fight for YOU

This year I want to encourage people to fight for their own health. In other words, to fight for YOU. I also want to learn to be better at vlogs. So I have decided to combine the two ideas and to share a few more vlogs here on my blog. I am still learning to be good at doing them and really, I don't think it is possible for me to make them without getting teary. I think I cried in the last two that I shared!  

I have decided to share a few inspiring words, {well, I hope you find them inspiring!}, because today I was thinking about how touched I have been by the wonderful messages you have sent to me with the various personal experiences I have written about here on my blog. I am just posting it as is, because it is how I feel and how emotional I get when I talk about these topics. I think I am a little too passionate about them. It is a learning process. Thanks for being patient with me. N x