blogging: I don't work for free

This year I am going to value myself more as a blogger by not working for free. You see, my blog is my personal space, my part time hobby and work all in one. I spend time sharing personal adventures we have as a family but I also use this space to promote other products and business that I think relate to my readers. Over the years this space has allowed me to earn a little pocket money and I have had a great time working with wonderful companies. 

The personal challenge for me has been deciding what to count as a hobby and what to count as work. Finally, after a lot of trial and error, I have it clear in my mind what I believe is blog work. As soon as a company or social media representative or public relations representative contacts becomes work. It requires me to take time to co-ordinate with them how to best promote them, planning how I will write a blog post, what images I will use and time trying to organise what compensation I will receive for doing so.

Compensation I know is different for everyone. I know what compensation I like best for me and what is worth my time and effort. I believe I have a lovely space here on my blog and by placing more value on myself, my words and my time, I think I have a lot more to offer those I do end up working with. I am looking forward to sharing many personal posts in the next year and sharing a few select work blog posts with companies who also value my words and space. So this year, with my blogging vision clear in my mind, I am putting it out there, that this year: I don't work for free!