Monday, February 4, 2013

finding your blog voice

A blog voice. Why do I need one of those?

During my time off recently from my blog, I spent time trying to define what my 'blog voice' is. I read back through my blog, many other blogs and looked at what I really stand for, where I am different and what I am actually trying to do and say. I put a lot of time and effort into my blog mainly because I love to write but also because I believe I have something worthwhile to say and share. I wanted to think about my blog voice to make sure I was saying and sharing what was important to me and to make sure  my blog was in line with my values in life. It is very easy to get distracted!

I pondered all the reasons why I need to have a blog voice and how much my blog is an extension of me and how much it is not. I tried to define why people want to visit my space, why they keep coming back and also what turns them away. I looked at my blog with fresh eyes and tried to imagine how people feel when they visit my site.

Do they feel uplifted? Do they feel annoyed? Do they feel they can relate to what I share?
Do they feel I am coming across as a perfect parent?  Do they feel I am too raw and real?

I looked at previous blog posts I had written and the type of emotions I often share here on my site. I looked at my most popular blog posts and read the comments to see if what I thought I was saying was actually coming across to my readers the way I hoped it would. I looked at the blog posts that were not as popular and analysed why they might not have touched people in the way I hoped. In a way, I did a study of my own blog. I found it very beneficial and could see how much I had changed in my focus, my writing style and my confidence with discovering a blog voice I felt was a good fit for myself and for my readers.

As I studied my blog I came to see what my blog voice represents:

I believe in family
I believe being a parent is a great work
I believe being a parent is hard work
I believe large families are awesome
I believe in finding your own happiness
I believe in keeping it real
I believe you can overcome hard trials
I believe in God
I believe happiness is possible
I believe in following your dreams
I believe in never giving up
I believe in living an inspiring life
I believe with hard work you can create the life you want

Although it is tempting to try to change myself to keep other people happy or to gain more readers, this list is what you will find on my blog in 2013. The same thing you have found all the other years I have been writing, with maybe a sharper focus on parenting and a little more craziness and fun added in for good measure :)

For people to love your blog and your website they want to see a consistent voice. A voice they can rely on, a voice they can relate to and a voice they can get to know. It is always a personal choice how much you decide to share on your blog and what you want to write about but it is worth considering how you come across to your readers.

I have also struggled with the idea of writing for yourself versus writing for your readers. I believe I have now found a happy balance where I now write for me but also take time to write blog posts to help those who read my blog. After all, I want Seven Cherubs to be a place to inspire me and also a place to inspire you.

There are now millions of blogs available to read and it is worth considering why you are different to everyone else. Normally, it is simply because you are YOU! Being true to yourself is key in finding your blog voice. If you want to maintain a regular blog, it is vital that you continue to share what you and your blog stand for. In that way you become almost like a trusted brand with loyal followers, but that is a blog post for another day :)

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Have you found your blog voice? How would you describe your blog voice?


  1. Interesting post. I still don't know what my voice is and I still struggle with finding a purpose for my blog as well.
    I don't really know why I started writing my blog apart from sharing funny tales of my life with four kids and living abroad. I do agree with keeping it real though. You have to be yourself and write what comes from within, rather than writing what you think other people want to hear.
    Thanks, Naomi. As always I really enjoyed reading this.

    1. I think a lot of people feel the same way. It has taken me years to reach this stage and I still have a long way to go yet. Thanks for your comment. N x

  2. LOVE!
    Thank you for always being so authentic. I love your blog - it keeps pulling me back to read something.
    You have challenged me to do this on my blog this week!

    1. Good luck and I hope you find a place of happiness with your writing and sharing. N x

  3. You forgot: I believe in God. Because that comes across loud and clear too. xxx

    1. Janet. Thank you. I have now added that in. Yes, yes I do. N x

  4. Sucuh good points. As blogs evolve and grow I think your voice does too.

  5. Thank-you Naomi! I agree, there are so many distractions out there and it always feels best when what you write fits with your personal values.
    For me, I hope that my blog will capture some little moments in our life that the kids will love to read about when they are older.....and if that makes someone else smile than it is a good thing.
    I think your blog voice and space are both lovely, and I have a soft spot for large families!!

  6. Thanks Noami ... funny seeing your writing about this topic, it's something I've been thinking about a lot lately. I think we write both for ourselves and others. I think in the process of getting out what it is we want to say, we hope that someone out there will relate to what it is we are saying. I'm still not sure what my blog voice is ... don't think I've found it yet. I think you have to be true to yourself and write about what is at the very core of who you are. I think if you don't write in an honest and open way then you are not being true. How much you tell people is about what you feel you can share. I love your links and I love reading your blog. I love your honesty and openness.

  7. Thanks for your post Naomi! I don't alwayw know why I blog, after 18 months I haven't put any real thought into it except for an outlet. Maybe I need to think it through a little more to have some direction

  8. Great post. I wrote about not being able to find my blog voice last year. (I'd link it if it didn't feel spammy to do so!) I'm getting there. But staying true to yourself is the best advice you can give, really.

  9. Loved this post Naomi! I look forward to one day feeling that I've written enough posts and found enough of a 'rhythm' with my blog to look back and see what my blog voice may be.
    I love your list of the beliefs that your blog represents. There's a lot of inspiration to be found in all of those things, and in the way that you write about them here.

  10. Hi l'm finding the site very help full with some things on here as l have 2 kids with autisum and its been hard as they where taken frm me because of my family thankyou :-)


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