My children had heard me raving about it the whole drive down and knew how excited I was to show it to them. I am sure they were thinking that The Blue Lake was just like my addiction to clouds...over the top! Now I have a new wonderful memory of being there with my father and with my family and that alone was worth the long drive!


  1. We love Mount Gambier. Were only saying the other day that we might go back there next summer. Been three years since we were there last. Eli was only 3 months old!

    1. It really is a lovely place. So clean and a lot of beauty to see. Hope you can make it back soon! N x

  2. I've heard many stories from my Hubby about the Blue Lake, he's from Mt Gambier. So nice to see your photos you all look like you had a lot of fun!

  3. Nice place for travelling!


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