the BIG Christmas road trip

We are home! We survived our BIG Christmas road trip where we travelled from Brisbane, Queensland to Mount Gambier, South Australia. It was a long drive full of loud music, loud singing and way too many M&M's to help keep us awake as we were driving. We loaded up our bus and trailer, packed ourselves in with supplies and set off on an often boring, yet bonding experience of crossing the Australian country side. 

The children were brilliant the whole drive and the excitement of seeing family kept us all happy and motivated to keep moving forward. To help survive the trip, we made our own meals, ate in random places, admired the country side, relied upon a lot of technology and talked about a large range of topics. We were loud, we were hysterical and we were us! 

Now that we are home in our own beds, the washing is done, the memories are being talked about and we are settling into our normal routine, I feel ready to start writing again. My creative side wants to flourish and blog posts are tumbling around in my mind again. So I will slowly start to ease my way back into writing and at the same time will enjoy my cherubs for the short time I have them home before school starts back again.

Happy New Year!