bountiful gardens and extreme icecream

Thriving gardens full of colour relax me and help me know I am alive! I love to sit and feast upon the beauty on display and enjoy the variety of textures, smells and colour around me. Whilst in Mount Gambier we made it a priority to share some of the lovely gardens available to explore with our cherubs. 

I was delighted to see the children run free, climb trees and enjoy the beauty just as much as I did. I remembered running around and exploring these same gardens as a child and I watched with wonder the excitement in their eyes. I marvelled at how fast time flies and that now I was visiting these places as a parent watching my own children finding the same joy as I did.  
Whilst there, I adored the flowers in bloom, dreamed of having my own garden like this one and thanked God for the beauty of this Earth. After driving many miles across the dry countryside of Australia, with paddocks and paddocks of brown, it was wonderful to be surrounded by so much green!

My Dad acted as a great tour guide for us and helped the children have a more enjoyable experience. Especially when he took us out to my favourite ice cream shop ever! I have very fond memories of visiting this shop as a child and on every trip to Mount Gambier have stopped at this out of the way ice cream shop.
They serve the largest serving's of ice cream I have ever found and therefore naturally the ice cream tastes the best I have ever eaten. My cone actually cracked from the weight of the ice cream it was piled up so much...The poor shop owners did not know what to think when we all piled in to order ice cream. The owner actually looked out the window to see if a bus had arrived. Technically, yes a bus had arrived. The Seven Cherubs bus had arrived for ice cream!

As you can see on our family holiday pictures so far, we did not spend time living it up in luxury or being extravagant. We enjoyed time together as a family participating in simple activities that provided wonderful memories for us. Although a stay in a resort would have been nice, we are thankful that we were able to have this time together and for family who took care of us and made it happen. We really are so blessed as a family.